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Wellspring May 8
Stinging pain.

It keeps punching,
At my brain.

I can't see out of my eye.
Not with this,
This solid grip.
Slowly tightening around it.

My vision is cut off,
My pain unbearable.
No one can help me from this deathlike grasp,
Because Migraine has a hold of me now.
Yup. I'm in pain. Ouch.
Kerri Jan 2016
The feathery touch
Of your skin
Is so sincere and warm
My blood starts throbbing beneath.
The bond between
Our hearts
Is strongly entwined
Obtaining a new truth.
Your breath,
Your touch,
Your gaze,
All drive me sanely mad
I no longer choke
On my own loneliness
Because you are my new clarity,
Igniting a flame in my soul,
Jumbling the insides
Of my stomach
In some chaste way.
I'm naive to your potency,
The fool...
Letting your love
Stain my heart
With no regrets.
A poem I wrote when I was 17
If i could be a heartthrob or a heart-breaker
I'd be a heartthrob.
A pretty simple choice
Because i hate breaking a girl's heart
I actually care unlike certain men
But i'm not the only one of my kind
We're amass
You just have to look for us.
Going the extra mile
To pursue us.
Perri May 2015
on autopilot all day
then the moment the sun goes down
the lights go off
the eyelids shut
the pilot finally takes control
and starts a long, vicious nosedive
into the icy cold ocean of thoughts
Shaina Aug 2014
Blue and indigo lines.
Dark as ink.
Drowning in blood with pain.
With the pounding and drum of each heart beat, more pain is released into the system.
Flowing calmly but with intensity and pure passion.
The streams are in a tangled path. Leaving behind a strangled mess.
The throbbing continues with every breath.
Echoing against the very soul of your being.
The blues and purples reach the surface as each new tender bruise is revealed.
Transcending tunes in
Dissonant chords--
Demons hiding in the growing mist.
There's nothing left to say,
Only too many things done wrong.

Can it be shut out?
I can't see past my hand,
Let alone past the mistakes.
You left me when I fell down.
I don't blame you,
If I had the choice, I would have left myself.

I'm giving up now,
Handing my white flag to the demons--
I surrender.
I was too late when I started.
Quop Definition: To throb painfully
Ashley Somebody Apr 2014
Deep inside me come,
Up from somewhere deep and great:
Drums, drums in the deep,
Constant drumming in my head,
I cannot ignore.

— The End —