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Joseph Lochki Mar 2018
I sound like white noise
Quivering and   still.
The sound changing now
With the        frequency
                         Back into me.
I turned one notch
To change         the channel
Because   I can’t       handle
                         This episode.
The lights       blink
                 As images
                      Play in motion
                    And I see them
Dance like they should
Till the *****
And fizzle
back to black and white
   Blurring Into the SOUND.
Maria Etre Dec 2017
There are scenes
I'd like to rewind
some delete
others re-shoot
ones to work on
in post production
shots to subtitle
some record  
and others
to finally watch
it like a movie
Paul Butters Oct 2017
The Cosmic Dance
Sends me into a trance.
I do love space
It’s really ace.

What more can I say?
I need more pay!
Speckled stars
Form The Milky Way.

Star Trekking I’d love to do.
Talk about a room with a view.
All those planets, all those stars,
From exoplanets to sandy Mars.

Space they call the final frontier,
Others would rather stay right here.
Sunny Earth is the place to be,
Roaming widely, running free.

See those palm trees,
On those shores.
In that soft breeze
The great outdoors.

Grasp the day,
That’s the thing to do.
Make it pay,
It’s down to you.

Paul Butters

© PB 24\10\2017 (poem 2) – First two lines written 1.20 AM in my paper diary.
Zaunite Jul 2017
I'm just a moment,
That can last an eternity.

A precious second,
That's worth more your jewelries.

A petite minute,
That can change your life

A blunt hour,
That throws out all the lies.

A weightless week,
That fills all your time.

A merry month,
That can challenge your prime.

And a yonder year,
That's so close yet so far.
Maria Etre Jul 2017
I saw a man
staring at the
birds above
in the sky

I could see
his mind
in the smile
that slowly
made its way
to his face
I will start a series of shorts depicting what I see
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