shiv Dec 2
take my hand and take me away
to a world where the agony i feel
is a dark dream i can not remember
shiv Nov 25
his love is like the sea
as uncompromising
and remorseless
as the current
tends to be
shiv Nov 25
there was a tragedy written in the stars
of you and i and how all that we had loved
had turned to dust
shiv Nov 25
who do i be
when the world
doesn't want me
shiv Nov 25
and i will remold myself into something new
because failure means nothing at all
when you are everything there is
shiv Nov 13
and when i smoulder out
trapped beneath the ruins of my skin
all i can hear is the rumble of applause

because you mistake this ruin for reality
and you call it beauty  

and you think that it is gorgeous
the way i bleed out on the floor
gasping for a breath that wont reach my lungs

in a symbolic attempt to show
humanity to be as bright and dangerous
as its greatest fears
shiv Nov 11
and he stutters out a world
wherein he is sadness more than boy
and i can not help but think
he deserved so much more
than the agony ripped into his skin
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