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I'm pottering and napping
with no space for snap chatting
I'm reading and snoozing
with no online browsing
I'm just taking downtime
some space for just me time
I'll see you tomorrow
when I emerge from my burrow
A friend inspired this with that first line.
Found a photo of myself
From a year ago
Which I sent you.

I hate that person
That insidious smile
Make my heart boils.

He hurt you
Countless of times

He's the old skin I shed
I will never be him again.
Think about all the people
you wouldn’t have met if
you had never broken up-
Think of all the things you’ve
learned since then.
Think of all the travelling you
wouldn’t have gone on and the
photos you wouldn't have taken
and the laughs you wouldn't have had.  
Step outside yourself
and look at who you have become-
remind yourself that you made
the right choice.
It is like sneaking out of your parents house as a teenager for the first time. Doing something so wrong but feels so right.

It is like jumping in the water without dipping a toe in to test the temperature. So bold and awakens every cell in your body from the deep sleep.

It is like a hurricane, a beautiful disaster dancing her way to land for the first time. She will destroy everything in her path but yet her power is inspiring.

It is realizing you can do things no other hands know how to do. Cause for this moment you have the lock and key and you’ve unlocked the secret garden.
What’s my worth?
Am I as bad as I think?
Am I as good as they say?
Leah 2d
if you cannot love me at my worst,
   you cannot have me at my best.
you do not get to pick and choose which versions of me to love.
i will not let you.
love all of me,
    or do not love me at all.
to anyone who dares to love only pieces of me.
Troy 2d
It’s a verse I’m averse to,
But the walls of Whitman crash
No less strongly than those waves
His pen chiseled in mind.
How can one find meaning  
Structure, when the structure itself
Is left behind?

Polysyllabic scheme could hold
But how can I  
Myself to rules that cannot exist?
Chess with no pieces
Or Twister with no board.
Completely free,
Yet completely free.

And more than all,
How to let anyone see.
With rhyme gone its just...
Where does one move forward
When the axis is so
it doesn't happen often, but sometimes your soul just yells at you until you create something. with this something created, my soul can be quiet for a bit now, at least.
I crave an obvious love
Read my mind
Know me better than me

I crave an unrealistic love
Complete my sentences before I think them
Know my mood by the position of my hand

I crave the other half of me
Split down the middle
Staring back at me
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