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Michael R Burch May 2020
The Condition of My Heart
by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

There's no need for anyone else to get excited:
The condition of my heart is not the condition of hers.
But were we to receive any sort of good news, Munir,
How spectacular compared to earth's mundane sunsets!

by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

She was a mystery:
Her lips were parched ...
but her eyes were two unfathomable oceans.

I continued delaying ...
by Munir Niazi
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

I continued delaying ...
the words I should speak
the promises I should keep
the one I should dial
despite her cruel denial

I continued delaying ...
the shoulder I must offer
the hand I must proffer
the untraveled lanes
we may not see again

I continued delaying ...
long strolls through the seasons
for my own selfish reasons
the remembrances of lovers
to erase thoughts of others

I continued delaying ...
to save someone dear
from eternities unclear
to make her aware
of our reality here

I continued delaying ...

Keywords/Tags: Munir Niazi, Urdu, Punjabi, translation, Pakistan, Lahore, love, love hurts, heart, heartbreak, condition, mystery, pashto, relationship, delay, delays, delaying, mrburdu
Michael R Burch May 2020
My Apologies, Sona
by Gulzar
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My apologies, Sona,
if traversing my verse's terrain
in these torrential rains
inconvenienced you.

The monsoons are unseasonal here.

My poems' pitfalls are sometimes sodden.
Water often overflows these ditches.
If you stumble and fall here, you run the risk
of spraining an ankle.

My apologies, however,
if you were inconvenienced
because my dismal verse lacks light,
or because my threshold's stones
interfered as you passed.

I have often cracked toenails against them!

As for the streetlamp at the intersection,
it remains unlit ... endlessly indecisive.

If you were inconvenienced,
you have my heartfelt apologies!

by Gulzar
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Come, let us construct night
over the monumental edifice of silence.
Come, let us clothe ourselves in the winding sheets of darkness,
where we'll ignite our bodies' incandescent wax.
As the midnight dew dances its delicate ballet,
let us not disclose the slightest whispers of our breath!
Lost in night's mists,
let us lie immersed in love's fragrance,
absorbing the musky aromas of our bodies!
Let us rise like rustling spirits ...

Old Habits Die Hard
by Gulzar
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

The habit of breathing
is an odd tradition.
Why struggle so to keep on living?
The body shudders,
the eyes veil,
yet the feet somehow keep moving.
Why this journey, this restless, relentless flowing?
For how many weeks, months, years, centuries
shall we struggle to keep on living, keep on living?
Habits are such strange things, such hard things to break!

by Gulzar
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

A body lies on a white bed—
dead, abandoned,
a forsaken corpse they forgot to bury.
They concluded its death was not their concern.
I hope they return and recognize me,
then bury me so I can breathe.

Keywords/Tags: Gulzar, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Triveni, translation, life, death, love, ghazal, couplet, mrburdu
AADI Dec 2019
aundi ae osdi yaad kise peer di tarah ...
pathraan nu cheerde kise teer di tarah
ae sach ae ke o ranjha na bn sakeya ,
par ohnu main chaaya ik sacchi heer di tarah !
AADI Dec 2019
lagdae tu kitti hoyi karaamaat rabb di...
teri jayi surat duniya ch na labbdi...
aaunda ae nzaara ik vakhre jahaan da...
kinna sohna mukhda ae sacchi meri jaan da !
AADI Dec 2019
je tu chddan vaali cheez hunda ni yaara
ve tenu kadon daa hi chdd jaana si
AADI Dec 2019
sochdi si geetan ch tera naa paa davaan
par ik dar jeya aa gya
kitte tu badnaam na ** jave
jedhi tere chehre te aai ae saanu chaddke
kitte o muskaan na kho jave !
AADI Dec 2019
ae !
AADI Dec 2019
mere sar te ishq chdh reya shaayad
shayari bnaun layi shabd je ni milde !
AO Baghi Mar 2018
Ankhian tu digan hanju, dil di sada ae
Rab kadi kise nu pere din na wikhaye
Ankhian tu digan hanju, dil di sada ae
Rab kadi kise nu v phuka na sulaye
Digan hanju ankhian tu // gham dunia ch sadian tu
darr dil ch basean kyun par // nafrat sab tu wada masla kyun
Zaalim dunia, jaali zamana // nava dor par hakim purana
jetan da laban bahana // haran da na karan samna!
Ankhian tu digan hanju, dil di sada ae
maran tu pehla jeena, zindagi dua ay
Ankhian tu digan hanju, dil di sada ae
Rab kadi kise nu pere din na wikhaye
here's I write some of my thoughts in Punjabi. I hope you like it.
The Unknown Mar 2017
Mama pulls up to the mailbox
You get out of the car
She drives up to the house
You'll check the mail and walk
Aren't you scared?
Of walking down the street alone
After all these years
of being seen the way you're seen
With your turban
How do you feel safe?
In a country where people believe you don't belong
Now, I get it
We look around
everyone is white
And you're so polite
And loving to everyone you meet
But you know
They might turn around at any time
saying go back to your country
go back, go back to where?
Maybe that's what you meant
when you told me
You'll never be white
I looked at my skin
of course
But you meant
You'll never be one of them
And you're nice
And they're nice
But the minute someone asks where you're from
It's us and them
Maybe that's what you meant
Will I let it slide
if someone says something about what's on your head
Or will I say
that's my father
What if it's not words,
but a piercing gaze
how will we protect ourselves then?
If it's a policeman
What am I going to say?
have to face it
And you wish the universe could spare your children
That's what you meant
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