shiv 1d

Beauty is a disease, but you don't care if it's toxic.
Beauty is a poison but you'll drink it like it's not, you'll drink it like it's not.

shiv 3d

And you set yourself on fire
(again, and again, and again.)
Because the feeling
is worth getting burned.
Because a life without feeling
that you have /lived/
is not much of a life at all.

shiv 4d

You are not your mother
And you are not your father.
Your life is your own
And the only sins
you should have to cary
Are the ones you commit.

shiv Jul 5

Of darkness we come,
Of darkness we are.

shiv Jul 2

I am a conniption personified, and you have stars in your eyes.
-no wonder we didn't work out

shiv Jun 19

This is not poetry,
This is not soul.
Just words I've
Never spoken.

shiv Jun 20

My veins flood with vitriol
Again and again and again.
Untill i am nothing more
Then a body left to decay,
and a heart bound to shatter
Under the starlight.

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