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undefined Jan 12
Thinking of buying a gun,
and pointing it at someone.

Thinking of taking a nap,
down on the railroad tracks.

Thinking of finding my place,
somewhere in outer space.

Thinking of buying a gun,
and putting the barrel on my tounge.
Just glad to have a place here where I can vent some of these feelings out ...
undefined Oct 2020
There's sometimes, when "paradise,"
Can't take it all away.
You don't fall in, to salvation,
And down in doom you stay.

I've found then, on a corner grin,
At a bar just down the street
When freedom turns to loneliness,
You can always find a drink.
IDK what I'm writing, I just liked the sound it made coming out,. I'll save it here for now
undefined Jul 2020
Down this road, the only home I've ever known, the streets are stripped of Music bare as bone.
Not too long ago, I thought I'd forever roam, but now the streets are stripped of music, and I'm feeling more alone.
Work up a little wage, "scratch" to itch the call, but the streets are stripped of music , I got no home at all.
Got a ticket to ride the dog, anywhere else but here, but everywhere I go, ain't nothing for me there.
'Cause the streets are stripped of music, everywhere I go, never felt more empty... In all my times of writing songs
Just waiting for the bus in Lubbock
undefined Jun 2020
A Big Gunslinger, bellringer Never back down from a fight THE game changer,
a friend to Danger,  
living life one night at a time.

Go's out and hits the bars every night (till Dawn's light)
shooting pool and drinkin *****
He had jet-black hair,
a devilish smile,
and a fist full of bad tattoos.
A small bit of idea i got so far
undefined Apr 2020
I dreamed I was painting with a dancers feet again.
I woke and there was hurt, which is love, which means life and God and good... So, hurt can't be all too bad I guess.
undefined Jun 2019
Around stone pillars, hear the cries
into the ground a casket lies

Sunsets behind two eyes
darkened skies, stars arise

Lonely hopes drift and Float
across the sea horizons glow

Where souls go, I don't know
we all travel far to find a home
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