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Boredom, as a form of torture is welcome

Brutalize us into eager lust for curiosity.

Emptiness saturates us without wonder. It's taboo to seek ideals outside of the curriculum.

However it's much more fulfilling.

The straight jacket we are in-prisoned in cripples exploration and reaching ideals that oppose your own.

Stay deaf to those that don't practice what they preach. Or those that sow hatred.

This Devine gift we are hardly deserving of must be appreciated. Gained during adolescence we neglect it.

Formal operational thought is an ability we are taught to be repulsed by. Ironic due to that ideology being repugnant and wasteful.

I've come to tears after realizing our ability to think abstractly is frowned upon by peers and society. Not only in interests of intellect.

If you speak of trying to understand real love. Especially around teen spirit. Your a "***". A "*****". A "freak". Of course these are untrue and you feel no propulsion to disprove them.


Because you're not insecure about your beliefs and feelings. You know your strong for that. You also feel confidence in your compulsion to coitus with whatever person you find attractive no matter their gender. As for being a freak, you know your peers haven't slowed down from partying and ******* long enough to ponder what an emotional drain their lewdness is. Besides their physical and mental exhaustion they complain about everyday. Their remedy is to repeat the cycle. Party, ****, die. High school is an **** for everyone who's "popular".

It is gross to see such a majority of the population waste their psychological ability no other species owns. But through reflection and learning you need to be tolerant. You see it's futile to tell others what to do or be condescending toward them. It would drain you and them due to the repulsive nature of those acts.

Offer help and love, empathy and understanding. And stay curious.






Stay­ curios and learn 5 more lessons on your path of personal growth.
apiwe Nov 2018
sizzling with excitement, unpredictability
Hits against their faces.
Breaking strong into a day of reckless liberty.
With blood running hot through their vessels
to their heads
to their eyes ever so warm with wonder - yet-
ever so chilled with nonchalance.
They don't care.
but I am in here.
No riffling pop song bass in my ears
only a sonata for flute, violin and harp
No intoxicating spirits for me
only the feel of a pen
and textbook cold and
hard against my skin - yet-
It is so warm in here...
I'm writing a Chemistry exam on Monday. My peers are making their own chemistry right now.

P. S I think I might have used the dash incorrectly. Excuse me, Grammar Nazis.

P. P. S The sonata is by Claude Debussy. Not sure of the Opus number
Rizna M Rameez Jul 2018
They smile because they made
Everyone laugh
But then they realize
Everyone was laughing
At them.
You'll most likely only understand this if you've been in this situation.
Jiawen 张 Dec 2017
Admit that I myself
Still am that insecure girl who is shy inside.
Then I will push myself harder than everyone else
To be independent and strong.
Admit that my parents
Will forever be kids finding the right way to love.
Then my heart can feel that
They really love each other and their kid.
Admit that my peers
Will forever be students finding the right way to live,
Just like how I am still growing up.
Then my eyes can see all of their unique souls.
Admit that it’s very possible that
My biological family members will forever be racists.
Then I will have the freedom to create my own family
Which is different from them.
Admit that it’s very possible that
Most Chinese will forever think I am fat and ****.
Then my brain can believe that
People of other races do like my body and face.
Admit that it’s very possible that
I will forever be afraid of most Asians inside
Because I have been bullied since I was a kid.
Then I will appreciate how much I still love them.
Admit how much I am wrong,
No matter how much I want to say that I am right.
Then I will have some room for myself to learn more
And a chance for strangers to know me more.

Admit how much I hate it,
No matter how much I love it.
Then I will have the eyes
To see how deeply I love it.

Admit how much I love it,
No matter how much I hate it.
Then I will have the heart
To feel how deeply I love it.
You have to admit you are not perfect.
winter sakuras Feb 2018
As I developed, they shaped me,
as if I had been a block of clay
sitting there on the jagged concrete of
unpaved streets and endless roads.

My future form dependent on
the timing of passing strangers'
beginnings and endings,
their risings in the mornings
like the blue and orange horizon
spreading in preparation for the sun's presence,

And their settling back in the evenings,
like cool salty clouds of white sea foam
collapsing back into the ocean's
gray waves.

In each moment passing by
like a kid riding a bicycle, speeding down
the cracked pavement and
turning the corner out of site,

I was shaped by
the flurry of life that surrounded
every person's presence.

Picked up, tossed into the air,
and kicked by small children with bright eyes
and tongues that stuck out when
adults were unfair,

Colored, spray painted and scribbled on
by teenagers with messy dark curls,
wild laughing eyes,
and rapidly budding senses,

Observed, analyzed, discussed, and compared
by businessmen in jet black suits
and smooth red ties,
who pondered cutting me evenly
into perfect pieces for sale on the market,

Rolled, polished, scrubbed clean,
and spiced by rapid tongued mothers
wearing aprons and holding long
wooden cooking spoons,

Eroded, left to absorb a vast amount of salt
from teary eyes and bleeding wounds,

Caught on blazing, fiery fumes
of a man's raging anger,

Soaring high in the sky, resting on clouds
of someone's love and faith,

Trapped low in the ground,
sleeping in a bed of dried dirt filled with
people's sorrows and dreariness,

Drowning in purple satin
of one's longing
and unsatiated desires,

Chained to a planet
spiraling out of control in a universe
that couldn't bear to let go.
E A Spain Feb 2018
I live in a world of aimless dreamers
They tell me to become one of them
Their pointless dreams are the key to their "happiness"
An oasis for their aching souls

I dream aimlessly to evade my fears
I dream aimlessly to escape the tears
I dream aimlessly to hold onto peace
I dream aimlessly but I reach no reach

I dream aimlessly, I suppose to live
I dream aimlessly when I close my eyes
I dream aimlessly for a positive
I dream aimlessly, although I die

I dream aimlessly
Although I know
That aimless dreamers in the end..
Have nothing to show

And this lesson is to be learned
An aimless dreamer neither gains anything, nor earns.
Written on June 27, 2010
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