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InkHarted Nov 2021
When will a breath be spelled for me
Which will lift me from my heavy stay
A whisper of hope so I can fly with the clouds
A gush of excitement to see another place.
I sit in the ***** of a hollow stone frame
With a wish to be carried to the beyond
Where ill see the grass wave at me
And watch as the blue grows near.
Will I be lucky to be taken
On one ride up and down
So I can be buried happily in a land basked in sunlight
In the stead of a dark cave of silence.
Will it ever happen or will I wilt alone
On the stem that I was born on
Not seeing a single sight more.
InkHarted Jan 2021
Wave to the darkness
And embrace the light
just be happy
just turn on the "switch"
its an old problem
a thing of the past
just be happy
you have a lot to be satisfied
there a lot of people who have gotten it a lot worse
imagine there lives
why are you so weak?
He would be ashamed
you could have done better
I would have done better
You are not that special
you are a liar
you have a lot of work to do
look at my friend
look at my sons and daughters
look at me
why cant you
your a waste
your too weak
man the hell up

my dear uncle, thank you
if I throw you into the ocean
where the light doesn't reach you
where the deepest dark waters lie
so you can drown to your last precious breath
and If I drown your friend in swimming pool
please notice that although the depth of the waters may be different you both will still drown and die
no matter how depressed you are
you suffer the same
the amount of problems don't matter.
InkHarted Jan 2021
A glance at a portrait proves nothing of your taste
an eye roll to a comment shows nothing of your intelligence
and action does not define a personality
as his personality cannot define his action
for a wolf with sheep skin is equally dangerous
than that of a sheep in the hide of a wolf
InkHarted Jan 2021
A weight were I know no origin
a wealth were I know no owner
a life where I know not a single soul
a journey where I know not a destination
I drift afar from where I call comfort
but yet do not sail far to that sea
I feel the wind whistling
but it seems like no air finds me
for I cannot breathe
But somehow I am living
InkHarted Jan 2021
The sand shifts beneath my feet
crawling grain to grain
it moves with haste underneath my weight
but yet I remain still
castles built upon its wave
now crumble
by single steps and a single grain
my world will but collapse
I know the end
I knew the beginning
yet I will stand my ground
and be buried in my own castle
for a prince with my name
will rebuild my walls
and a castle will stand
and a king will be back.
InkHarted Jan 2021
If you cannot scream my name
from a distant land afar
to a cold freezing block of darkness
knowing that I might not hear you
nor turn to see your face
Can you say you care for me
if not a single smile curled up
if butterfly wings weren't fluttering
and if the your tummy turned down-side up
InkHarted Jan 2021
My breath is soft but my heart is heavy
a tender child of another parent
lay still like a rock and as cold as the weather
the river is now red
her face went pale
my heart turned black
****** in the name of my people
did this child deserve to die ?
maybe I am tired
because all I see is my child
dead in my arms
rotting like a fruit
silenced from her usual laughs
and forbidden from smiling again
cradled to her slumber
by a twisted lulaby of my own.
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