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Are you okay?
Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?
Are you adequate, are you decent?
Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?
Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?
Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?
Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay?

You will be okay.
You will be alright, you will be fine, you will be good.
You will be adequate, you will be decent.
You will be emotionally stable, you will sleep without crying, and smile for the happiness blooming inside of you.
You will breathe without questioning, you will wake up to a new day, you will eat easily
are going to be okay.
So please smile sunshine
It’s a fine new day
To be okay :)

- a.g.
just a reminder that everything gets better folks. please, please hang in there. i believe in each and one of y'all.

UPDATE: thank you so so so much for 7.9k. the overwhelming amount of comments and messages and loves make me feel so happy to spread this poem. thank you.
Admit it.
That you're a potato that grows underneath the soil.

Admit it.
That your roots have been spreading along within earth.

Admit it.
That nobody has tried to dig a hole.

Admit it.
That one day, you'll grow beneath the ground.

Admit it.
That you'll grow stronger roots and eventually a branch.

Admit it.
That you'll grow into a big, tall tree.

Acknowledge it,
starting from beneath the ground, you will gain even stronger roots to hold you up until now.
The planted roots, to support you,
that has grown into a bigger tree, heading up towards the blue sky.
because I'm just a potato, trying to survive in the wild.

I've been inactive for a quite long time, but I'll make sure to come back once a week with new tales to tell. :)
Isn't   amazing   how   the   darkest   pit    of   a   soul   could    eventually   spark   the   brightest   light   in   their   life  ?
Everything has been torn to pieces
just like how old roses falls
there is nothing left to show,
not even specks of dust,
from every single side, front to back,
nothing have been left behind.

Hardships, despair, lost,
they say every goodbye comes with a new start,
but what I get have always been a goodbye.

Old dead roses fade away
and so is my existence
the once sharp thorns started to blunt
just like how bland my days have become

But every day is a new life, a new page,
roses will grow again,
prickling its thorns to those who hurts
Standing tall and pretty,
Just like how I will stand for myself,
Rejuvenate and grow
along with those roses loved by everyone
And until then, I will become,
that roses behind every thorns.
I just wanna make something out of my name, but apparently I expected too much, anyways, please enjoy my new post :) I will do my best to start writing better ones.
through art, it conceals
through art, it reveals

I speak symbolism,
only eyes and mouths that bear the fruition of my words can seek for truth

let the wind blows, let the storm howls
be it a fault or a foul,
only those eyes and mouths that bear the fruition of every truth I hold
could seek for clarity within them all

I was born for agony, not harmony
I was born to ride the waves, not streams

through art, it suppresses
through art, it unveils
"Life is a ****"

Life can be a ****, dragging you down to the utmost depressed state.


Life can be a ****, like those cute emoji that everyone loves.

Life can hit you so hard, but
Life can also bring you to heavens of joy

It all depends on how you perceive yourself against the world

Life is a ****,
be the worst ****
or the loveable emoji.
so which path will you choose?
happiness or sadness?
either way, cheer up and have a nice day! :)
I never told you that I was always good.
Nor do I told you that I was always true.
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