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Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by michael r. burch


NOTE: Here “briefling” is a dimunutive of “brief” and also a pun on “brief fling.” Keywords/Tags: brief, fling, man, hatched, hops, mix, ***, spawn, brood, mayfly, plant food
Sean Achilleos Jul 2018
Under attack once again
From those who make themselves available to him
By now one would think I'd be use to it
He knows my weakest link
How to distress me
He knows who to send to me and when
Who is vulnerable and who is not
Whoever allows themselves to be used as a pawn
Surely shall get used
No deposit required
While payback awaits
Most are used unknowingly
Driven to say and do as if instructed by an invisible force
Blinded not by the light
But rather by the darkness
However there is a weapon to be used
A weapon that will and can disarm
To master the art of knowing from whence it comes
Then to ignore it
Written by Sean Achilleos 25 July 2018©
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Thomas Mar 2018
The purity of your whisper,
Takes my breath away...
The amazement in your eyes
With every moments gaze...
Each feeling a first,
Every vision new...
A miracle without knowing,
Melting my heart with everything you do...
I stand over you while you rest,
Mesmerized by the beauty you possess...
Now come lay here on daddy's chest,
That is when life's the best
Saint Audrey Mar 2017
I am scarier as an invitational being
Draw me a context and watch me come to life
Strive with me, we will be friends
Come and watch as unity does commence

Try and wake up in Arcadia
And watch as you lie still
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world turns downright cold

But you won't wake up again

Trust me; I've never been so timid
Every grin grimace is as lifeless as my own
Even our souls have begun to tendril shut
Forward thinking and forward feeling
Did I take you? Sorry, I didn’t mean to

Each breath drawn colder
Each breath taken lightly
Shoulder to shoulder
Beings of all shapes
Beings with minds shaped, molded and singular

They all hunger

For you, one way or another

The eyes once drawn apart
Have found their way together
Right and left
Every breath
Working on into forever
Like it or not
And I'm sure you don’t know
We will surface soon
And then we will float

Try waking up in Arcadia
You will never wake up in Arcadia
The rings of Saturn turn
And the world became void
But the dream is all there is
You have been awake
There is no awareness
I am doomed
I don't know what i was thinking
HS Edwards Dec 2015
From music grows wild, beautiful, frightful things of untamed splendor and immeasurable strength.
Sasha Ranganath Oct 2015
the spawn
of a saint
is often
a sinner.
Jesica Dittemore Aug 2015
Devil’s spawn, Devil’s spawn
Sweet and sly as a fawn
As a child mercy mild
As a man **** all he can
A wicked lady
who shackles me away from sight
who mangles me to displace her anger
who yells and curses 'till I shriek and cry

Says it's the way to live;
In grief, my accidental child
Nobody will ever love you
He should have lived, not you

Why must I let her rule over this life?
If this is war then I shall fight!
Conquer all valuables,
bring back what's rightfully mine!

No more whispers to me, satan
Must you be banished
to the depths of the Earth!
Let's see who'll be laughing now.

You say I can never run away
Secrets will unfold;
I may be the angel in their eyes,
but truly I'm a spawn of Satan.

Happy now? That I did not deny
I know the truth yet
my mouth will always be shut
For I have buried the truth away in the past

Bene­ath the ground,

away in the past

Should not be dug,

*the remains of the past
Not the best poem, eh? ...
To return from Hell to Earth,
I sold my soul
In exchange for a curse.
I believed it was worth,
Seeing and embracing you again,
Not realizing I was
Further embracing sin.

I'd **** anyone to protect your life,
But you can't recognize me behind,
This red cloaked darkness,
And these horrific green eyes.
I'm better off winning you over
In secret, with a familiar
And lovable disguise.

I'm not who I once was,
Yet I am that man.
I lurk the rat infested hallways,
Praised by the socially ******.

At odds with both Heaven and Hell,
God and the Devil,
And forbidden to return home
And live my former life with you....

Rather, forbidden to
Live a new life with you,
One without suffering and bloodshed.


(c) 2014 Brandon Antonio Smith
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