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Lilli Sutton Apr 2019
Rolling down to Virginia
in a gray shuttle – the rain
cascades off the windows.
I close my eyes but I can’t sleep.
I don’t know anyone here
well enough to be that kind
of comfortable. We reach the bay bridge
but the fog is so thick it’s like we’re suspended,
or we never left the ground to begin with –
no water beneath this bridge.
It isn’t raining in Wachapreague,
for now, the wind is cold
and it blows the clouds away.
If I shield my eyes to the sun
I can see way out past the tidal creeks
and the salt grass – out to the Atlantic.
Later, rain comes in waves –
we cook dinner and joke about ghosts,
and I wonder how many of my own
I brought here with me.

What a privilege to own a boat –
to be your own captain, or even
just to know the waves. The sun is brilliant
but the wind burns cold – before the end
of the day, my nose and cheeks
are lobster-red. It’s so easy to get lost
in the tidal creeks – just acres and acres
of spartina, flat and brown now
but six feet tall in the summertime.
We dredge up creatures from the bottom –
***** and worms and sea slugs.
We eat lunch on a graveyard of shells –
I find the empty husks of horseshoe *****.
Eagles and oyster catchers watch us pass
sit tight on similar whitewashed mounds
of expired homes. The sun is low
when we reach the mudflats –
here the earth is shallow. Seven ways
to catch a clam, but I only know one –
to look for holes that bubble. I fill
my pockets with the dark misshapen
creatures. Sometimes the holes
rush full of water before I can even see
what I dug up. Soon the tide will come back
and swallow the wet sand again.
I want to stay put, watch the muddy water come
learn to filter through it
like the oysters and the clams.

Early morning on the bayside –
wind, more brutal than yesterday
beats the surface until the waves
are whitecaps, and the skiff pitches.
We go back to the tidal creeks,
where the trees block the wind
and the sun illuminates the muddy water.
We watch an osprey glide and dive for fish.
Back in the lab, isolated in white
I see strange animals. For hours
we look for answers to the simplest
of questions: what is this?
Some creatures we toss back
and some we wrap in clear plastic bags.

The long ride home –
half between sleeping and waking
drenched in sunlight. I’m small,
or trying to be – conserving space
wherever I can. I eat my fill of ginger snaps.
The bay bridge is crystal clear this morning
and it gives me a strange feeling, deep
in my stomach – somewhere between
excitement and dread, a fear
or a nod toward what’s coming –
a mystery, creeping in and unfurling
like when I was a kid, awake too late at night
feeling dumb, for hoping, for wanting,
and most of all, for not yet knowing.
The more I learn, the more
     I realize how little I know…
which insightful, gutsy,
     entrancing, catchy apothegm

     attributed to Socrates by way of Plato
subsequently self ranking myself
     amidst Phylum Chordata with the Dodo bird
     Class Aves (namely

     said extinct flightless winged creature
with a mass of 29 – 51 pounds Oh!)
once endemic to the island of Mauritius,
east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean,

     none would be espied,
     no matter how thorough
going across aquatic spreadsheet,
     one might row
eventually coordinating
     dropping vertical column in toto
arriving back to original
     mentally ponderous premise

     gamboling feint enroute to see
     Old Man Wizard Of Oz
     meets Crow Medicine Show
pitching thy quasi recursive query - bro

ching concurrence with another maxim to boot
“ignorance iz bliss”, which lack o'learn'n
     doss appeal to this old coot,
yet such pithy accordance came
     to this smart *** to late,
     a mister wordsmith
     with a palm pilot maximum glute
clamors (at risk of life and limb) to hoot

and holler when new kernel
     of knowledge gleaned finds me mute
as if raw bit of savored information akin
     to unearthing a rare gem,
     or rare species of newt
temporarily allaying fervent quest to root
thru hefty tomes of great literature,
     and tracts that suit
many other subjects,
     less to be arrogant and toot

my own horn, but more so...
to satisfy an increasingly
     insatiable hunger grow
wing nsync with unquenchable
     thirsty ambition less for dough
(cuz bing po'
with treasure trove of voluminous
     expansive bookish notions doth shaw

surpass becoming suddenly wealthy tin *** hustlers
     with un hewn fifty nine shades of gray straw
this haint no cowardly lion seeking Androcles
     to extract thorn from hum my faux paws.
Dream Fisher Mar 2017
Let me write these words pushing mental boulders
Throwing more pencils to the ceiling than Fox Molder
Keep believing in warmer days, it's getting colder
You couldn't freeze these gears, I came to play
Slay these demons without a sword to wield
Don't teach me the game, toss me into that outfield
Out of the cast but stuck remembering my name
Focus, on that single lane life but that satisfaction won't last

So you're trained to live for a dollar sign and that's fine
But me, I live for myself, I live for my family,
I live for those I don't even know and that's why this society can't stand me
I'll never be righteous enough to judge my peers
But when those lights go out, what do you really fear?
I fear that we entered a war against ourselves and losing
Looking at humans as a race, a gender, a label.
This table is not stable, it's leaking
I'm not speaking as a whole but in general, small lights
Shining to each other breaking stereotypes
This is my life, so dull, I created my own hype.
If you want to pull an ounce of my energy
Become an entity hell bent on greatness
You could be greatness, create it.

You've been waiting your whole life for a spotlight
Unable to see anything in sight because all you created was darkness
Every action, transaction, was watched by someone.
Make like a split power line, sparks shooting out a live wire
All it takes is one flame to become a bonfire.
It's all success if you throw your all into that blaze
They will believe you're crazed but shadows emerge and admire
The only reason your dreams are unrealistic
Is because most don't have the strength to risk it
But few fans would buy stock in your story,
With front row seats, they'd never miss it.
aniket nikhade Jun 2016
Agreed and accepted that there is always a reason for what happens in the present,
however, there has always a reason for the things that happened in the past also,
since efforts were always made in the past,
like they are in the present.
Nothing happens on it’s own, absolutely nothing.

Yet another thing that comes across the mind is the fact that sometimes efforts made in the past prove to be of boon in the present,
but then that serves only temporarily,
however, what follows for the rest of the time is making sure that the picture gets complete with regards to what has been drawn as an outline.
Nothing happens on it’s own, absolutely nothing.

The same thing is true with regards to a change,
since when a change happens in the present with regards to how things have shaped up until now,
till this moment in time,
then the only one thing that comes to mind is somewhere,
somehow, as a person,
one is definitely, linked, connected and associated with the outside world in some way or other,
if not by direct means,
then indirectly.

Time now to tune in to the present with regards to the recent change that has taken place in the present.
Definitely life can always be demanding even when best of the efforts are made to make sure anyhow, at any cost ends are met.
Life continues with the present in mind as efforts are made to achieve the goal that is set in mind.
aniket nikhade May 2016
Nothing seems certain
Nothing sure, absolutely nothing in the present that is present in the present.
Still there is something that goes on in the mind with regards to an uncertain future.
It’s here at this point in time an individual recalls and remembers as it is always said by the rest of the world, "A bird in hand is better than two in the bush".

Nothing seems certain
Nothing ascertained and still there is something in the present with regards to the future that can be done as this is what it seems in the present.
A right step taken at the right moment in time makes all the difference
It’s here at this point in time an individual recalls and remembers as it is always said by the rest of the world, "Better late than never", "A stitch in time saves nine".

Nothing seems certain
Absolutely nothing in the present and still the presence of the present in the present can be felt, realized and understood
It’s here at this point in time an individual recalls and remembers as it is always said by the rest of the world, "Don’t give up, give your best and leave the rest in the hands of God. He will take care of the rest and all like he always  does".

Odds that come along the way of getting things done bring to light the fact that experience and expertise have got a definite place in everyone's life
So make the use of the right element at the right moment in time and give your best
Once you are sure you have given your best and once everything is done, task accomplished, time now to leave the rest in the hands of God.
Definitely odds that come along the way not only teach you something new, but they also enrich your experience
Hence it’s always said by the rest of the world as an individual recalls and remembers, "Though times don’t last, but tough people do".
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Nothing lasts forever, absolutely nothing
Expect the unexpected in life,
the next moment in time something untoward happens in life.
Life then at that point in time seems strange.

It’s life
Life continues with the ups and downs as well as the rise and falls,
which is a routine part of life.
Each and everything and all very well settle down and become a part of life.

It’s life,
better to face the unexpected moment in time,
which belongs to the present moment in time and which has now become a part of life.

People move
Things change
More number of new people is what you get to meet with each change.

Life continues
Life goes on
Life moves even with the changes that take place around.

Always remember to be a part of the present moment in time,
since nothing lasts forever, absolutely nothing,
neither in the past,
nor in the present and also along in the future,
which remains uncertain.
So be wise and become a part of the present moment in time.

Tedious seems the routine life when all twists and turns in life seem to be predictable
It seems as if there is nothing else that is left in life now.

Normal becomes boring and so does routine, which also seems boring.
Hence comes the moment in time in life to think of a change.

Start with something new,
something fresh,
or else
start with something different.

One way or other, both the things do not mean one and the same
When going for a change from routine always make sure there is clarity of thoughts with regards to change
Clarity with respect to past and present
Once everything with regards to future is ascertained,
then and then only move out for a complete change.

Also it’s always important to know the exact state of mind before starting something new, something very important.

Be careful when you put your first step out
Once the first step is put wrongly,
then not only the direction is lost,
but also the aim, which is missed out.
Be careful when you put your first step out
Since if you are not sure of what you want to do never put the first step out in the first place itself.

Better to think first and think more
Better to take the first step out when once everything is ascertained and clear in mind.

Till then always wait for the right moment in time, since it’s life, life continues.
Even with each and everything and all that happens around in life,
life still continues with the present moment in time.

“Now is everything
Now is the essence
Now is the focus
Focus on the now
For that is the key”

By Karen Hackel, The Whisper of Your Soul
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Nothing seems to be certain
Nothing ascertained
Still nothing to worry,
absolutely nothing.

Nothing in the present,
nor anything related to the future
There is absolutely nothing to worry.

Moment by moment each moment passes by
Over a period of time the present becomes a thing of past,
the future becomes present
It’s time that has passed.
As of now everything in the present is a thing from past
Moment by moment each moment passes by.

It's the present moment in time that will decide and tell what needs to be done in the future
It's time to ascertain the future
Time only will tell what needs to be done in the future.

A proper line of action needs to be taken
Decide, judge, decipher, do all that seems proper, but take a proper line of action
It's important.

Once the right line of action is taken, then wait for the result
It’s better to wait and watch, then decide what's the right line of action that needs to be taken,
once deided, then proceed towards the same.

If everything seems to be right
If everything is planned and set according to time
If everything is falling in it’s proper place along with time
Then now is the moment in time to decide what’s going to happen in the future
Now is the time to ascertain the future.
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Each one has got own opinion,
his own point of view about the outside world.
Listen to everyone,
since everyone has got his own experience about life.
Take there word of advice.
Speak with them, share your thoughts and ideas with them.

Since you have got a doubt there is nothing wrong in taking opinion of others.
Since experience comes along with time it's important to meet the demand of the present moment in time.
Now after listening to everyone it's time to think about everything that you have got in your mind.

Think only when you are absolutely certain about something.
Think when something positive and constructive can be ascertained about the future.
Think only if you are truthful, honest and answerable to yourself.
Undoubtedly, the right opinion makes a real difference in taking the right line of action.

Difference of opinion existed in the past and it remains even in the present
Different views on the same subject matter have always remained a part of everyone's life.
Everyone has to face a difference of opinion at some point of time in his life.

Still, even then at the end,
even before arriving at any conclusion,
listen to your inner voice.
Listen to the person inside, which always tells you something.
Listen to your conscious mind.

Definitely self-conscience plays a major role in solving the problem that you are facing
So, as and when, whenever it's possible,
always be yourself, all of the time.

Try as much as possible
Be truthful and honest to yourself
Definitely you will find the right direction
Once the right direction is sought, achieving what you have got as an aim in your mind will not be difficult.
Conscience betrays guilt.
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