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Masuda Khan Juti Dec 2019
When we look out the window we hear
there is a ringing sound that will never end.
Engulfed in noise and in dust submerged
tiny men walk a thousand steps        
Yellow -
the city has been yellow -
ever since the machines
Heat -
The november sun melts all the tall buildings
until the twists and turns
of the voice
call a break for prayer
Masuda Khan Juti Nov 2019
rolling drop of sweat
slowly slowly drops.
From the bottom of your breast
aiming straight it falls
On your thigh it tries to rest - but ah
--- it's a sticky plummet.
Masuda Khan Juti Feb 2019
When crossing roads look.
Look left, look right.
When kissing your lover,
don't look. Stay blind.
Masuda Khan Juti Sep 2018
In the water that serpents drink and fishes mate in,
humans clean their pots.

The water drinks that dirt and oil,
it savours that hint of turmeric and burnt potato skin. It's a complete meal.
A woman was cleaning her pots by the surma river. In sylhet
Masuda Khan Juti Feb 2018
Was cutting
My nails when
the very last one
jumped up
So high
It flew up
Look- the sky
Masuda Khan Juti May 2017
These waters caressed
a thousand dead bodies.

Young and old men,
mothers, their children.

The water listened,
it heard their
submerged howls,

growing drunk
of their brittle
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