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Erenn Sep 2019
Clenched fists armouring this will
Thoughts inverse with no given time
Etched to seek this onus regime-
Of clouded fears of clouded minds
Manifested dreams into demise
Yet pretense lure out what is candor
Pain was imminent to forsee
But truth remains the same
Pure of innocence hemmed
Heart of steel mettled with will
Burning the hays of shame
no longer needing the anchor
In darkness reign wars will end
The spark will flame again
That goal you given up before. It will happen again.
Erenn Aug 2017
"I've been searching for that light my whole life
Sparks of fire reigning through my frozen bones
When I got lost in the woods
That's when it melts every cold in my reign
It rained rays of light when we met
In the woods
That's where you've always been
By the tree waiting for me
And now,*
I'm home."

It's been so long. I miss writing and hopefully I'll write more every week. A lot has changed. Those who know me please do DM me and we can collaborate again.
Erenn Jul 2016
She's deluded to see what's within.
The lies she mirrored to what she believed.
Truth conceit in ways to bleed,
The fire that ignites the dark that breathes.
Moulded for greatness, to honour the heir to the throne.
But the kingdom has been long gone and doomed.
She hummed the lullaby that father said will never die,
"As long you keep humming in the darkest of nights,
Hope will light and brazen through"
Her eyes mimics emerald stones that bejewelled men that gazed.
They faze only to feast their heart's content
"Greed and power will only consume deranged men"
Her amity will shine through.
Refracting rays of hope to those in need
Rooted to her veins, her mettle heart
Will protect her through any storm.
The evil that lurks from within will perish.
**Once again,
She will triumph through
The kingdom will once again rise to greatness
And relinquish every darkness that resides
Its been a long a time:) HI guys:)
Erenn Aug 2015
I used to soar high above the skies
Taking flight to anywhere in sight
Grazed upon lighting that almost killed me
My wings deigned in defeat as I bleed
But this heart are my wings of steel
Mettle armored with my will
To never giving up
**And to fly again
It's never too late.
Erenn Jul 2015
Lights are entities that guides us
Through the hardest
Through the blackest nights
Through the darkness abyss

Rupturing every enmity
Emmiting hope rendering malevolence
Stagnant beliefs alive in flames of miracles
Sparks of faith burnt in hays of hollows
Igniting the ones who lost hope
Believing again,
Living life to the fullest

**Souls returned to their nests,
Finally home.
Believe in hope.
Lights will guide you home.
Erenn Jun 2015
As the sun rises
At the edge of oblivion
I stood here with the intent of plummeting
This heart wavering at its end
Barely pumping 
My soul no longer at its pasture

What is this? What’s this sound? A tune?
A sudden melodic presence staggered my senses
Awoke from my nightmare of fatuous melancholy past
This tune
This melody
This beautiful presence
Brought my soul back to innocence

I can see her
But I couldn't see her face
Her fire sparks as she plays
I can feel her entity-
Rupturing every part of my enmity
She’s in this glass with infinite bright
The lark who saves every norm from falling
Igniting her flames to those in need

But I did fall
I fell hard
Not to my demise
But for this girl with the violin

And I feel alive
For the first time
I feel alive.

Inspired by the ethereal tune of Nocturne
Erenn Jun 2015
Love as we know it 
May be elusive for some
Some go the distance to prove their ardor
Some decided that suicide is their best alleviation
And some didn’t even get both.

We seek love in all forms
We try to fathom the imminent outcome to what’s already there
We may be deceived, forlorn or highly exultant 
It’s like we were programmed to expect the unexpected
In either both good & bad conclusions.

Most of us bury the mounts of elation in a single episode
Not knowing what’s in the offing 
The least of us forever waiting 
For that love that never ceases
And yet we see most of us are happily married.

I figured,
It will happen one day
You may be heartbroken by your vilest past, 
Demurred by your preferences 
Diligent to your prior responsibilities at hand

But it will happen
No matter what..
Cause I always believed that
**God Is Fair.
When you least expect it,
It happens...
It's already written.
You either chase or you wait.
But it will definitely happen.
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