shiv Feb 7
she has made herself so dependant on others
that she does not know if she can stand alone.
shiv Dec 2017
Peal back my skin,
Tear through my ribs.
Find my heart
(Rotting, rotting, rotting)
Inside me after all.
shiv Dec 2017
I want to feel something
Other then pain,
Other then loss.
Something that doesnt
make me rot
shiv Nov 2017
i could have been something,
and my bones ache
with a destiny denied.
shiv Nov 2017
Your mouth is a gun
And each I LOVE YOU
Is a bullet, reminding me
That im alive.
shiv Nov 2017
And is it love that shakes
My bones, Or lack of it?
shiv Nov 2017
She falls to quick,
And she falls to hard.
And the world wont care
When she falls apart.
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