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faith Feb 2019
so i’m now 24 yrs old
most of my life consists of work, but i’ve been calling in more ever since July 4th of last year, when i had a miscarriage. that experience changed me in a lot of ways, and unfortunately caused me to call in or take off a day. i’ve never been like that, i’ve always been very reliable, never called in. idk i guess the miscarriage made me mature more in a way. i don’t feel completely the same. but i’ve already committed to never being late (always early) to work, and not calling in for the rest of the year. so there should be no other issue there. but i feel like maybe i should get some sort of degree in a field there will always be a job. maybe become certified in my current occupation. or start over with something like becoming a dental hygienist, or embalming or pet training or maybe something simple like a barista haha..idk what to do.
but i guess the main goal now is to get into shape for the beach in july, i’m soooo excited/nervous. the only time i’ve been to the beach and have seen the ocean was when i was suuuuper young like 5 yrs old, maybe. so i hardly remember it, so this is the first time i’ll visit the ocean in my adult life, um yes. excited. it’s a superficial goal to get beach body ready, but i’ll look good which will make me feel confident to just forcus on socializing and relaxing. beach stuff, i guess? yes :) also i need to make appointments for my jaw (TMJ) bone loss, deviated septum, and restricted airway, and a dental appointment, and a knee specialist. i desperately need a hair cut, but i also want to dye it. i’m seriously thinking ashy light silvery gray. idk if that’ll look good but that’s what i’m thinking!! except i wouldn’t be surprised if i default to black or red out of stress in trying the unknown. i also want layers in my hair, or long side bangs. i want to get all of my family members presents this year. i want to get in a mf hot tub at some point. i want to rock climb. i want my eyebrows microbladed and possibly some freckles..... and eyelash extensions. i want to finally read those threee books i have. i want to finish this letter about mormonism. i want to completely stop self harming. or at least go longer than 6 months without it. i want to possibly do boxing, it would be very good for me.
so those are my own personal goals, and i could get it all done soooo quick but my anxiety really gets in the way. i just don’t like going outside and people looking at me. it’s lame and stress-inducing. idk i just want to find out what’s going on with my body, it hurts all over especially my face from my jaw.
there has been a slight shift in how i perceive this world and my life. i’m pretty much banking on reincarnation because i fuuuuucked up a lot already.
2 - 24 - 2019
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2019
Though faraway
I can find your breath

In every
Soulful moments
And the acts of kindness
Genre: Observation
Theme: The special
I might be Poe reincarnate....
Who knows we share similar traits:

Impossible to muzzle
For us poems are puzzles

To be solved by
the reader's resolve

I could go on for days
telling you how we're the same

but only time will tell if the history books will, like his, remember my name.
hxrvld Jun 2018
Horrendous hurricane
A resemblance of my storm,
Crevasse on my heart
Reveals my another disastrous form,
A body dwelling with two souls,
Schism ideologies,
Contrast personalities,
Continuous inner war,
Dying and reincarnate,
Until the right one win,
The others hibernating,
Temporary heaven insecure me,
A drop of hellfire disguise as water
Will drown me into a new war.
Harry Roberts Oct 2017
The Sky unforgiving & punitive,
Life could suffer -
Pain decided to be definitive.

But He screamed.
Wild & feral - primitive
It unravelled the seams
& let loose dreams.
So vapours sit,
Gathered & turn cream.

Gather again & then
Turn grey,
The heavens opened &
Blessed the cracked, droughted
Lips of the earth with Life.

Birthing again once deceased
Quickening the Earth so
With life it quivers.

Stems sprout up High,
They defy the Sky
Who let us dry.

Allowed us life
He unburdened strife,
We can live
Let live and forgive.

Fast, we can grow slow
And then in the earth
Again we lay low.

Caught in the rhythm,
A cosmic flow.
Live life now
It's all know.
KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016
Clan Of The Screech Owl
Women's Life

Howls Calling in the Night
A Buck Or Two..
Hopping the Fence
Taking what it Wants..
Never mind Asking
Desire .. Natures Kingdom
Prayin for That Wanting

Reincarnated Lover of The Soil
Formerly.a Wing

Eagle Feather
Its Only Sign
Shape Shifter
Virility of The Night

Don't Be Afraid
It's Always Been This Way

Syn May 2016
As an immortal, people say you have to live eternally, to watch all your friends die. Forever. Every one of them.
But I think one thing they hadn't thought of is find them again. In new people. In new lives. In new bodies. They, just as energy, do not truly die. They are recycled and find new faces in which they live behind.
And you would be surprised how the faces they always find, tend to be so similar to the face you first came to know. Even when they are no longer a male, of African descent, and are now your best female Chinese'll find you'll always be looking into their new eyes, and always seeing the eyes of the friend whom you met so many generations ago.
And they will know you in their soul even when their previous bodies have departed, and with it, took their memories. The memories that you hold dear to you. Because these are your friends. And they are your life. And you love every one of them.
Felicity Smoak Jan 2015
I wanna be forever.  
I wanna be free.
I wanna be fluid.

free, forever, fluid.

I wanna swim with dolphins and
and breathe the water.

free, forever, fluid.

I wanna speak with lizards and
and breathe the fire.

free, forever, fluid.

I wanna die peacefully once and
and breathe the air again.

free, forever, fluid.

I wanna keep my spirit and
my soul
and breathe the life again.

free, forever, fluid.

I wanna live with the vampires and
and breathe the mischief again.

I wanna keep my life free and
and breathe you in again.

free, forever, fluid.

what happens when I leave this earth
and I can't breathe anymore
I can't handle the thought
that this is all there is.

one life.
one chance.
one body.
one mind.
one soul.
one spirit.
one life.
one chance.
one body.
one mind.
one soul.
one spirit.


is too little.

I don't wanna leave my soul on this earth in this body. There's so much more to do.
Erenn Aug 2014
Where it
Why Full-Stop?
Everything we write,
Comes to life in our mind.
It will end.
And every life will end but it will never stop.
Hence, it will never end:)

— The End —