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Michael Nov 2018
I know there was no we before
But now I think that we can be more
More than just together
I think "merge as one forever"
      -Is the phrase I'm looking for-
Loving you was a chance I took
Breaking you was a choice I made
Accepting you was challenge I had.
Loving me was your choice
Staying was your choice
Leaving was an option
     - why didn't you ?-
Through it all I grew from imperfection to imperfection
From me to me
From loving you to Being In Love with you.
From talking to doing.

I ... we take the next step from here...
The start of something new
Michael Nov 2018
"They said reach for me
They say I have no limitations.
Little do they know that I cry
Little do they know that I anger
Little do they know that I can give the cold shoulder.
I guess we are one and the same.
Only that I never reach out for you
When you reach out for me.
I guess you can't trust me either ? "
A monologue by the sky.
Michael Nov 2018
Young child at home you are free,
Home is where you belong,
At home there is serenity.

The world has it's jaws wide open
Waiting to devour your soul.
The world is not where your freedom lies,
The word freedom in the world is a lie.
The world is a jungle
Where the need to survive restricts your movement
The need to survive is what kills you Young Child.

The world tells you:
**** to survive
But what she didn't explain is that
You survive to be killed.

Young child at home you are free
Home is where you belong
At home there is serenity.
The world is full of deception and if you are not careful you will be eaten up and spat out. That's why home is where your freedom is.
Michael Oct 2018
Saw you from a distance
An unexpected race began
Faster and faster
Louder and louder
I could hear the blood pumping through me.
Saw her from the same distance
Undressed her
She was already finished before I started
Conversation was planned already.
All of a sudden no blood to my legs.
"Go for her."
"She's the one"
My heart spoke
"Don't listen to that fool"
"Go for her"
"She's the one"
Another familiar voice said.
Back to back, they fought
A battle of two sworn enemies
A battle of no consensus
A battle of heart and mind.

Love is usually a battle between your heart and your mind.

— The End —