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Iska 1d
For a moment today...
my heart stopped.

When I was a little girl I stood in awe,
Before the beauty that was Notre Dame.
It was only a picture,
but in it I saw the marvel that was Notre Dame.

And so as a girl I dreamed
To feel her bells reverberate through my soul,
To draw her beauty with inadequate talent
To one day stand before grand Notre Dame.

And now she is burning.
Dressed in red
Her heart is on fire
as the flames hungrily sought to accomplish
that which two wars and a plague could not,
To consume beloved Notre Dame.

856 years she has witnessed
856 years her regal beauty has graced us
856 years Her bells have sounded for so many souls

And in what seemed like seconds
Notre Dame...

Is gone.

The trembling ash coated skeleton
of her existence is all that remains
of the glory that was Notre Dame

And if you are silent you may still hear the bells
ringing through out the earth,
crying for Notre Dame.
And now as she goes in a blaze of beauty..
I too cry for Notre Dame.

for a moment today...
my heart stopped.

and as I behold that what is left
of the burning heart of Paris..
I am unsure it will start again.
my heart has broken
Iska 2d
I feel so foggy
Limbs feel heavy
Thoughts feel thick
Eyelids stick
I don’t feel sick
So it must be ok..
No matter the way
Self medicate
To placate
This morbid mirror
This demonic fear
  3d Iska
patty m
Notre Dame is burning to the ground
people are sobbing in the streets
all around the world.
How helplessly we watch  
as you become engulfed in flame.  
You endured everything,
the French Revolution and two world wars..  
standing as a beacon of Christianity and history
for 850 years.
Now the bones of your
cathedral lie fragile,  
as angels cry for the loss
of your majesty;
My heart too burns in anguish,
this Monday after Palm Sunday.
How beautifully you held your cross aloft
almost touching heaven with it's gleaming.
  3d Iska
Peter Balkus
I saw an angel,
his wings on fire,
falling down
from the window
of the cathedral.

I saw an angel
falling down
and I cried,
for with his fall
I have died.
Sad day for art lovers...
  3d Iska
Yvonne Nice
Love is only earned
You can’t demand love
Especially not I
For I am not deserving

I can love
I can feel
I can look
I can experience
But none of that means anything to love

She only bestows those she considers worthy
As if an apple tree
Some people have sweet apples
Some people have big apples
Some people have juicy apples
But my tree is nonexistent

Not because there aren't any apples left
For there are plenty of them
All baring seeds
To make the tallest of trees
And the crispest of fruits
But I never deserved it
Not a single fruit

Don't share your tree with me
I’m not allowed to accept
I am not deserving of the delicious food
I’m not allowed to eat the fruit
For me it is forbidden
All i'm allowed to do is sit here
And endure the emptiness
That rests at the core of my being
For it is the only fate fit for me
  3d Iska
Yvonne Nice
The Lady In Gold

She stood on my porch, the lady in gold
She stood there until I dared to open the door
She needed inside, but for what?

My lady in gold, she called towards me, but only pain could follow
My lady in gold, murmuring to herself, questioning her own philosophy
My lady in gold, wondering if I even cared enough about her to save her

And I, the heartless coward
And I, the spiritless shell of a man
And I, the miserable being killing the lady in gold

She held herself on a pedestal for the world to see
And when I doubted her, she fell from her self assumed grace
My lady in gold, now covered in soot from the earth below

Won't you join me once more?
Help me find her humanity.
  3d Iska
Yvonne Nice
He is an old friend
I know he is
But he won't leave
And I hate needing him
He’s a poison
To everything around him
But he does it well
He poisons you sweetly
With sugar and spice
And everything nice
Until he gets bored
Then he reveals his true eyes
And I know he's a cruel being
But I long for his touch
Feeling pain is better than nothing at all
Why do I need him So, if he is the fruit of my sorrow?
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