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sometimes they go quiet
sometimes, for just long enough
just for a little peace
a little hope
that maybe, just maybe
you aren't going crazy
but it isn't true
they never
never stop
take it from me, if anything, it usually just gets worse
Courtney O Nov 2020
God, is it you? God, did he speak?
If you spoke, can we really hear?
It was like a stake through my heart
Like a stroke of cold midnight
Premonitions drenched in fear - should you listen to such things?
How to know whose voice it is?
I heard it say, "he doesn't love you" via small moves
I felt it rip me apart, but maybe I wasn't attuned
These little ideas of reference that take or break
How to know who speaks? Do you speak the language
they use?
everyday carries what you've been looking for
stay tuned, to the world's beat
to the true things
to what you can see! these moments when you can feel
undoubtedly clear
and let go of your fear, that's what it is!
Adonis Yerasimou Oct 2019
Moments of agony, desperation
and inarticulate screams
moments I lost myself in space, alienation
don't you abandon me too, please!

There were moments that I saw death
and destruction
moments where my heart stopped for a while
to function..

All the world is spinning like crazy,
don't know what to do
while the thoughts in my head are racing
and I seem like a fool.

There is no one around here to save me
i feel alone
oh my God the demons come running across my mind, don't hate me!
to desperation I am prone,
I 'm feeling sick to the bone,
into a man I have not grown,
all I can do is shout and moan.
Bec Aug 2019
When I got sick, I thought my life was over
I remember picturing myself walking through the woods
Noose in hand; while the doctor was talking
My demons do nothing less than stalk me
Everyone in my life mocks me
They walk on eggshells
Because I have no tale-tell sign of impending explosion
No canary in the mine of my mind
I should hide my face more often when I cry; Because I’m an ugly crier
I love deep fried anything
You hate it when I sing
Cause I’m off-key
But I have a lot to say
just a poem about me
Bec Aug 2019
I stay close to the words you say
I still never let them ruin my days
a serious series of poems about what it’s like to get close to someone when you have a mental illness that makes letting someone in burn and ache
Savannah S Jan 2019
I breathe the blood
You lick the copper
Little angels dance in
Their secretive ways

Who’s behind the
Do you
Enjoy it?

Who’s behind
The mask?
There’s something going on.
Midge Jan 2019
Lost, alone and terrified
In solitude I forever will confide
Maybe I will just end it with suicide
Everything will be better if I just died

All those voices in my head
All the tears I may have shed
I’ve got fear and anxiety, disgust and dread
I sank in darkness while I lay in bed

I just can’t take it anymore
This uneasy feeling, I never can ignore
Go back to the corner with pain and sore
Enticing myself with blood and gore

My soul corrupted, my faith all gone
It’s too late to save me, I am done
Alien Jun 2018
they're all around me
in my brain, they feed like vultures,
the voices that leave me un-free
a crowd of faceless creatures,
black shadowed bodies I could see
standing there like creepers,
my stomach twisted in the fear of what it could be
were they insanity seekers?
Alien Jun 2018
I saw her there beside the sea,
the way she laughed at it
like the sea spoke to her
as it washed the sand tickling her feet
she looked at me
not how most people look at each other
but with shy eyes
asking me to join her
I sat there beside her
she covered her hands with her long sleeved shirt
took my hand and put it against the wet sand

"the sea has felt every feeling there is to feel, give away the pain you've been forced to feel, it will sink it in away from you, wait for it," she said

I knew at that moment she was my destiny,
but is she real
Jaclyn Harlamert Jan 2017
Its hard not to listen
When its part of his ears
The voices dont listen
They just instill fears
Its like he is two
And can't figure which is true
He watch to just choose
A repulsive song was sung
With the black and sour tongues
It puts him in a trance
And they make him do a dance
Stuck in the same motion
They keep feeding him this potion
Its fuel for the machine
Powered by grey matter
But the fuel isn't clean
Soon blood will splatter
On the face of the innocent
She just wanted to help
But all her coins are spent
She just wants to help.
Its a wild disorder
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