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Simon May 2021
"The Swindle", is a possible escape plan in order to divert attention completely away from the VAST majority of preying eyes!
"Why!?" And..."why now question it...?" Whatever the situation, you need to be wary of totally undivided attention...,since you are not alone...of an obvious disguise (upon an even more obvious "swindling" act).
"The Swindle", is a countermeasure towards shameful results (for oneself). That is...if your simply caught in the act...
Chris Jul 2020
In the wake of recent events
I have concocted a potion
Of lies and mischief
Of sins and virtue
One sip is a trip to nirvana
One glass is a slap in the face
But to see it, you must be blind
And to taste it, no tongue.
How can I exist if I'm not real?
How could you trust my deceit?
You should worry, for I tend to linger
But not too much, or your hair will turn grey.
Such an anomaly I am, one to never truly fade
But I stay in uniform and conform to complacency.
"One Teaspoon of snake oil will cure your back pains!"
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Ancestral riches
In ancient jewelbox,night,
No one would swindle!

— The End —