shiv Jun 17
you will drown. you will rot.
this raw feeling of reality will swallow you whole,
and the only wish you will have
will be as to how fast it takes you.
shiv Jun 4
there is a storm trapped inside her heart
and it seeks a ruination that will rattle
the stars.
shiv May 21
you spite the gods
because who else would dare do such a thing.

you spite the gods
because nothing makes you feel more alive
then to imagine what their ire feels off.
shiv May 21
the gods are ruthless, the gods are merciless
and one day they will light this world on fire
just to see how long it dares burn for.
shiv May 21
he can feel it echo through his veins,
tragedy was written in his fathers blood.
(and his fathers blood before him.)

he can feel it break his lungs apart
sometimes love can not hold things together.
(sometimes love is not enough.)

he can feel it tremor sadness too his hands
sometimes lovers can only be that.
(not made for time, not made for love.)
to fall for the heartless is a certain type of spite that perhaps only the gods can revel in
shiv May 20
the truth runs wild
the truth runs free.
i've never felt happier
than when you're with me.
shiv May 5
(As the nation falls,
                                   so do
                                              us all.)
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