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xavier thomas Sep 2022
I knew
She was the
When she
Listen to
My trauma,
And began
To nurture me
LC Apr 2021
as her glass heart beats,
it cracks little by little
as her chest caves in.
she closes her eyes.
her deep, slow breaths
restore her aching body
as her chest straightens.
the cracking suddenly stops.
her soul glues the cracks
and her heart is whole again,
stronger than ever before.
#escapril day 20!
Michael Jun 2020
At hand, we die to the white man.
Call it like it is.
See it from my eye.
“I don’t see color”
You don’t see color!!!
What madness do you speak?
The fact that you don’t see color
Means you don’t see me!
Because I am a person of color,
You’ve gotta see my color to see me.

You would rather make sure your dog eats
While my dawg got's to hustle and tussle for bone and scrap.
You would rather help stray dog
Than help a dawg gone astray.
A black life is a human life.

At hand, we die to our own.
Call it like I see it.
A lot of my brothers and sisters
See me from a dove’s eye view,
Killed by my own hands.
Brothers and sisters
Yet we **** each other like
Slave and oppressor.

The oppressor has become,
Me, who undermines my brother because
He don’t got the qualifications like the Caucasian.
Me who undermines my sister so much so
She now finds love in selling her love.
Help a n** out!!!

Land of the free,
For the skin that’s never been slaved.
Bring back the land
That was rightfully mine.
Do manners only apply when I'm wrong?
Gimme my land, freedom, rights and dreams
And ill give you your car back?
As a father I did what I had to for my kids.

Africa, your mother, cries
Day in and day out.
Her own children die
Not only at the hands of the free, but also at the hands of her children.
Sacrificed, a lot, to keep her children fed,
She’s been a mother to the world,
Its time we, her children, look after our mother and
Each other.
You can't be neutral to the situation at hand. It's not a situation. They just found a more subtle way of going about it.
George Krokos Nov 2019
When water flows
downward it goes
and those around
rejoice the sound
from heaven's store
showers galore.

Farmers are pleased
their burdens eased
for crops shall grow
harvest will show
and dams get filled
scarcity killed.

Soils come alive
and start to thrive
moisture absorbed
below it's stored
to do the work
it doesn't shirk.

Nature's seasons
have their reasons
they come and leave
and don't deceive
when water flows
good it bestows.

The rains that fall
on parched land stall
drought in a place
and then may trace
a river's course
gravity's force.

It's not alright
to see the sight
of too much rain
that's come again
in a short time
and out of clime.

When water flows
but harm it shows
who is to blame
to change the game
and to restore
harmony's shore?
Written in 2019.
Sketcher Apr 2019
I have allowed her,
To take my underwear and shirt,
Nine days without her,
And now it really ******* hurts,
Pride has been swallowed,
My feelings have all been destroyed,
Now I feel hollow,
My heart is simply just a void,
A dark empty space,
Only one way to recover,
I must see her face,
Her soft lips I’ll rediscover,
Slow kissing a while,
As essence is being restored,
Pull back, see her smile,
Now the essence is in the core,
I can feel again,
She has given me back my soul,
She’s the only one,
That can make me quickly feel whole,
I will reach for her,
She will reach for me,
We will be happy,
For eternity,
She’s my other half,
She would say that is gay,
I’m gay for this girl,
Forever and Always,
An optimistic outlook comes into play when I have the honor of holding her close.
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Kisses make up for the pain of breaking feelings of the people that you never
Would let you down in an on-going cycle of emotional rollercoasters and flashlight
Demons decorating the inside of your mind,
When you fall , where does the half go when you pivot?
Does your other half restore all of that ****** healing?
Is his love so high that it reaches the ceiling like the top of a flying lotus
Spewing paint over cities,
How could you tell?
Could we all prevail from what love will make us?
Is this hell? Is this lust in shell?
Is it that obvious?
I don’t know if we we're moving slow or we're moving fast,
But she was all I ever wanted , at the time was all I had,
There's not a single night and day that I would change If I tried,
All the other people in my life has always lied,
And two of the most important people in my life has died,
The one above all watches , where all the love will reside.


Sun warmed to submission to a higher purpose,
My times wasted but I don't want to leave you,
The joy in my heart will manifests itself from your smile and,
I got another remedy for your virtue,
Whatever falls upon you will fall upon me to, then we'll both fall
Knowing I have feelings for you,
But I heard through the longest grapevine equip with thorns that
You would see another,
I was not ready for this,
Not knowing it would end with your betrayal to be so under cover,
I was afraid of this,
Glad I took it slow, Just like molasses,
In my walk I'm just so weakened by deceit and social sadness.
lovelywildflower Sep 2018
I'll paint my room yellow
and make it bright
so maybe it will restore my light
So maybe I can feel like the sun again
Isaac Sep 2018
Your reality reflects your heart.
When your heart is warm,
Reality is sweet.
When your heart is cold,
Reality is bitter.
Look after your heart.
Let God nurture it
And restore it.
Come and give it to him.
For it is not the location
Of your body,
But rather,
The location of your heart
That determines your peace.
Keep your heart alive
In the presence of your creator.
Written 20 September 2018
ardnaxela Jul 2018
The clouds of Pompeii
had nothing on his heart.
An eruption of UNCERTAINTY
his world e-x-p-l-o-d-e-d.
lights extinguighed,
joy (deleted).
Night is now who was once Day.
Corruption of a steaming bliss.
Darkness gripped his mind -
insomnia, coupled with a blind-ness..
that could only be caused
by some serious disruption....
like the ash of Pompeii when it settled
or the pain of a burnt page.
I'm sorry Teddy.
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