Erika 2d
a gun is pointed at my chest,
and instinctively,
I squeeze my eyes shut.

he pulls the trigger, and steps back
one bullet tears through my breast and exits from my back.

my tears fall,
expecting to feel pain,
expecting to see blood.

It never came.

For his bullets were just words,
insults and slurs.

Once I realized no damage was done, I thought to myself,

“He needs better ammunition”
Erika 2d
I can’t wait to start loving myself again
Erika 2d
he read my poems
and tears filled his eyes

I’m not sure he understood
a lot of these words

grew from his lies.
Erika 4d
you stayed long enough to fill my lungs and left as quickly as an exhale
Erika 4d
playing with my heart

is like playing with fire

because my soul

gets just as

h o t

when it scorches of desire.
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