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I dedicated this to you
Our brightest star;
The blooming lotus flower
Our kindest soul;
The moon that watches over us
Butterflies scattered around the fields
Reassuring us that your soul is at peace

Even till the end meets
Your smile was everything

Thank you for all the memories
You've shared every second of
Never expected the grief would come so soon, losing someone sure is hard.
Keep your loved ones close and hug them tight everyone <3
You have traveled thousands of miles
From East to West

Resting upon times
Blindly heading toward the future
The times you've taken those fives
It'll bloom even brighter

Now you can run as far as you want
Till you lose your breath;
but not your pace
Fear not, you have paved your own way then

The future is gonna be okay;
and I'll still be here to stay
Till you have reached your destination
a letter to me from me
inspired by the song "D-Day" by AgustD
now it reminds me of you
that lingering scent,
I knew it all too well
the soothing fragrance
that lulls me to sleep
here's to another day
trying to get over it
my heart’s so fragile;
i’m afraid to give it away,

all that’s left of me is
a sarcastic personality,
and even that is
starting to fade.
Words cut thru swords
Spreading far like wildfires
I am here standing in dire

Dive deeper so you'll discover
but I won't meet you there
Back on land
my mind is a mess. my thoughts keep circling around.
Repeat my name in each verse
Flowing within melodies

Sing me to sleep
A lullaby or a love verse
Take me into a new universe
Every time you say my name

Repeat this tune
And play it all-day
Until the day comes
We could be in each other's arms
rewind these tape, play it once or twice
can't get enough of you
In the corner of the room
Crouched down, trembling
In the corner of white walls
Loomed over shades of grays
lost in my own thoughts trapped in my own dark mind
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