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Naveen Malhotra Sep 2020
You were my guiding star
You were my Pole Star
The moment I lost you
I lost my mind
The world was topsy turvy
The water was flowing up
The flames were going down
Were I hallucinating?
Were I hallucinating?
You were my guiding star
You were my Pole Star
You turned into Ashes, Ashes
It's all Ashes, Ashes
On the bank of Holy Ganga I stood
Immersing your Ashes, Ashes
You were my guiding star
You were my Pole Star
It's a rainy season
The sky is over cast
Cloud burst will erode the  mountains
Bringing alluvium down
Making lands fertile
How does it matter to me?
My world will remain sterile
You were my guiding star
You were my Pole Star
Millions stars circle around me
Day n Night, Day n Night
The Pole Star stays unmoved
Right upwards
Like you stay unmoved
In my mind
You were my guiding star
You were my Pole Star
You turned into Ashes, Ashes
One day everyone turns into Ashes, Ashes
the sun is sad
the moon was there
he looked in bad

as the injustice
the land was overlapped
it was occupied
and the dark landed

the stars were in pale
as in old pole
they do not attract
as the justice disappeared

who will return the right
to the weaken and broken mind

after it went wide
GOD only GOD
exactly what I told so bold:
not only you own a tired soul,
but also feeling colder than north pole...
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
I am ageing,
It's just a number,
The number of candles have increased on my birthday cake.
I have got heavier,
The width of my waist has increased,
There are wrinkles where my smiles were,
I pole dance with the safety bar in the bathtub,
Every time I cough or sneeze my radiator leaks,
My exhaust backfires,
I tend to forget,
I am not perfect,
But, I don't care.
I have become more compelling,
I am more silent,
More wiser , more smiling,
With greater intuition.
My mind is a fountain of  youth,
I am fun,
I am now background music,
I am soothing
My family and their friends connect to me,
I fuel their soul,
They feel safe.
I may be an old model but my engine still runs smoothly.
Nyx Aug 2018
On the pole
I dance
Wild and free
Doing flips
And tricks
For all to see

On the pole
I forget
The harsh reality
Embraced in music
I can truly be

On the pole
I can pretend
To be anybody at all
Elegantly entwined
Both body and soul
This Persona of mine
Who's not afraid to fall

On the pole
I dance
My wildest dreams
Feeling the lyrics
Of a song
Synching my Heart
To each beat

On the pole
I Dance
Within a room
Filled by stars
Gleaming with light
Portraying the beauty
Of the night

On the Ground
I land
Perfectly safe and sound
No applause but silence
Littered all around
Looking into the mirror
I'm standing there proud
There's nobody but me
Outterly spellbound

On the pole

I've started pole dancing just for fun
There's a beautiful room thats glowing with fairy Lights!
Anyway I just feel so happy and free dancing now
So I decided to write bout it
happenstance collided, coincided, coagulated, et cetera
with hormonally graphic, dumbfounded circumstance
hence, only by a fluke did I manage
to worm winning trust
among Christmas elves and reindeer
vowing confidence
as a confidante sans this generic guy,

would never breach insidious, impious,
illustriously scandalous
tidbits, into a an underground impregnable
air-raid shelter, the motley crue
tied blindfold over my eyes, didst steer
me hermetically sealed
sound (cloud) proof coed bunker,

though escapades emanated noise asper a clunker
subsequently followed by wail of “just dunk her,”
while ensconced (security detail munchkins,
who just so happened tubby queer
minded entrance portal)
only after getting the thumb up signal,

whereat nose pies planted
espionage surveillance devices
the chief head honcho and attendents,
Smoky and the bandits respectively,
magically, andhandily did ap pear

and despite one hundred percent bug free,
a whispered stance opted just to make sure
no unwanted eavesdropper could overhear
plus every participant swore an oath, cuz

any leaked real or “FAKE” information,
would spell imminent demise to be near
the upshot, sans grave emergency
describing clandestine arraignment
involving some rogue elf
(most likely at least two),

and a misbehaving reindeer
(names withheld to avoid any spoiler alert,
plus this entire kit and caboodle
necessary to help Saint Nick

got wind, (and subsequently reined in)
a rave orgiastic party
with orgamsic oohs and aahs
***, drugs and rock and roll,

that a band aided elf(ves)
laced with Pepper Minstix
(anonymously hashtagged
***** and Gomorrah)
sullied pure as the driven snow repute,

when alias Sugarplum Mary (“FAKE NAME”)
detected snorting *******
code named Alabaster Snowball,
while additionally
besmirching her virginity

via ****** cavorting
amidst a Bushy Evergreen
shaking as if frenzied
with feverish boogie woogie flu

which seductive, prurient,
and master baiter friend zeed
(spunky gangnum style) Shinny Upatree
which could slay Wunorse Openslae reputation
as substance abusers,
and *** offenders if not worse.
I've got my warrior ******* on
Wolverine lent me these acrylics

Lasso your credit card with my weave
Tuck your tunnel vision in my G-string

This is my ******* song
Got my bad girl heels on

You can't get me off your mind
So how you gonna get me off

Come over to the throne room
I've got an after for you baby

What other religion costs $25 per song

Give me your devotion
I want Matronage

When I was 19 I turned days into kalediscopes
Water into water
Paper covers rock
And coke cures a bad trip

Trip over my perfume

You won't spend money on me High on life
So let's get you depressed

Tell me your story sad boy
I've got rent to pay.
Äŧül Nov 2016
She should be sexier than my dreams,
Even more so should she be supportive,
Not selfish at all she should ideally be.

She should be kinder than even me,
Even more so should she be cooperative,
Unimaginably beautiful she would be.

She better be the inspiration I need,
Even for my poetry apart from my life,
Converting my blues to brighter hues.

She should have in beautiful pairs,
Even both of her eyes along with hands,
Untamable be her spirit in the night.

She should have her arms slender,
Even her waist should be such a ******,
Above or under it will never matter.

She should learn awesome cooking,
Even singing will my mother be teaching,
Only that she has to be willing to learn.

She will have my company all the time,
Even dessert will be present in the bedroom,
Only I will love the two of her softies,
And she can grab my golf *****,
As my pole goes in and out of her hole.
HP Poem #1232
©Atul Kaushal
She's pure alley cat
With fur and fluff so soft
She let's me pet her
If I put a hundred in the cuff

She dances like a pole cat
Around and around she swings
Up and down the bar
Spreading her butter flying wings

She can screech and howl
She's got the sharpest nails
When I  jump on her back
She really gives me Hell

She's every boy's dream come true
She every boy's nightmare
She's purely into herself
She's a wink and your last prayer
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