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I dive headfirst into the depths of the nightsky
I glide along the outlines the stars have aligned around me
and bathe in the glimmer of light of the moon

I’m so empowered
so full of love
like I belong here
like I was actually born into this space

as planets have collided speckles of energy to give birth to itselves
so have I built myself up from nothing but atoms

I am energy
I am love
I am nothing but particles in collision slow dancing at a high school party
holding each other shyly but eagerly not wanting to ever open their eyes and let go

I breathe in the salt from the nape of your neck and I know it’s real
for the first time in infinities
I feel I can align the skies
move oceans and place mountains aside to create my own personal haven

and I am so grateful for the push into the nightsky
I never realized you’d aspired
At a certain point during war,
you’ll wander out
among the galaxies,
among the whirling particles,
and ineffable numbers,

Feeling something that has no name,
like a thunderbolt through darkness
A storm unpredicted,
The horrible errors of our childhood,

Seeing with my inward eye,
A natural reaction to moving closer to the truth,
Life’s continuing promise,
Grounded in love

      —I like listening to you
Poetic T May 2018
Luminosity is the partner of obscurity.
                           As I watch each sunset
                           its as though tears are sinking
                           beneath a heart beat of existence.

But then the evanescence gives ways to
                           wonders of the penetrate
                          a void less canvass painting
                          eternity with random brushes.

Each has its beauty to bestow on the sights
                          of particles drifting coalescing
                          momentarily to envision the
                          changing styles of eternity.
jorn christopher Jan 2018
The city sleeps in the dead of night.
The stars reveal a falling light.
The angels are sleeping at the top of the hill.
If the flash doesn't wake them then the sound
Surely will.

We rose from our beds with sleep in our eyes
And clouds overhead now blanket the skies.
The buildings and monuments are crashing to the ground
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down.

There's a nuclear reaction
to the judgement day display.
And the screaming sound ascending
to the tune of "Bomb's Away!"
Hand in hand, we'll burn alive
Like the way we feel inside.
You hold me close
and close your eyes
'Til particles of you and I collide.

We collide singing, "Bomb's Away."

Souls set free as fates are bound.
Lives once lost, in love, now found.
The city turns to ashes with these passions now full blown.
Come together, for the first time
It's the last time
That we'll ever be alone.

There's a nuclear reaction
to the judgement day display.
And the screaming sound ascending
to the tune of "Bomb's Away!"
Hand in hand, we'll burn alive
Like the way we feel inside.
You hold me close
and close your eyes
'Til particles of you and I collide.

We collide, singing:

"Bomb's Away."
Falling in love can be devastating.
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"The Body Eclectic"

Sons and daughters of the cosmos we stand
       touched together light vibrations
Space emanating consciousness
       consciousness emitting space
       one cause
       without contradiction
Effect arises and becomes
       co-creator shaper
       and shaped
       roiling to laws
       self born
Gravity not other separate but
       one side view of me      you
       rock      the heavens
       coiling together emptiness
       to forms transient
       moving no stopping
       of the process flow exists
       wonderment continual
Words but crippled leprous fingers
       pointing tool only don't get lost
       seeing the path as
       God Journeys End Reality
Metaphors i write crafting melody
       perhaps some may hear
       this effort for my own progress
       to i don't know where
       a here now out
       of the mirror
In the beginning naught
       but the naught void
       not even rays
       clear light
       no need
       all is all in all
What is past present comprehension
       happens none the less
       human views unneeded
       for genesis gnosis
       that which is began
       omniscience fading fast
       under wavelets minuscule
       almost not
Bump bump cling bump bump cling
       physics births itself
       space time sentience
       primordial wisdom
       one step down up sideways in
       ten directions expanding growth
       nothing happening
       out of the ordinary
Miracle a name for beauty
       not comprehended
       i you we fish elephants
One by one no such thing
       separate a myth
Oscillations stream genes
       now are
       before weren't
       again will not be
Particles particles
       ever new particles
       fabricate particles
Us the body eclectic
Elise Jackson Jul 2017
I can hardly breathe around here.
Day 4/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
aurora kastanias Jun 2017
Though some believed that just as beauty
Space was in the eye of the beholder,
An abstract justification for human experience
Of matter and its motion,

An ancient thinker, by history called the Great,
Asserted with conviction, it simply did not exist.
Nothing was not a concept of nature
Abhorring vacuum, and all agreed.

As nothing came from nothing,
Nothing couldn’t be. Empty space
Out of consciousness’ reach.

Deprived of objects it had no purpose,
For what would its purpose be
If not that of being a place
To contain all that exists?

The mind puzzling game concocted
If space could exist independently of matter
Matter could not exist independently of space,
For where would it be?

So came another thinker questioning
‘Is space something rather than nothing?’
As indeed deprived of the object, undeniably
The place de facto would still exist.

Time passing by replaced thinkers with scientists,
Defining its nature for it to be infinite and absolute,
Existing independently of objects and the mind of the observer,
Observing its balancing force, counteracting that of gravity,

To keep things apart. Dark energy, Energy of space.

Now searching for particles to fill in the voids
To justify the dynamic and expanding quality
Of a Universe which might as well
Be a plenum.

Retracing back the steps to initial perceptions
Of inexistent space for a Cosmos filled
With fundamental particles elegantly orchestrating
The motion of all that ever was, is and will be.

All that exists, a plenum of energy.
aurora kastanias Jun 2017
Neutrons, protons and electrons compose
The entirety of atoms pervading The All,
Forming bewildering matter, objects and substances,
Ranging from dust to stars, planets, galaxies,
Superclusters, organisms, oxygen and water,
Living creatures.

Neutrons and protons in turn made of quarks,
Elementary particles, indivisible, positively charged.
Deprived of a structure of their own they strongly interact,
To create one and many zillion more.

Never alone always bound
In twos and threes, sparkling composites,
Hadrons at the heart of atomic nuclei.
Quarks making us.

While electrons, together with muons and taus
Only heavier but identical, are leptons,
The most common elementary particles in our world
Offer atoms their chemical properties.

Negatively charged, indivisible, smaller there are none.
Deprived of a structure of their own they weakly interact,
Frantically moving subject to electromagnetic fields.
Leptons making us.

Quarks and Leptons in conclusion
Minuscule nature of our essence shared
With that of all that exists. No wonder,
Everything in dualism persists.

Seeking harmonic balance and elegance,
A cosmos of particles interacting in countless manners
To materialise the entirety of energy in the Universe,
Shaping it with imagination and creativity.

As stars make gold, pressurised carbon diamonds,
Thirty trillion cells a human being, a human being a thought.
aurora kastanias May 2017
When ancient Greeks dwelt upon notions
Of matter and its nature, formulating philosophies
Of physics to grasp and get a glimpse at the Universe,
A single common inspired idea, bound them all in reflection:

‘Nothing comes into existence from nothing’.

There had to be eternal surviving basic elements unable
To be created or destroyed, continuously mutating to underline
Apparent change, while composing all that ever was, is
And will be. Omnificent and omnipresent in a godly manner.

Evolution laying the grounds for rare creatures
To grow into great thinkers, ponder and observe,
Empirically prove the facticity of these elements,
Philosophical atoms, scientific elementary particles.

Notes on the elegant musical score
Orchestrating the Universe, its dance and its laws.
Indivisible, matter reduced to its core
Permeating space and everything within.

This basic notion twirls in my head
Pervading my being with the awareness of its substance:
I am part of all that exists and with it,
I share my essence.

A consequent conscious feeling of unity
With the Universe, all that exists and the humankind.
A sense of inevitable peace,
While accepting to be a part of it all.

Harmonic realisation that combined we are
Nothing more and nothing less
Than the Universe becoming aware
Of Itself.
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