shiv Dec 6

Peal back my skin,
Tear through my ribs.
Find my heart
(Rotting, rotting, rotting)
Inside me after all.

shiv Dec 6

I want to feel something
Other then pain,
Other then loss.
Something that doesnt
make me rot

shiv Nov 25

i could have been something,
and my bones ache
with a destiny denied.

shiv Nov 20

Your mouth is a gun
And each I LOVE YOU
Is a bullet, reminding me
That im alive.

shiv Nov 19

And is it love that shakes
My bones, Or lack of it?

shiv Nov 2

She falls to quick,
And she falls to hard.
And the world wont care
When she falls apart.

shiv Oct 29

her body is a battleground
for her anxiety and she knows
that she's not winning anymore.

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