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What lies in the future?

A statue of a grandson
Unbeknownst to my grandmother
Sound asleep under her covers
I am not seen
In the public often,
I avoid sunlight,
And sleep in a coffin.

Your stereotypical vampire.

Originally written 2/15/15
Revised 11/30/16
Never stood
A chance
At romance,
So you will never
See me dance.

I'm just a man
With cold hands, or

Better yet cold feet,
If a woman were
To approach me.

© 2016 Brandon Antonio Smith
You are without belongings,
Not belonging.

The long while

Until you

© 2016 Brandon Antonio Smith
Sleep does not seem to
Be an adequate remedy
For my lethargy.

I long for the deepest slumber;
A coma's freedom.
Rest not only for my eyes,
But for my conscience.

(c) 2016 Brandon Antonio Smith
My wish for public
Recognition is idle.
Victorious loser
And lost victor
Should be my
Only titles.

(c) 2015 Brandon smith
Little has been made
Of the hurtling calendar.
Countless days masturbated
Into oblivion.
I'm supposed to
Have my life together,

Like all my accomplished
Peers who are doing
Well for themselves,
Bachelor degrees and
Promising careers,
Absolutely deserving
Of envious applause

From a coddled child
Who has yet to evolve into
A fully functional adult.

(c) 2015 Brandon Antonio Smith
The third and fourth line in the first stanza was a response from my friend Little Raven.
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