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Carlo C Gomez Jun 29
There's aunts all over
my kitchen floor

Mother says they're awful
for the cookie badder

Oftentimes, we live in a processed world
but it's beyond my apprehension

Just please read me the recipe
or draw me a diaphragm
Poem challenge by Jennifer McCurry,
write a poem using malapropisms.
Carlo C Gomez Jun 29
Harvest be gone
Welcome to starvation
Ruins of Babylon
Maypole rivets for fangs
Parse the tricky argot, Mr. Bugbear
You speak such pretty thangs
Adagio for strings
Cry me a mare
Thundering rockets of pain
Life is a factory of scares
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word(s) of the day, parse and argot. Two for one special!
There is both fear and defiance in this horse's eye, but why?

The horse was NOT scared
I’m a war horse and nobody messes me with me
Not even aliens who think they’re big and hard!
Or so the horse defiantly thought
Well he also thought he was a horse but but but…

The horse was actually a spaceship!
Low and behold in all his glory
A real spaceship that was in space
To venture between the stars
And he was horse shaped.

But was made of aerospace grade materials
That was mined from distant asteroids
And built into a starship in a factory
That orbited Neptune for ease of use
For cosmic exploration and so more.

The horse shaped space vessel was big
Many miles high and across and heavy
Like the heaviest metal played by Compressorhead
Or mined from the most lucrative asteroid
Powered by fusion drive and ion engines.

Armed with triple laser cannon arrays
For defence against meteors and alien craft
Like now that were ready for war!
Zap! Zap! Zap! went the lasers guns.
Boom boom boom went the alien craft.

And Yahoo! whinnied the horse craft
As he became master of the galaxy
And unleashed war of the worlds
Thus dooming the entire universe
To violence and darkness if aliens won.

But a million horse shaped spaceships
Were being built in deep space
Up-gunned with undreamt of weapons
And uprated engines and other toys
Thus guaranteeing galactic horse victory.

There was no need for a human crew
Machines and robots took over
Ensuring a flawless capacity for success
As a hundred thousand ships sped off
To impose equine discipline in space.
Jimmy Boom Semtex
Carlo C Gomez Jun 27
I saw you for a brief moment
Your hair was the length of
A football field
   And as dark as the pigment
Of my imagination

Even in your evening gown
You could kick
    Like Trinity from The Matrix
And give your favorite
Retired thong
New life as
     A slingshot

You are everything I can't
    -- Or at least a little bit of it
And I could love you maybe
    Or at least like you

But I know you're not
You can't be real...

Like Mac N Cheese
You are just another
     Right out of the box
Carlo C Gomez Jun 24
Fireworks are a blast
Until they go off
In your garage
With you trapped inside
Carlo C Gomez Jun 23
Infected satellite

Quarantined transmissions

The gory story is one whale of a tale

Turn up the volume

And hear it flatline

Or wait for (doctored)

Film at eleven
Carlo C Gomez Jun 11
I'm trailer trash
And you're the tattered wheels

Run me over
Vilipended shrew

This place is full of
Rabid raccoons
And collect calls

Someone's got to pay

Maybe we can milk
A cash cow
Or plant a money tree
Between grandma
And the shed

A game of miniature golf
Always helps my mind
Get back on par
(More or less)

Then it's back to the bus stop
And be done with you
BLT's continued challenge - to write a poem using the Merriam-Webster word of the day, vilipend.
Paige White Jun 2
Launch a caustic haiku turned flailed terzanelle
Three lines of blather from a piqued poet’s feather
Skillful syllables omit nature; gone straight to hell

Obsession sketching rhythms rhyme then measure
An ink blot parking lot commencing to swell
Three lines of blather from a piqued poet’s feather

Jot, “Not the verse that got away!” I yell
Prosodic and onomatopoeic
An ink blot parking lot commencing to swell

Fingertips that linger quips mythopoeic
Bring monochroic wars of subtle allure
Prosodic and onomatopoeic

My iambic pentameter’s amateur
I’m done with these words, ink, terms altogether
Bring monochroic wars of subtle allure

To ponded frog on a bough’s frond, any weather
Launch a caustic haiku turned flailed terzanelle
I’m done with these words, ink, terms altogether
Skillful syllables omit nature; gone straight to hell.

A. Paige White 6/1/20
My first Terzanelle.  Input is appreciated  (don’t know why my other one didn’t show up. Oh well. Still learning my way around)
Carlo C Gomez May 31
Jimmy had a dog named Barnaby.
He was just like one of the family.

He did what most good dogs do.
He kept Jimmy company, even ate his homework a time or two.

But no matter how hard Jimmy tried,
Barnaby would never, ever fetch a ball.

Oh, he typed, he vacuumed, even mowed the lawn,
Yet, wouldn't retrieve any stick at all.
From the Poets Unite Worldwide anthology: Children We Are: Poems For Children (Children books Book 2)
Sometimes we grow short
The perfect height for special missions
Ideal for infiltration behind enemy lines
Or licking pussycat shaped lollies ****** style
We will strike at will
And achieve our aims
War mission or five-aside buddy
We live on mars
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