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The Dybbuk Mar 21
Oftentimes, you realize, that the shaking of an intangible void, desperate, clinging before it too is lost on an otherworldly transform of otherwise incomprehensible, nightmarish, or null thoughts, buried between the conceptions of self-deliverance and a bone-knuckled release into an endlessly exploding oblivion, or the intangible touch of a thousand tiger's treasuries.
Jaxey Jan 2019
You were that person
In my story
That everyone else
Saw as the villain
The **** in the garden
Full of roses
But I saw you as a hero
Because what nobody else realized
Was that the weeds
You had planted
Were just your
Broken attempts
Of making something
You were my hero that was everybody elses villain
Try Dec 2018
Slip sliping away
Hide away
My pain
At the back of
My closet
Dwelling in my pain
All the hurt and wrong
Done on to me
Screeming for them to leave me be
To let me be me
still thankful of those who foiled my plan
And boy was it grand
Instead I sat in the grandstands at Contact 2013,
Vancouver BC
Combating a invisible disease
To where everyday
It’s hard to breath
Still I stand tall
With the ball in my court
Not going to port
To where attempt number 3
Takes place
Instead a
Near death experience at sea
Thanks carnival
50 bands
Taken away from me
All in order to save me
From myself.

Thank You Chase for always being there for me in dark times.
Thanks for not letting me have 50bands to just end it all with it.
Thanks to you a known time and predreamt dreams all come to be and continue to do so.
Thanks for showing me the lighter side of life to where every day is a good day.
I love you bro,

© Try
I got my issues to combat
Family that’s now astranged
Disowned for not being a hard enough worker in my parents eyes
Though having a invisible disease made it difficult to keep active
Chronic fatigue from chronic pain
Made working I don’t even know how many times harder.
Zachery Oct 2018
He ****** me off
I hated him to my core
I wanted to **** him and leave behind so much gore
His head for my mantle
His heart for my stew
His soul for my brew.
But I could not
I've fought
He was stronger
My will to live I had no longer
Many attempts
And damage hidden
No I'm not kiddin'
I tried to **** myself
No one noticed
How could they
For them I was just prey
As unnoticeable as grey
But soon I saw
What I had ceased to notice
People cared
To hang out with me people did dare
I had friends
Who didn't want my life to end.
I stopped cutting
And started to smile
I swallowed my bitter bile
My sadness left
Happiness came back
But soon came the counter-attack
Junior High was a *****
Although I never had to get a stitch
Pain and Injury came abound
And my friends left me all around
I wasn't cool
I was a tool
My happiness left
Sadness returned tenfold
Someone came and made my life well...
Back came the failed attempts.
Poisoning, Strangulation, drowning, asphyxiation  
And it all swept across my small nation
I never did have a vacation
From my close friends suicidal and Madness
Least of all sadness
But came high school
New friends
An old end
A new beginning
It got better
I never would have thought
That after I stopped and fought my feelings
That people would come back
Friends who shared my interests
Yeah I still am
But I no longer wanted to be run over by a tram
People cared
That's all that it took
As if it all were from a storybook
This was good. I really wanted to talk about this with someone for once
Hurricane Sep 2018
I wrote a poem about you , at 8am .
About friendship and how we could last till at least 10am .
But by the time 4:45pm rolls around ,
You’ll be beyond reach .
Something I never thought possible for us .

At 8am , I vowed that I loved you .
At midnight I still will ,
And at 3am when the pain comes and I fear my past mistakes ,
You’ll be writing poetry about her , to be read when she wakes up at 7am .
I’ll always love you ( I think ) but the pain comes from the sad remnants of our friendship .
Tyler Atherton Aug 2018
Tell me,
How many sips does it take,
How many puffs does it take,
How many pills does it take,
How many cuts does it take,
How many attempts does it take,
To feel the way I do?
To hurt the way i do?
To be the way i am?

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
I feel empty
Like all the emotions are still inside me
But I don't feel like letting them out anymore
Besides, what is that even for

I feel empty
My starving mind and body can only tell one thing
That this world is too crowded for a person like me
And this is the moment I doubt in voluntarily breathing

I feel empty
I don't wanna think straight
Everything has happened in sync and in serendipity
These actions are just too late

I feel empty
No music, game or form of excitement can wake me up in this reality
Nothing at all can help me now
It's like passing away is planned somehow

I feel empty
This heart that is palpitating or brain having a migrain
Can't make me forget about things that just adds to the never-ending pain
Truly numb forever, this is me

I feel empty
If this will ever be my last goodbye
I would just like to say thank you for everything you have done to me
All those advices at my crisis
Or the shoulder to cry on during my vices
Thank you and now I'll probably die
A poem I made a long time ago that I could still relate to now.
JM Ang Aug 2016
The world will shatter your dreams
Step on your hopes
Spit on your hard work
And laugh at your failed attempts

The world will not slow down for you
It will not go easy on you
It will not be patient with you
It will swallow you whole

But don’t be disheartened
Don’t ever stop trying
Don’t let failures faze you
Pick up each broken hope and mend them

For no one ever succeeded without first failing
So, regardless of how many times you fail
Stand up, mend your wounds,
And go after that dream
I submitted this piece to a student publication I’m writing for and it was published a few months ago. This is, however, the unedited version.
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