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amber Oct 2019
somberly standing
slowly sulking
stoic and sad
steadily swaying
sadly saturated
in sobriety
zen Sep 2019
Sewing the spiral depth
The halogram projected
Lapse time
Pixels to
Into diamond

The Dogon
Gamble's away his
In hopes of
Sound the sun rays
Of Saturn singing

Serpents tongue
Circulates the circumference
Of the circus
Sung circles
Sunken fertile land
Herbs in hand
The earth purges
And again
I am nervous
Hit with nerfs
Of the world
Me down
I laugh
I dismay the smuck
And smog
Smuggled by singularity
Stiffened by ambiguity
Banging my head on the mirror
Of the river
I bleed red
In blue

Futile, no
Forever, yet
Find the feather
I flew over mind and
Let loose

My severed spine
has broken down into
bread and wine
Dive inward
Tea Aug 2019
I am still standing on two feet...
I'm starting to put on the heat...
I'm planning to fly high...
Into the night sky...
No one will reach me...
I will look around and I will see...
I will forget all the bad things...
And I will fly on my own two wings...
Up in the air, I can laugh into the wind...
I will leave my sorrows behind...
No heavy rock on my back...
No more things which I lack...
Some people won't notice that I'm not there...
Some people might see that I'm not to be found anywhere...
But I can't really care...
Because I'm here...
keksich Jul 2019
I'll come to you,
and you'll hate me.
you would like to have it rough,
but i can't understand
all the tough years that are gone,
weren't they enough?
wasn't it enough to know who you are.
was that time good to be cut
by the shadows of some wrinkled paper like souls,
who only wants to cut and take,
well how can they accept others in.

do you walk, you know by now
the road that leads you onward.
on that road i stand still, I'm waiting.

"keep on going, without returning the silent sting of the destiny.",
those words you said keep me waiting
standing still in the middle of the road,
because i will find love
even in the unknown with my eyes shut.
Bhill Jun 2019
Life, throws life at you
After you've been down life's path
If your still standing
You win

Brian Hill - 2019 # 152
Are you winning?
Esther L Krenzin Jun 2019
I am becoming
stirring the flames that I subdued for you
cultivating the embers
that ate away at my innards

When did I allow
my fangs to produce honey
when venom was what I needed
to stand up for myself?

Too long I’ve tarried
in the shadows
shedding one skin only to don another
caught between a disguise of who I am
and who they want me to be

Esther L. Krenzin
Colm Jun 2019
Somewhere in a meadow
Beneath the rows of fielded corn
Between the sky, above a water way
Where a million tiny ears are born
And listening to the winds of voice
To the cackle of crows driving away a hawk
Living there, somewhere amongst a meadow seeded
Are a thousand, growing, listening stalks
All born to stand, but not to walk
It's no crime to stand. Not all are meant to walk.
Colm May 2019
Is there truly strength in knowing?
I used to think so, so knowingly
When really the strongest person
Is the one who does know, doesn't run
And doesn't worry about such
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