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Erika Apr 2022
I could live without
the days

when my depression
is forced to humble me
into remembering
that I am unwell

and without
my depression

I’d be

Erika Aug 2021
if I had a dollar
for every time
   a friend of mine
     told me that I
       ‘Deserve better’

I could probably
  afford the therapy
    to make myself
      Believe it.
Erika Aug 2021
I’m not sure if this even counts as poetry

it’s more so just a vent

I just want to say that I am TIRED

of busting my *** at a job that I hate

so I can barely make my rent.

I argue with my depression almost every hour

she’s a real ***** sometimes

she’s the main reason I have the call in

number to my job memorized

I just feel like it’s all so *******


why am I living to work and provide a place for myself to have peace

if being stuck in my head in my “home”

is the last ******* place

I want to be.

I get really tempted sometimes

to just stop.

Stop working

Stop trying

Stop surviving

Stop crying

And then get the hell up

and go.

except I have no place to go

so I don’t

and I won’t

so cheers, I guess.

To paying bills.
Erika Aug 2021
I don’t want to chase you anymore,
So from this moment on
I’m choosing not to.
If our paths are meant to cross again
I hope that they do.
But as of now
I have no legitimate desire
to continue
to be led on
by you.
Cat & mouse
Erika Dec 2020
when I met you
I knew
what became of us
would be far too much
for my soul to bare

now here we are
miles apart
wading in our own despair

our love has soured
like the milk and honey
of what we once compared
Erika Dec 2020
i close my eyes
and can’t help but wonder

who had helped Him
create you?

Did Michelangelo help Him design your face from stone and etch your beautiful imperfections into your caramel colored flesh?

Was it Raphael who decided that honey was too beautiful and decadent a substance to be left only for edible indulgence, and allowed you to have pools of golden honey for eyes?

Who better than Titan to pull from the clouds, and the water whom then MUST have pulled inspiration from silk when allowing your skin and hair to be as soft as the robes I wear to bed with you.

I wonder when He called Leonardo Da Vinci in? Was it when he decided that you were going to be beautiful? Or when He decided you’d be intelligent, or when He decided you’d be kind?

I close my eyes and wonder, did they help Him create such a work of art in hopes that you’d be mine?

After all,

I close my eyes

and dream

of those whimsical, renaissance skies.
I hope you enjoy!! I was inspired by the sunset, and the way the colors reminded me of a few of my favorite renaissance paintings!
Erika Dec 2020
and so the moon weeps

for the millionth time

as it is the millionth night

far too few souls

are willing

to dance in her light
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