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Maria Mitea May 2020
Showing care to the land that we grow crops and food,
Showing care and love to the waters we drink and swim,
Showing care and respect to the air we are breathing,

Why it is so hard?
We can’t conquer the world without respecting the Laws of Nature!
Bhill Feb 2020
Get it handled she said as I crawled out bed
And she was trying to be nice I'm sure
I forgot to remove the goo and the glue
And nails I left in the shed

What does it mean cause I forgot to clean
The barn where the animals live
The storm came around with a wild howling sound
And messed up the whole gall **** scene

The crops got blown around all through the town
Just like the storms in the past
Neighbors were in a hurry and it was a big scurry
To keep all of their stuff nailed down

Well this poem went crazy cause my brains a bit hazy
And words just seem to pop in
It makes a little sense but I'm not very tense
So I'll end it here you will see...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 59
Serious brain storm this morning...!
George Krokos Nov 2019
When water flows
downward it goes
and those around
rejoice the sound
from heaven's store
showers galore.

Farmers are pleased
their burdens eased
for crops shall grow
harvest will show
and dams get filled
scarcity killed.

Soils come alive
and start to thrive
moisture absorbed
below it's stored
to do the work
it doesn't shirk.

Nature's seasons
have their reasons
they come and leave
and don't deceive
when water flows
good it bestows.

The rains that fall
on parched land stall
drought in a place
and then may trace
a river's course
gravity's force.

It's not alright
to see the sight
of too much rain
that's come again
in a short time
and out of clime.

When water flows
but harm it shows
who is to blame
to change the game
and to restore
harmony's shore?
Written in 2019.
Neuvalence May 2018
Crops crave for water at a hill
Thirst visible on their stalks
The sky gushes a coal black
But no. It is not rain.
Nothing to quench a crop’s thirst.
Only the manifestation of darkness
roaming the skies
And yes. Walking on a road, intimidated,
Before me, in the distance:
Nothing but dead man’s hill
But now a smirking old woman:
Silently still.
Based on an eerie dream I had last night.
Mr Q Aug 2017
My cotton candy blue eyes squint and
hide from the flow of orange marmalade
that drips off of big and burning Mr. Sun.

Splat! Splat! drums my stubby hands as I
play patty cake with the sticky sticky mud
that pools underneath green skyscrapers.

I like to come here and visit the fuzzy crawlers
and the yellow belly bees, (Don't touch!), and
even the scary green worms. Brother does not...

Brother is orange and wet and hot and sick;
Mr. Sun gives him all the sweet jelly, and
the dust from the coughing metal beasts
is making him ghoulish (or so mommy says).

He pants and he pants like he's finished
a looong race or like he's running away
from Mr. Farmer again, but he picks out
dinner, a tasty, yellow trophy (1st place!).

He looks down and smiles at me as I
make coco-cake to bring to his big party;
his teeth have orange in them too, now.
I wish Mr. Sun dried his eyes like me.
The Heat, and not the sports team
Has come here for a while
It's enough to set some records
And to **** the farmers smiles

Humidity and high temperatures
Add to make our life like hell
It's drying up our creeks and streams
There's no water in our wells

We do not use our ovens
To cook our meals, not now at least
We just leave meat on the counter
The outside heat will cook the beast

Our lawns are brown and dormant
But the weeds are growing strong
There is chickweed and crabgrass where once
Green grass did once belong

The splash pads are on overtime
To help keep people cool
We've cooling centers everywhere
They're in all of the schools

In order to cool down at home
I have my a/c set to freeze
And if at times this doesn't work
I watch Christmas DVD's

Remember hats and sunscreen
to keep the heat off of your head
In fact it is so god ****** hot
I tan while I'm in bed

I remember as a child
Summer never got as hot as this
Compared to recent temperatures
Is like a ******* to a kiss

We pray for heat in winter
And in the summer, the reverse
I know I would like the snow
The heat is much, much, worse

Instead of just complaining
I should just take it, brave the heat
But for now, I'll watch my movies
Sing my carols, cool my feet

I know that come this winter
I'll be crying for the heat
Just remind me of this little poem
And I'll shut up, and take my seat.
We are experiencing record temps here in London right now, with humidex readings of betwen 48 and  50 Celsius today. For those using the Fahrenheit scale, that's between about 118 and 122 degrees in some places.
felicia Apr 2014
life is simple, yet it is complicated.
it's like planting crops. you were the farmer, and the things you do were the crops. your maturity will affect the way you treat the soil, and the soil was your life itself. your faith in God will affect the way you plant the crops, it was the way you do things for others. your heart and conscience will control the growth of your plants. your experiences will teach you how to take care of your plants. tests and difficulties were the things that make farmers stronger. and the yields were to be reap.
but there are a lot more than the mentioned things above about this life, find them by yourself. appreciate what you have in your life and you'll love this life even more. have the better quality of life:)
just some thoughts of mine about this life. i wrote them because of the daily question on and i think i'd like to share them with you guys :)

— The End —