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shashank mishra Oct 2019
Let's hold a silence now
For the caste we enslave
While we **** eachother
Let's save the space for grave.

Let's mourn together now
In the name of nature
While our death bed prepares
Let's save a social crater.

Let's cry together now
In the name of nation
While the society rots
Let's save our federation

Let's hold a last ritual now
For the dying will of humanity
While we all see the death
Of Love, peace and faternity
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
No one is our enemy
No one is our remedy.

It is only the situation
To take careful elimination.

In our imagination
With many ambitions.
Is the situation making you sick and you are falling in depression, no one is good, no one is bad, the situation will be okay in it's own time.
Ken Pepiton Jul 2019
gaining grips on lost guesses,
for guesses are the best we can say
our mays have ever pluralized,
in reality
as we say amen
ams or weres being
obediant to
some simple law in a mind atuned to

things made of stuff for which we have no name
maybees are maybe or may
mere guesses, or worse, they may
be lies,
hidden under robes and hats worn once
only by the wise
A cool humid morning, in a valley whose floor is higher than the Empire State Building, , by half a mile. I am a very rich man. I have coffee, sticky sativa and abeautiful woman who has leved me and loved me and loved me this long. 2 poems, this one secret.
Maria Etre Apr 2019
Dragging a bad situation
is like being stabbed in the middle of your collar bones
and slowly sliding it down your chest...
Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
Success is an illusion,
Luck – brad.
Lived in the hot Georgia
Sullen Swede.

Afraid of the sun,
Sat in the shadows.
Cut on a log
The tick-days.

In a secluded green
Honey pears
Dreamed of mold,
Sought in the wilderness.

Shells piled
In a big bag.
Crossword puzzle solving
And sang rhyme.
Anya Mar 2019
"It's all your fault" The Leaf Blower complains
"Well, now you've gone and done it" the Rake, my supposed friend admonishes me
My head is buzzing
Says the Leaf Blower, "Always favoring him over me"

Ms. Leaf Blower and I have never gotten along,
Me, because of my seeming inability to properly use her, and the irritation when my dad could and asked me to hold the wire for him
Her, because of my, from a very young age, obvious favoritism towards Mr. Rake, who used to be my best friend until he passed away and my family disposed of his plastic remains

His predecessor, Rake junior, is far sharper than his old man
But rather than make him a better rake this simply adds to his narcissism
Unfortunately, this increases his attraction as well and each time he's swept about it's not just the leaves that are unearthed
Despite this obvious flaw in his being overly sharp, he sees it fit to admonish me for breaking Ms. Leaf Blower
Don't think I can't see the two of you flirting out there!

But indeed I did,
Break her that is, clearly none of the wires were pulled out
yet, she refuses to work

So now,
I'm left with a sullen rake
And a thousand-
Scratch that,
A seemingly never ending yard full of leaves
To clarify I used to really like a plastic rake but it broke and was thrown away. We also had a leaf blower but I could never properly use it. We later bought a metal rake which was overly sharp and has the tenancy of getting caught in the grass. Years later I was asked to blow the leaves but I managed to break the blower in five minutes so I resorted to the infuriating rake.
Survived Feb 2019
Have you ever left in a situation
where you want to write a poem
and you have exact words and emotions to write about;
but then looking down at your own words your eyes start hurting so bad that now you don't want to write it any more?
Arcassin B Oct 2018
by Arcassin Burnham

Laced with my ambitions mixed with motivations and a teenage life that was forsaken like a
Frankenstein as a fail creation to the family members I thought would've had  my back though all
The troubles but they are the troubles in a world so potent to mind controlling and self-
Absorbing in breaking a focused Lord that only wants the best for all his children but the system
Says otherwise to prized possessions like peace in America where they spike what you eat and
Make a profit off the weak,
Blacks in America can't be leaders without corruption and greed and every step you take is
Mostly a bullet or on your knees especially desensitizing all the people to the wrong things in life
that'll make you **** just for some bling bringing kids and teens in hospitals to be adopted into
Worse families is the trade where money is the seed amplifying what you need collecting checks
Off of kids you don't need pinching the poor and defenseless to meet all demands thinking why
Is it that God doesn't take a stand.
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