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Meandering Mind Aug 2020
looking at words
on a page
or a screen

there's some mysterious interplay
between the two-dimensionality
of words on a flat plane
and the three-dimensionality
underlying it all

visually deceiving
as if the space
behind the words
is both
an infinite abyss
an undetectable, immeasurable void
a flat formless surface

it's both
it's neither

and somehow
typing on a flat-(ish) keyboard
but pushing buttons
into a third dimension
makes the words
appearing on the screen
seem almost 3D themselves
in a connected sort of way
into the white void
of the blank screen

the keystrokes feel deeper
than i think they really are
especially when i stare at the screen
and let the fingers fly

what sort of illusion is this?!

or are the words
the missing link
that let us peek
to the hidden dimensions
we desperately seek?

looking at words
on a page
or a screen

i can't help
but wonder these things
Meandering Mind Aug 2020
illusions abound

what's not an illusion?

is all in life an illusion?

is life really nothing
  but a man sitting at a computer
  typing his existence into existence?

could he type himself into
  whatever existence he wanted?
could he dare to type
  the thing he feared the most?
   the lack of existence?
    and whether such a state
     was type-ably reachable?

he wouldn't dare
the sentence would elude him
but it would gnaw at his mind
  it would sit and wait
   and then jump out
    and try to be typed
     but the man wouldn't let it
like a caged bird
  a self-destructive bird
   one who literally would vanish
    if it flew from the cage

if that bird knew its potential fate
  would it still want out?
would the caged bird still sing
  if it knew what awaited outside?
   not just doom
    but complete annihilation

SHOULD the caged bird still sing?
should it accept its fate?
should it reject its fate
  and try to escape?

what would the caged bird do?
what should the caged bird do?
and if the caged bird is nothing
  but a part of the man
should the man listen
  to the caged bird at all?

what about the other thoughts?
  the thoughts like cheetahs
   sprinting through savannahs
  like dolphins
   leaping from the sea
  like digital aliens
   quantum leaping across the universe
more free
  than that bird
   could ever hope to be

should those thoughts have more say?
or should the caged bird win out?

will the caged bird win out
  if it's such a strong willed beast
telling that man to try
  to be bold
   to type that sentence
    into existence
     (or non-existence)
  just to see what happens

the heart would speed up
  man's heart does speed up
the thought would jump forward
  man's thought does jump forward
the fingers would begin
   a slow deliberate march
    across the keys
  man's fingers begin to march

the breath catches
the bird sings
the cheetah halts
the dolphin floats
the aliens know
  and yet they watch
all stops
all waits

the fingers tapping at the keyboard
  now the arena of the whole universe
as the man types
  one key at a time

as he's always typed his existence
  INTO existence

and wondered

if he could type his existence
what is reality?

do we create our own reality?

do we make ourselves real?

can we make ourselves unreal?
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
the rivers of my memories
and those of my dreams
rivers real
and rivers imagined

meander through beautiful landscapes
like they're slowly chasing something
or someone

like they keep forgetting what they're after
but remember often enough
to keep heading in the same general direction

such is the life of a river
and such is the life of all
headed for some destination

it may meander
it may slow and quicken
and change direction and course
and split and rejoin
and grow and shrink

but all the while
it's headed for its end
the destination

which to break it down
is the "destined" place

and thus
the rivers
like our lives
are ruled by fate
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
this jumbled mess
skyrockets my stress

i see this chaos of tangled lines
i feel anxiety welling up inside

how's it possible to go in just a day
from neatly arranged to disordered this way

laws of entropy can go to hell
universal disorder makes me feel unwell

don't have the patience, the panic roars
trying to untangle these **** headphone cords
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
maybe math is the foundation
maybe math is essence
maybe math tells us everything

or maybe not

maybe it's a trick
or a bad logical conclusion
based on faulty logic
or wrong assumptions
or poor observations
or just ****** minds
is math universal?

or universally wrong?
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
the ball jingles
the cat runs
she plays
then she stops

glares up at me with that look
that says

you expect me to
all the way over there?!
just to get that stupid jingling ball?!

you humans are dumb

i'm gonna go lick myself
and take a nap

...idiot humans...
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
is there some way in which
the past
the present
the future
are all the same
are all wrapped up
are all on one line
i wrote write will write
instead of three separate?

in some ways
4 dimensional space-time
says yeah
that's kinda sorta it:

all the space that exists in
this time
is simultaneously existing in
this time
and in
this time
and in
this time

so all the time that exists in
this space
is perhaps also
all simultaneously existing in
this space
and in
this space

but mostly
the world looks at me
nah dude
you're just insane

— The End —