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Thomas Steyer Feb 28
Nobody thought it possible
In a world now more aware
It needed to be shown to us
Wladimir Putin ain't all there

The matter is so serious
I need to say things as they are
Don't care for it to rhyme or not
Important is it comes out clear

You are a little so and so
Mean, nasty, wicked and most vile
Your mother can't be proud of you
She might turn in her grave and cry

There is nobody who likes you
Just go away and eat some worms
The big fat and juicier ones
And feel how they wiggle and squirm!
Thomas Steyer Feb 14
Blue ****, sparrows and some rather pretty birds indeed
Gathering around their special wooden box of feed
Respectfully waiting for their turns to pick a seed
Then they fly away and I'm thrilled about my good deed

For I'm the supplier - in their eyes the Mighty Lord
I know a few things but mainly where the food is stored
Feeling a little superior is my reward
Though most times they believe I deserve to be ignored
Thomas Steyer Dec 2021
Wer freut sich nicht gern auf Weihnachten,
denn es ist das Fest der Liebe.
Anders kann man es auch betrachten,
wenn geschenkt gibts erst mal Hiebe.

So ist die Freude leicht gedämpft,
die Bescherung muss noch warten,
bis die Tränen sind bekämpft,
dann kann man endlich starten.

Gedichte werden vorgetragen,
'O du Fröhliche' gesungen,
keiner will die Stimmung hinterfragen,
so ist das Fest dann noch gelungen.
Thomas Steyer Dec 2021
Ah! Soon it's Christmas again.
I can't wait till it's over.
If only I could hang ten,
We'd all be wrapped in clover.
Thomas Steyer Nov 2021
Don't know what I need
Till I see it on the net
The pictures look great
Reviews say it's worth having
Close the lid and go to bed
Thomas Steyer Nov 2021
I often look weird in photos, maybe because I'm vain
When I'm certain I'm smiling, I appear to be in pain
I could practice my friendly expression in the mirror
But then I'd have a stiff face and probably look insane
Thomas Steyer Oct 2021
I went to sleep - then woke up at 1:23
And when again at 4:56 it looked like a scheme
Then again at 7:89 but that must have been a dream
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