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Àŧùl Jan 14
I shall marry you one day soon,
To bring you to my world.
Then take you out to the hills,
To make love in the snowy whorl.

You might lose something,
But me you shall gain.
We'll make love under the moonlight,
You'll experience no pain.

I have a dream about us,
To bring new life to the planet.
We must become united as one body,
And one soul for this one love.

That one love will be our daughter,
Who we will kindle as our love,
Then we'll not deprive her of happiness,
We'll give her a sibling as well.

I am so sure that we'll have a daughter first,
Well, that's because I have a lot of love inside,
Such love for you and my future,
And we'll always thank the Moon for its love.
My HP Poem #1795
©Atul Kaushal
The man
who was sitting
alone under the rooftop
with burning cigarette
on the right hand,
feeling beauty,
looking at the night sky,
waiting to see the moonlight,
it was me.
Indonesia, 28th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Kairi Apr 2021
You be my moon
Though away light years
Attraction is the same
For years and years ...
Saïda Boūzazy Sep 2020
I wish I was a star,
Far in the sky,
I wish I was a moon,
I'm a  Selenophile
Short poems
fray narte Apr 2020
by now, the moon knows that my chest is just a burial ground for this thousandfold of sighs — in their hands, all different ways of my undoing, and i am a breath away from one. you see, some nights are for the softest, gentlest moments of lunacy. some nights, for waging wars and succumbing into these sighs, barely held by the petals tightening around my throat. by now, the moon knows that i had once been a battlefield and it's a pity — growing poems on such an unholy ground, only to fall apart like aster leaves and ancient city walls.

darling, it's getting dark, and this is starting to look less like poetry — and more like spoils of war from inside my head.
moon man Mar 2020
Just as the moon getting closer agitates the waves, He got too close and angered the waves of her heart. He hoped for a piece of his soul to calm her tide but it was too much and she wished him gone as the waves spit the moon back out into the sky. While the rising sun found two sets of footprints, the path they were taking was separate from each other.
sorry that i've been gone for a while, i haven't had any inspiration for poetry until recent happenings in my personal life outside of poetry gave me inspiration...but at a cost that was too high
moon man Mar 2020
He finds himself somewhere new, a beach with his beautiful moon being licked by the ocean waves. Then he notices her, dancing at the tide's edge. He comes to realize that the moon led him to her through its final moonbeams for the night. As the Day cracks into a new dawn, It finds two sets of footprints walking along tide's edge on a path to the moon while the sea slowly consumes the trail.
my "unknown responder" recently confessed that she loved me...and I loved her too. she revealed that she's a Thalassophile when she found out I was a selenophile.
moon man Feb 2020
They stare at me, with questioning eyes. They wonder why I always look so tired, but in reality, I've never felt better. Last night I was able to speak with you again, tell you of my troubles and bathe in your light. They will never understand but that doesn't matter, for as long as I have you. I can handle the waking world just to have another chance to enjoy your company in a state of reality I don't belong in.
This is a little poem that's more personal than most of my original works, considering that I recently accepted the fact that I love the moon
moon man Feb 2020
A beam of light, I can see. Shining brightly across the sea. Then I see Her, in a torn white dress. Slowly climbing with the stars. She tries to hide her damaged face but I encourage her that it's part of her beauty. As a thank you for letting her shine with all her flaws, she tells me of the things she's seen back in a time when her face was smooth and craterless. And I sit with her and listen to her stories. Then comes the time for her to climb down, but she promises to be back, and I promised to be there waiting.
My first midnight poetry post that I wouldn't make sense if I didn't make it about lady moon
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