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shiv Jan 7
My heart breaks with disuse
and every night I cry myself dry
hoping that I can be another one
of those things you left behind
and returned to love again

My heart breaks with disuse  
and I wonder if you can find it in you
to love me again
because god knows
I can't find it in me to stop loving you
shiv Dec 2019
And every day I wake
And every day I sleep
And everyday I wish for you
To love me again
shiv Dec 2019
And how long is forever
And how long is an eternity.

when you said happily ever after
I guess you forget the never.
shiv Dec 2019
And i want to drown in something other than you
I want to meet god on her throne and not wish
I was anywhere else with you.

And i want to be someone else
Who does not dream of your love
And wake up crying with the bed cold.
shiv Dec 2019
and i would give anything
to spend a night in your arms
instead of a nightmare
shiv Dec 2019
i know i have only ever known flames
only ever the silence before
a lit match touches my exposed skin

and i know that you are every black ocean depth
but i would give anything, time and time again
to be washed out by you

i would give up an eternity
of euphoria red and orange
to know you long for me
the way the moon and sun
the way i do you
shiv Dec 2019
I have a soul as black as every lonely night
I have a voice that crackles with more anger
Then the righteous in fear

And i guess its true what they say
About opposites attracting

Because how could someone
Who looks like heaven personified
Want to know someone like me
Other then to exorcise them properly
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