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Screwpine’s thorns hurt,
Flowers’ musky scent entice;
Bloodletting pleasure!
Humble Dec 2018
I've always hated roses
Maybe because they're
So flawless compared to my messed up life
Very beautiful compared to my scared skin
It's amazing scent compared to my rotten soul
But a part of me loves roses
Because it has thorns just like me
We both hurt unsuspecting people
Bel B Dec 2018
A flood of memories gushed through my brain as i came across the smell of your perfume

Your scent was all that kept me going
Briar Ren Dec 2018
Your scent lingers
on my pale skin,
and when I inhale
I do not feel the
suffocating weight
of solitude.
For N.
Kit Scott Dec 2018
once when i was a child
i sat in a field
surrounded by woods

and watched sparks leap from the fire to my clothes

i remember them dancing
and stinging skin hot
tiny freckle burns
dotting my arms

like stars

i remember the smoke
rising into the sky
and curling like a cat
caressing the darkness

as it twisted upwards and away away

the wood broke and the
scent of elderflower
filled me to the brim
with heady wild-smoke

and i remember thinking
big eyes filled with fire
my mouth just open and breathing the heat in

i want to run through that fire

to the other side within

i have always felt a particular connection to the smell of woodsmoke and elderflower due to frequent encounters with both - particularly together - as a child. so much so that the barest scent of either sends me spiralling into another mind.
Julie Nov 2018
there is something in the air.
the smell of musk and cedar wood.
everywhere where the wind carries me,
it is there.
this distinctive scent.
the scent of security and
memories of beautiful days.
it is your scent
that I've learned to love
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Scented spice hill wind,
Explodes on the night of light;
Spirits merge, sparkle!
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