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Iska Oct 2020
Kinda wanna drive off a bridge
not gonna lie.
Not to die but to just...
pause I guess.
To be surrounded and confined
by the weight and presence of the waves. With nothing but the sound of the water
to encase you.
Maybe it’s the feeling of sinking I crave.
Or maybe it’s surrendering to the depths just to see what waits there.
In a sense it’s drowning without death. Just sinking so deep and for so long that this push and pull of the water reversed the top with the bottom and I sink to the surface succumbing to the dance of the sea.
Iska Sep 2020
Darling, why let yourself cave to their ideas of how we should be? We are the stars that never burst and the seas that never end. Self awakening scares the sleepers, don’t stop your growth for anyone.
Iska Sep 2020
Be mindful my love, as you seek your higher self, to not give in to the forces that raise against you. For as your third eye opens wider there will be those desperate to close it, fearful of the power you contain. Spiritual awakening scares the sleepers. Don’t stop your growth for anyone.
Iska Sep 2020
Today a devil
crept from the shadows
and whispered in my ear
“you are simply not strong enough to survive the storm.”
So I looked her in the eyes
with a set jaw and steel for eyes and whispered back
“darling can’t you tell? I am made of stars and storms and you are simply not strong enough to survive ME”
Iska Sep 2020
When one must know
That all that surrounds them
Are destined to grow.
To grow together
To grow apart
To grow the mind
To grow the part.
Some grow up
And some grow out
But no matter the growth
We all posses the same heart
And as the heart beats
We are one and the same
Rekindling our souls
And igniting our flame.
Iska Sep 2020
There was a girl I loved
But that girl is no longer here.
She had a nerve of steel
Yet was bound by her fear.
Her hair was silken gold
Her eyes alight with passion

But then... she turned cold.
And form that moment on
The girl I loved was gone.

But then as it always will
The universe caught her soul
And breathed her back to life
And I met the girl
Who had been set free

And I realized
that while the girl I loved
Was now no longer here
This woman that she’s become
Is the one to be revered.

He soul is filled with stars
Her smile like the spring
Her nerve of steel remained
And her heart was still the same
You have grown in the best way possible
Iska Sep 2020
🌱I am a collector of things. Books, plants, photos, candles, adventures and overlooked oddities that I find to be beautiful. Who knows? Maybe I’ll collect you too.🌱
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