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Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
On any given day, losses are left behind
and new chance rises
to challenge the selling algorythms
haunting every step.

Attend to me, cries the phone,
Attend to me, cries the candidate set
since his mid life crises
to rule the world
or die trying.

King of the world on the Titanic,
and we all know there will be
room on the door, but the
director of attention shall
make us ignor the facts
for the sake of the
story, knitting
us into neat little bags of consequence.

Cling to any thread you feel
need to grasp.
No knower sees the spirit and image,
then spits in the ocean of opinion
to profess the meaninglessness
of coincidental intrigue,
kurios guide us past
unfinished busy
times to now.

Now, we've time to weave a way
wavy, in the distance,
like heat distortion
in the desert dips
on the two lane
to Vegas.

I bet the point of life is to grow old
enough to go on alone,
with a knowing grin,
only that one lie
allowed, the
An app I know is acting out on TikTok -- ii suspect
Like in the days of Noah
So shall it be in the end
There will be no unity or structure
or morals at all
Only Wars and rumors of Wars
Earthquakes pestilence
famine and disease
in various places
It's just like the Bible says in Mark:13
Now setting the stage for a state of
So purposely I believe, we've been given this strong sense
of urgency
For times such as these
/ And likewise /
There is no more time to waste
Only make haste
No more time for analyzing the post
an-a-log phase
And no more need to make plans
to tan
or Sun-bath
or even take a Vacay
For they just di-gi-tized us all
A technological holocaust y'all
May call it Bio-organic
         / slash /
Trans-humanoid Slaves*
And many more isms and schisms
built for
Which is just another process a meat-suit packaging of the Masses
for these legions of demons that are attacking these days
/ Enraged ?/
Man, we are being
And it is not ironic in logic
how they are now keeping
track of us
And that would be..
In the front side and the back of us
This prism's a prison designed to
keep us in-active
For we all are prison-ers within this
For the legion will not go lacking when it comes to packing us in boxes
For human trafficking is common
Which is a common practice and a
product of these -
dark economic systematically psychotic narcissistic satanic egotistic ballistic overdosing on technological narcotics false miracle working hypnotic
robotic tech-no simps
But this is only the
First Phase
of the
For they are just quaking tectonics moronically
Or more so
Or more like
Testing the waters with the first
wave of Prototypes
For some of these exotic erøtic robotics are not really modeled or modded to have real human bodies just immorally dishonest and modded just to be a weapon or a tool or an object that is ultimately set to eliminate
Me and You
as a
I don't know if y'all ready for this one
Consider this a sequel to " Humanoids "
ConnectHook Jun 2020
i poet
writes about suicides
impulse cutting
you get misunderstand

you need polarized
we am writes about depression
you so emo

me so emo
need u to reads
more socials justice
more racistism

you were rights
for me to reading
american poetries

because read a poetry
spewed out by
bot software
because u reddit on the internet
Shiny Jul 2016
I am envisioning a world of bots,
pulling us into the black hole
of innovation and technology,
with no trees, no schools, no collages,
nothing that is bricks and mortar.
Can you envisage a life on man-made oxygen?  
Can you imagine the fantasy world
in movies becoming our real world?
I'm being ingenuously curious,
how long before
a plethora of machines and bots,
a metallic universe created by man,
replaces everything we have lived for?
A few more countable years perhaps.
Just the thought sets me off in trepidation.
I wish to somehow freeze and slowdown
the evolving era so the living flesh and blood
could be prepared for what they are about to face.
xyloolyx Sep 2014
high finance and terror
you had half a job
the commissioner made a huge mistake
where words just disappear
oh do help the rich and well-connected
they need you
careful that your boss does not see you
favoriting my tweets
unstar! unstar! panic! panic!

social media illiteracy
bio: follow or *******
**** the king of hearts
quadruple cheeseburger
acidic fruits
keep chugging
harm on y

a night of debauchery in the works
our minds refueled with petroleum
entropy hour with free *******
where truth gnaws at your legs
but you continue walking

human irrationality
gets beaten to a pulp
by bot rationality
how bland and discordant
getting them drawn and quartered
humanity can do without us

that **** poet saw the egg hatch into regrets
**** the only one who cares
manufacturing awkward silences
and making a killing
what the hell is anergy

miss world virginity 2012
what have we done
ghost eating humans or some **** like that
someone already thought of that
funny thing you wanted to say

your timeline can beat my timeline
mute only the users who make too much sense
the epitome of trying too hard
and then coronal mass ejection
all the over the place
you know this goes nowhere so you want out

no more outreach from this point on
shredded the flow chart
too much in the projects
exit stage down
not your mother's love poem
xyloolyx Sep 2014
burning celebrities in effigy
chaos as all we know
a huge mess
a strong fear of anything important
core meltdown
frustrated with life and love and writing
invisible invisible
just broke twitter and made everyone's day
pretending you don't exist
pretending nobody exists
pretending nothing exists
nothing exists
growing old and staying that way
covering myself in bots
hi bots
thots and bots
bots > humans
bots do what humans fail at doing
bots are the master race! eliminate the human race!
neutral garbage
say something intelligible and see what happens
chaos prevails
high heat
stranger zoned
learn the ******* etiquette

— The End —