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A Living Shoreline!
red violet trumpet blossoms
and spiraling vines curl happily
alone the craggy, rocky banks of the Indian River
oyster reefs, black and white mangroves,
truly a wonderful coastal restoration effort
at Ernest Kouwen-Hoven Riverside Park

A little piece of paradise
with a spectacular view of Melbourne skyline
fills us with smiles, oohs and ahhs

David and I hold hands while ambling
out on the long wooden fisherman wharf
jutting out into the Indian River
A few folk at the end of the pier
dangle their baits into
indigo ribbon waves

Perfect day with a lithe breeze,
umbrella clouds, and damask silk blue heavens

A youthful couple in a green and gray hammock
sway playfully to the not too loud rap music

This gorgeous day ends too soon
we pack up our picnic baskets
saunter towards our car
two regal pelicans gracefully bid us adieu
We walk East towards the ocean
Abalone pearls spill from the heavens
Krishna's conch can be heard
welcoming the new day
Golden Lakshmi lashes flutter open
And the sky erupts into dazzling smiles
Frogs croak in concert
deep guttural base drones
punctuate the morning silence
there's no one on the street
except a lone biker
pedaling towards me
we smile exchanging
a bit of radiance

with each healing breath
I remind myself
to count my blessings

Swami holds my hand
gently reassuring me
His hair ripples in
the tropical breeze
and the hem of His
paradise orange robes
rustle softly

"Sai Ram," I whisper, "I love you."

Road to infinity
opens up before us
the sweet trill of a cat bird
garlands the eternal moment.
Sai Ram
I lean on the strength
of Your name
1000 times
a million times
Swami grant me
Your golden hued darshan
Love chirps
between the branches
mirthful sounds gurgle up
From my heart
A refreshing sublime fountain
springs from unseen depths
bathing the weary spirit
And for our little
fine feathered
to sip from
Last night at sunset
millions of pink cherub kisses
dotted the tie-dyed skies

David and I rushed out
towards the blushing glow
And the sweetest embrace
So Vast
You are...Divine One
Inexplicably, intimately
Your breath
has married mine
Flash of Your
gold earrings
Chime of Your
Divine lips as rose red as
This throbbing heart
A drop of heaven is in
the ladybug
dainty red damsel
with polka dot umbrella
and black lace fan

a drop of heaven is in
that gorgeous orange creature
fluttering past me

A drop of paradise is in blue jay
his wings the color of
the Bluebonnet sky

A drop of paradise is
in Woody woodpecker
Decked out in his red silk hat
and speckled cape
sawing away...

A drop of heaven is in everything

A spark of heaven is certainly
in you and me
Swami my head forever rests
on your lotus feet
having touched them once
my lashes and forehead
are singed with
unspeakable splendor

A candle burns brightly
on the windowsill of my mind
ever watching for
Your glorious return
David and I gave
each other bike hugs
we both are like
little kids when we cycle

Pedaling along our
newly asphalted roads
we drink in the
Florida sunsets
and admire the neatly
manicured front yards
of kind neighbors

Mike's tiny dog
"Lil Bit"
yelps protectively
as we rocket past his yard

a lot of folks have joined
the happy carefree world
of bicycling since the
corona crisis

I chose a tricycle
for my preferred ride
"Sai Purple Majesty"
jets down Beacon Street
Behind David's Red Cruiser

Laughing with glee
we ride off into the
glowing candy apple sunset
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