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Leah Hilliges Dec 2020
I am perplexed
by those that speak of death
so lightly,
like it’s another item on their to-do list
or a tedious task that’s been performed countless times before.
Kairosclere May 2020
You need a soul to blame,
To put on your causes of adversity.
So let me offer you mine;
I might drown
Under the tedious current
But at least,
You will float.
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Isabella Mar 2020
Same wretched thing,
Why try to fight it.
Numb and routine,
Just the way I like it.
A repeat it seems.
Get tedious; might it?
Numb and routine,
Just the way I like it.
Jodie-Elaine Mar 2019
Got the heavy
chest sad-sad feeling that sits
uneasily above my rib cage, a very fat child in a garden gnome costume.
It makes me sluggish and lethargic,
pen goes from sword to damp paper straw.
Idiot-skin leaves precious missions permanently
The weekend email hacked by death fearing idiot-skin.
Astronaut wannabe idiot skin.
Today I decided I would make it to 2065
and be shot into space therefore after.

Mock them.
Reply to my texts. Be gracious.
Point out the emergency exits.
Give, romantic existentialist.
Help me lift the fat gnome child sitting & let’s go someplace.
Crumble me and us home.

Curtain, it falls.
V liv Dec 2018
What do you do
When something you once loved
Becomes a tedious task
ok okay Jul 2018
I sit alone and wait for friends
These long tedious days never seem to end
I yearn for love, attention and bliss
Yet I dream of the day where I no longer exist

When I think of myself
I think life was a mistake
I think my life is a waste
And that God had poor taste

Why would he create someone as pathetic as me
A boy whose mind wanders about when there's nothing to see
A boy who can't concentrate on the simplest things
A boy who hates himself so much that he only feels pain
A boy who only sees light in the dark and the rain

If only the lonely had somewhere to be
Where they could be loved and held intimately
I hope for the day where i'm no longer lonely
Until then I will patiently wait for friends to join me
Jo Tomso Oct 2016
Body exhausted
Falling asleep
60mph in the

Body exhausted
Falling behind
          little details        
          lost in time.


© Jo Tomso
Aoife Sep 2016
let these adolescent accounts pass
with tedious thoughts and feelings
you are not bound by the ribs of men;
you were grown in the womb of women
despite the rain and wind
you breathed life and felt loved
these tiny caterpillar legs
took you so far
from small steps
to large leaps
you bit your nails in nervousness
and your plans became wings
these faint worries and tainted promises
held nothing in your way
please let your adolescent accounts pass
your tedious thoughts will wash away
small problems like these will be unseen
from your home in the sky
You will grow.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Nothing lasts forever, absolutely nothing
Expect the unexpected in life,
the next moment in time something untoward happens in life.
Life then at that point in time seems strange.

It’s life
Life continues with the ups and downs as well as the rise and falls,
which is a routine part of life.
Each and everything and all very well settle down and become a part of life.

It’s life,
better to face the unexpected moment in time,
which belongs to the present moment in time and which has now become a part of life.

People move
Things change
More number of new people is what you get to meet with each change.

Life continues
Life goes on
Life moves even with the changes that take place around.

Always remember to be a part of the present moment in time,
since nothing lasts forever, absolutely nothing,
neither in the past,
nor in the present and also along in the future,
which remains uncertain.
So be wise and become a part of the present moment in time.

Tedious seems the routine life when all twists and turns in life seem to be predictable
It seems as if there is nothing else that is left in life now.

Normal becomes boring and so does routine, which also seems boring.
Hence comes the moment in time in life to think of a change.

Start with something new,
something fresh,
or else
start with something different.

One way or other, both the things do not mean one and the same
When going for a change from routine always make sure there is clarity of thoughts with regards to change
Clarity with respect to past and present
Once everything with regards to future is ascertained,
then and then only move out for a complete change.

Also it’s always important to know the exact state of mind before starting something new, something very important.

Be careful when you put your first step out
Once the first step is put wrongly,
then not only the direction is lost,
but also the aim, which is missed out.
Be careful when you put your first step out
Since if you are not sure of what you want to do never put the first step out in the first place itself.

Better to think first and think more
Better to take the first step out when once everything is ascertained and clear in mind.

Till then always wait for the right moment in time, since it’s life, life continues.
Even with each and everything and all that happens around in life,
life still continues with the present moment in time.

“Now is everything
Now is the essence
Now is the focus
Focus on the now
For that is the key”

By Karen Hackel, The Whisper of Your Soul
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