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Oh dear, what has happened to me?
I swear I was there but now I'm a tree
I really wish I was like a bird, flying high freely
But now I'm just here, all stuckly
Why oh why did this happened to me?

I've been pondering for such awhile
Now I've turned into a crocodile!
Oh dear, oh jeez, I'm not hostile - don't run away
I swear I'm worthwhile, please, come back this way
I just need someone to hang my head
Maybe watch the sunset
Perhaps to forget

It seems I forgot what I was saying
I also forgot my destination
Where was I going?
What were they controlling?
Oh dear, It looks like I forgot everything!

I see a beautiful monarch butterfly
Hello Mr.butterfly, what am I? what is my name?
Please, do not lie - at least give me a nickname
I cannot understand you
But what you speak is true
Thank you

Oh boy, what to do next?
Perhaps I'll attempt to forget
Or chase a white rabbit
Some might call it satanic
But I think it sounds fantastic
Secrets, my favorite.
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Don't know what to do in this life
I guess I'll grab a knife, slice it up
And find something in the next life
Sounds like a plan Batman
Maybe when I wake up in the next life
I'll be in the body of superman
Oh goody,  you sure are the man Batman!

I'll fly in the skies like a bird
Destroy those who are cruel
Be remembered forever and ever
Wouldn't that be beautiful

Hey captain boss man, how long is my lifespan?
I don't want to wait
Don't wanna watch my life dissipate
Can you **** me now Mr. captain bossman
Oh geez Batman captain man, thanks!
After you **** me
please give my best friend my underpants
Him having them is his destiny
Thanks, now I'll die happily.
Hey there sweet bee, you are truly a sight to see
Hair tied in a knot
Knife covered in blood
What I would give for you to stab me
That would surely make me happy

I care not for your weirdness, your wickedness
I was surrounded in hatred
But you came along and made me feel connected
So I thank you wholeheartedly
(whatever's left that is)
For your very existence

Let's go to the end of the world and build ourselves an empire
Go on a grand adventure, I don't care, whatever
Anything is better than here so let us go quick, faster
Somewhere filled with laughter

If things were still normal we'd still be in the trees
Weirdness brings greatness
So we embrace it

Your soul is darker than mine
Yet you make it lighter
Light and dark intertwined
Forever and ever.
So many emotions wash over my body
You just sit there, laughing
Mocking me for all these feelings
Feelings that I feel ever so deeply
It's mentally straining
Nevermind the anxiety
That I've been feeling recently

Some days I wish I could fade away
Become a total runaway
And leave this place behind
That would be a good day
But I can't
Because everyone I love would be sad
Which would also make me sad
And mad
Too many emotions honestly
And I'm glad
Because if I didn't feel anything
Then I would be hollow on the inside
And nobody wants that

But if you do
Then I'll just steal your cat
And give you a big o'l slap
And then run away
With a great big laugh
Because I'm crazy
And there's too many emotions
Going through my body

Oh, and don't worry
Your cat is alright.
Walking in the school hallways
A living hell to me
People staring
Or is my mind
Playing tricks on me?

I'm losing my sanity
My anxiety kicks in
I can bearly breathe
I stumble around the corner
And see the exit
But there's a group standing there
I'm being tested by god
And I'm offended

I try to find another way out of here
I see an open window
Guess this is a Goodyear

I climb through the window like a total ******
And as I look up
I see 4 busses packed with kids
Looking through their window
Straight at me
Oh god
Why me
Why today?
I'm bored outta my mind
Wish I could rewind time
So I can eat that sandwich again

WOW, So poetic, so relatable
Thanks for this poem!

Yeah, I know
And your whalecum.
I've got no clue on what to do
Guess I'll make due
By talking to those who are doomed

Hey there person who is surely doomed
I hope you're feeling okay today
If not, then that's alright
Sometimes I wish I can fly away
But I look at what good I can bring on those days
And I hope you can too
Or at least give it a good o'l college try
Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful week
And please
Keep your head held high
I'm positive you'll succeed
Maybe not today
But someday.
Feeling overwhelmed with what's going on
Don't ask me how I handle this
I just do what needs to be done
Yeah, I've got my reasons
But don't be mistaken
This isn't bliss
Not from what I've done

I should have listened to my intuition
But it's too late
Now I'm numb
And there's no exit
Just me in this closet
With so many secrets

Metaphors all around
Which go round and round
You'll never understand
But I'm sure you will
One day

How long will this last
How long will I survive
Who knows
Certainly not me
Just a nobody in my twenties
Who has a knack for poetry
Writing and writing
Only for it to bring nothing
Nah, it makes me forget about reality
So I guess that's something

Where is this going?
Who knows, certainly not me
Just a nobody in my twenties
Who lives in poverty
Hey, have some money?
I'll write you a lovely story
With a man named Johnny
Who has a girlfriend named Lucy
She's real juicy
She's a zombie
That's pretty filthy
I'm sorry

This poem turned out pretty bad
But it is what it is
Insomnia at it's finest
Anyways, I hope you have a splendid day
So goodbye, farewell
See you in hell.
Created by me on March 11th, 2020
Insomnia, Insomnia, I really hate ya
you make me wanna call a terrorist
So he can blow you up after shouting Allah
hell yeah, America
It's either that or call Russia and China
so together they can obliterate ya
You understand, yeah?
how about the secret weapon
A secret weapon where I call up Yoda
so he can slice ya, yeah?
Insomnia, Insomnia, goodbye
I really really hated ya.
Created by me on January 10th, 2020
Nah, Insomnia isn't so bad. if I didn't have it, then I wouldn't be posting all my poems. Insomnia, Insomnia, I really really like ya. but not that much....
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