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Repeat my name in each verse
Flowing within melodies

Sing me to sleep
A lullaby or a love verse
Take me into a new universe
Every time you say my name

Repeat this tune
And play it all-day
Until the day comes
We could be in each other's arms
rewind these tape, play it once or twice
can't get enough of you
In the corner of the room
Crouched down, trembling
In the corner of white walls
Loomed over shades of grays
lost in my own thoughts trapped in my own dark mind
Your feelings are valid
Your differences are unique

It's okay to feel assured when others don't
It's okay to step back when others sprint

Your feelings are valid
Even if it goes to extreme
It is still valid
not sure if it's a poem but just crumbs of my thoughts

archived May 2020
the warm rays that used to engulfs me
now starting to fade

where does the tunnel lead to
cause I can't see where the end is
archived May 2020
Take     five    
my friend
take five for your soul
things have been hectic
so loosen up a bit
from the tensed up thoughts
and endless lingering affection
we needed at the moment
     take      five    
for a moment
rewinding our soul back to its origin
where we could see everything so clearly
rewind, take fives
at this moment
so we could communicate to ourselves
better again
archived April 2020
Don't carve me out, I am not a diamond
Because I still got a mask to hold on to.
I can't let this facade loose, so I can face on the world

Nights after nights
These juices keep seeping inside me,
Getting me blinded by those artificial lights

Holding it high, grabbing it by the fragile neck
Pouring it all at once, shots by shots
As I keep dawning myself till I can't hold on no more
Darkness started to invade, putting me to have a good night's rest.
archived April 2020
Does it even matter anymore?
                To put together a broken ceramic.
                               It's Art they say; but few understand.

                Does it even matter anymore?
                               To put on garments around my feets
                                              That are used to the shards.
archived Feb 2020
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