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Lyn-Purcell Jul 25
The light has come again
I'm a flower, not a bud
I'm fragrantly proud

Hope as been restored
Got alot of work ahead
To the Queen's Study!
Feeling alot better today and I'm on my way there!
Once I get there, I'll be able to go through all your messages and comments.
Thanks so much, my fellow HP Kings and Queens!
Love you! Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Who's life belongs to oneself
Who gave life.
Who takes it away.
The giver of life comes from ***.
With whom shall you compare me.
Says the Lord my ***.
My ways are not your ways.
And my thoughts are not yours.
My plan for you is different from
The plan that you dream for yourself.
Listen to me.
Hear my voice
Seek me with all your heart
For the time is near.
Draw life from my well.
And I will heal all your diseases.
In the secret quiet place I long to know you more.
I long  to  comfort you  
I  long  to hold you
Show you good  wonderful things
I long to know you more and more each day.
In the secret quiet place I long to know you more.
Come let's  is reason says the Lord.
You  sins  have been removed  as far from the west
To the east.
I remember  them  no more.
Mona Jun 2016
You tried to figure out why the ying yang had two sides but you never got an answer because no one understood your question.

So you stared out of the window pane 'until the window pane understood your pain ,why dear .....angel asked the mirror

So you stayed in silence until you got used to it , you were drowning but you still remained thirsty maybe it was because you were already resentful with the sea so it never understood you.

You aplogised to your frail heart for making it cry that it drowned the river nile in that process the tides of the river where too much to handle.

So your soul never felt full because all you did was  feed the body not Soul why angel ......asked the mirrors

You have seen but not saw , you asked yourself and the man in the clouds why you haven't seen anything yet .

Love spit you out like a stone ,you cried no one heard you, your silence was so loud that we heard it echo in our ears.

They labelled you the bad one but the mirror never knew you were the one in pain because it reflected your mind not your heart.

But you where too fragile to even look ,so today the man in the cloud told me to tell you Dear ....angel you'll never die of a broken heart because your tears have reached his doorstep.
A narrative poem about being broken ,rejected and finding peace through ***.
The broken character being someone I know (close) and me being the reflective glasses or mirrors.
Hopefully you enjoy
Precious Jem Apr 2016
You play and drenched in dirts
And you know how it hurts
It is enemy's art
But HIS grace fixed your heart

You taste a new life
No more grief  
Free from strife
Vindicated to be HIS wife

The enemy still lingers
Chasing you away from your SAVIOR
Still wanting you to put in danger
Don't get wrapped by his finger!

At your heart he still knocks
Say goodbye and turn back
Don't give him kisses
Cling to LORD's promises
Hao Nguyen Apr 2016
Why is it easy
to casually disregard
the kind consequences
produced by
innate goodness,
that if a day may come
when a simple act
of honest, good will
would befall you,
that you would
so graciously accept.
Yet if provided
the opposite spectrum,
the few moments
of pain and betrayal,
would you assign
accountability to
the innocent majority?
Why is it that
when a good deed
is often performed, it is:
"Faith restored in humanity"?
As if we cynically
presume and accept
that the world is dark,
that all fathers abuse their sons,
that all mothers **** their daughters,
that all must fear at every second
as if good nature does not exist.
Do we take for granted
order and morality
up until misfortunate
consumes our souls?
Would it not be more appropriate
that amongst the immense
majority of good nature,
that a single occurrence
of negative circumstance
be dutifully deemed
a "Stain marked in humanity"?
I worry for those
whose perspectives
pervert and distort
the personal worlds
that there is a need
for faith to be restored.
On a cool autumn day
My eyes are blown away
As the sunlight  shines down
on the autumn golden leaves
It reminds me of  a colourful rainbow.
Over shadowing the earth
With a comfort banket.
Kissing  unwanted  hurts
Bringing  healing.
And  restoration
The key is the door to your heart
How you welcome it
will be up to  you

But to. my surprise
You opened it up
and gave me your heart.
You gave me respect
And i am elastic
And so it was
This man called Jesus
Who hung upon
a cross.
For all of mankiind

Who was he.
Were did he come from.
Why was he so important

This man Jesus is the son of ***.
Jesus came from ***
In the human form.
To reconcile man back to himself.
Easter is about this sacffice.
That Jesus made when he hung on the cross.
He was whipped.
Spat upon
Frowned .
Even if you where the only one
In the universe.
Jesus would have died for you and me.

So the Easter story.
Is more than a story.
It is a legend.
That Jesus left behind.
Think about this free gift.
That was offered for me and for you.
Why not this make this Easter special
And accept Jesus Christ.
Ethan Titus Dec 2014
Break me
Oh mighty crafter
A stubborn statue I have been
Though the hardships have weathered against me
Sought to endure through them, I have
But it is not the will of man or myself that seeks me broken
It is Your Will, Lord
Break me, not so I will fall and crumble
Break me, so that I may be rebuilt
Crafted in the beginning so that I might be displayed in your righteous and Holy hall at the end
A darkness was cast upon the world and I was overtaken
Deteriorating, I was
Living in this sinful state, I continued
Why? Just to exist?
When your Son came down, He offered me shelter from the elements
I thought myself forgotten, ready for time to take its toll
Destroyed, I was prepared to be
The corruption went deeper than the surface
No longer fit was I to enter your Holy hall at the end of all
Yet your Son, by Your hand sent, came to restore me
Break me, so that I may be rebuilt in the glorious visage you envisioned
Though the elements will be harsh against me still, I will trust in You to keep me
Break me, Father, so that I may be restored
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