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Love is in the air.
Oh, my heart, from somewhere.
Go find my lover and bring him here.
Go find my lover and bring him here.
Love is in the air.
Oh, my heart, from somewhere.

Tell him that the season is young
and I'm longing for him
The dark clouds above are tormenting.
I'm afraid it'll **** me.
He can't trust the rains.
Love is in the air my heart, from somewhere.

Wherever the sun goes
May he be protected from its rays.
The shade of my tresses is calling him
come and I'll make it a day.
A canopy with my eyelids, a shelter for both fits.
Love is in the air my heart, from somewhere.

I'm wandering all alone
Can please someone take me in his arms?
After all, how long can one bear the loneliness.
The days have become cruel.
The nights are fatal.
Love is in the air my heart, from somewhere.

This night and this silence.
These dreamlike sceneries
are these fireflies or beaneries?
Or have the stars descended on earth?
The world appears intoxicated.
Love is in the air my heart, from somewhere.
You and I were there
Thinking about love and affair
Now we're here
Love and tricky cheers
What kind of relationship do we have?
Not for a moment can I stay away
I live everyday for you
I dedicate all of my time for you
I don't want a moment without you
On every breath is your name.
because it's only you
One day I will meet my end.
Will your face fade from my eyes?
I lay buried with you in my heart.
The circling sun and moon come together in a line.
Abstinence and honesty lose their grip.
I die bit by bit seeing the quiver of your lip.
O beloved, I implore you to give me your heart.
Standing on the other shore, longing to reach you.
Isn’t is strange how we notice things when it is too late?
This is probably the last time that all of us will be in the car together. There will be no more midnight drives from hillside theatres. No more 2am dinner plans at kerbey lane.
This is the first time that I have noticed that you twirl your hair when you drive. My eyes have shifted from cityscapes flying across backseat windows to watching you wrap your hair around your finger.
It’s not slow and flirtatious, but quick and desparate, as if you're trying to distract yourself from the fact that we are growing up. It’s making me anxious, but I can’t look away.
This is the first time that I noticed the change in our silence. We are driving down nearly empty highways, and we are leaving behind our time. We are no longer laughing, and this silence doesn’t feel like it usually does. For once, none of us have anything to say. Or maybe, we know that there is not enough time to say all of the things that we should and want to say.
This is when I noticed how much I love driving down empty highways at midnight. Everything is slow, there is no rush, and, for once, there are no expectations of me.
I am finally, truly noticing that there will never be enough time to tell you all that I love you,
to hear you talk about science,
to hear about your travels,
to talk to you about your struggles,
to drive, and laugh, and cry with you,
to watch you twirl you hair.
Now, we have grown up, and our distances will strain our years of friendships,
and there will never be enough time with you.
You say you can't believe in god.
I trust in god, like I trust in physics.

Your world has been shattered.
Mine is safe and sound.

You went through despair and death.
I've seen not more than flowers wither.

Your unfaith is made by experience.
My faith is made by the words of others.

You're confident of your philosophy.
I just trust in faith.

A tunnel separates us.
You went through it and lost god.

I wonder whether I'll lose him too.
if I am not there in your gathering,
there is no sadness,
there is no sadness..
stories of ours, of our closeness,
aren't less,
they are plenty.
I have turned
my mornings into evenings sitting in your courtyard.
[that is I have so many times passed my time there.]
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