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Anno Oct 2018
I have this announcer
In my head
Speaking through a mic
broadcasting my sensational endeavor
I decided to do that year
only to follow up half way
Because of manic episodes
Composed of unorganized perfection
And useless, jumbled words
That often didn’t make sense
But the announcer never failed
Using their echoing voice
Overpowering all other thoughts
Would debut some idea
Making me feel
luminary Sanhedrin
of California
Valley with
the mouth
of Big
Sur that
made island
their oasis
where Levites
Scholars bade
them Jerusalem
and where
Mormons would
praise Ottoman
and imperial
permitters mostly
left woebegone
a wrong of rights
df Apr 2016
The spirit of this world is selfish.
They tell you that you're all that matters.
Only you can help yourself.
Stop for no one.
Survival of the fittest.
But haven't you stopped to think how messed up that is?
Why must we leave others behind on our endeavors?
As if we didn't have help reaching the finish line.
How stupid to rely solely on your own experience.
Haven't they told you we learn from others?
Who gave you the right to call yourself righteous?
Open your eyes and see that this world wants to destroy you thinking that 'me, myself, and I' is the only way to live.

Give each other a hand. I'm not saying you shouldn't fight for yourself, I'm saying that we shouldn't look down upon others and crush them. I didn't write this to be offensive. But who am I to say what you can and can't do, right?
How wonderful- Huh?
How beautiful the sun is!
Grateful for this Day!
Haiku Poem!
Jaclyn Nov 2014
Tender pursuits
by shortened expression
And personal amusement.

Pleasure was channeled
by uncanny imagination.

Ignorance was developed
with years
of sheltered nurture.

Endeavors were focused
Through heartened dreams
Waiting eternities to age.

Life is starved of dignity,
Lead by the breath of humanity,
And trailed by my past.

Kindness overshadowed
by needless mockery.

Confidence diminished
Through thoughtless faults.

Purity saturated
with uncertain willingness.

Competence choked
from the flairs of society.

Independence is a necessity
Steered by Today,
Speckled by yesterday.

Motivation should dictate
my verdicts,
And challenge perils.

Agonies lifted
Through sanguinity

Virtue grown
Only through praise
From the satisfaction of many.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow
Immersed in today
Is the root of my future.

— The End —