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Andrew Layman Jun 11
To all the enslaved
that are still in debt
I nail this note
to a wooden frame
that you still need to open.
for all of you,
that have tasted society's boot
I tell you---
bide your time
turn the other cheek
and learn to respire
you will outlast the fake
outlive all the ungrateful
and become the one true legacy.
John McCafferty Feb 2020
The essence of affection
A virtuous condition
Factors in certain traits
and affirms who we make
Descriptions of conduct
are attributed properly

Spot of tea
Cuddle please
Come with me
Long journey
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Anya Mar 2019
Youthful soul who risked your prayers
Do not let your mind be taken
Forget their fear and well known snares
It was not you we had forsaken

He of bone and ghostly drape
Who greets us when we’re ill
Do not disown your late escape
Until the dying lay still

Man of marrow protect his lie
As many have seen it so
And it is why the virtuous die
As it is a life they would forgo
What a world is and what is its real flow
Every one carries a Satan in his shadow
No one bothers unless encounters a blow
Hypocrisy dangles and dances in its show

One face carries but very many false faces
Humans in their all hatred go along races
All graces just carry real inherent disgraces
Morally corrupt people go along stray paces

Tricks have taken over all valid commands
Market just swarms Tom **** Harry brands
Lust has crossed all illegal, illicit demands
But virtuous soul plays very well and stands

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Sharon Thomas Jun 2015 is full of life
like a magic land full of wonders,
like songs whose notes go high and low,
with lines which rhyme to make a flow!
and whole experiences in life goes just like a wind's blow:
soft yet swift, silent yet clear.
It begins,continues and may even end well only if you put forward a  virtuous life indeed.
All you need to be away from is the poison tree
which fed Adam and Eve.
Look away!
It may be placed in the center of your life too.
You may find it the most glossy and glittering today.
Bowing to this may keep your head held down forever.

Know this fact for a sinless life
All the tempting trees yield fruits sour & reel
you'll stumble,totter,wobble & falter!
Then'll you realize fasting away this fruit was better.
But by then you'll lose paradise forever and fetter!

So let us all not reach to this concluding our lives should have a better ending.
which is to be more certain,graceful & dutiful.
Cos we live only once but it should have the worth of tons
Life'll help you do that..As "life attracts life"

— The End —