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And I still go to bed with Helen's perfume sprayed
on on my pillows as I fall to dreams of Her but In my dreams she's not old like me
young and so pretty just like when she was sixteen for
can't age her she walks young and pretty so free within my
save from this world that Is so full of hate that I now remain alone but she will not have have to go through the ageing process
that I'm now going through so when spray my pillows with her perfume then
drift off tonight to my dreams of my oh so young and pretty girl to whom I never want
to wake
Sally A Bayan May 10
Scent... a spray  
of sweet, nagging fragrance,
borne by a rush of air,
touching nostrils as it travels,
to stimulate, and scintillate
a parade of memories,
especially, when distance is great
and truly separates...
could be from a bouquet of roses,
or a handful of jasmine...or,
the welcome smell of cinnamon, sage,
other spices...elements of what we call,
the fragrances of good cooking...or,
those of sweat and a fruity cologne,
blending, while working,
from caring....from loving...
it's a brush of summer wind
that captures, even a bit of a sniff
of any, or all of these scents...
these smells dwell in the senses
they reassure...that one person is never away
fears are held at're okay,
it brings calm to one's soul...
the nose...the other senses know,
the heart and the mind know
the source of all
these fragrances...
no perfume could ever equal
the scent(s) of a woman...


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
January 30, 2018

(From 2018......edited a bit.)
Johnny walker Mar 11
I dreamed a dream last night I awoke to find my sweetheart sat on my bed watching
I'd been awoken by the beautiful scent of her perfume that how I knew she was
The unmistakable smell
of her Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume Helen would
Dreamt of Helen because I still spray my pillows at night with her beautiful
That of Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume that Helen ever chose to
A spay on my pillows before going to sleep and It feels as If Helen still here beside  
The only perfume Helen would ever wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew and a beautiful perfume It Is
Last night was first time In while that I managed to sleep all night before going
to bed I'd sprayed my pillow with my wife's favourite perfume

It felt as If she was still with me Estee ladder youth dew she loved that
Perfume every Christmas that's all she asked a nice gift set

I guess when I run out I shall buy some more then to sleep at night I'll go with perfume filling the air sweet thoughts of my darling as I fall gently to sleep
Helens favourite perfume Estee Laurder youth drew
I spray my pillow at night
Johnny walker Nov 2018
One little luxury I will
afford myself this year
my wife Helen's once
favorite perfume
Estee Lauder Youth Dew
so at Christmas which  I
can no longer do
But can
shut myself In dreams
with my head on my pillow
sleep Christmas away with
the smell of Helen's beautiful
perfume sprayed all over
my pillow
Since Helen's passed last Christmas
can't do Christmas any more
Vexren4000 Aug 2018
A spray of cruelty,
Foolhardy words and policies,
Dogmatic religions and cruel humans,
Allowed to flood beautiful places,
Because we give them the benefit,
Of the doubt.

Broken from

Broken, on top of it,
from poor choices I've made.

What's to come if I
can't fix myself?

I must overcome
my lesser nature.

Would it hurt to
have help?

Let me send
up a flare.

I lose to my sadness
from time to time,

but I want to heal,
and encourage truth,

and I want to mend
with the others who

even under
a thousand

love exists and
empathy lives.
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
I am the terminator
The exterminator
I walk around with my spray
Aiming at things that get in my way
So you better stand back
Before I start my attack
Because I might see
You as a tiny flea
******* out my life force
You might be the source
Of that itch I can't scratch
You will have meet your match
I love to destroy what bugs me
It fills me with a sense of glee
I wonder if God feels the same
Maybe that's why none of us are sane
M Eastman Jan 2015
my feelings overflow
with nowhere to go
waves smashing against the breakwater
spraying sea foam
a cacophony no one can hear but me
because it's roaring
inside my head
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