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Eve Jan 19
Everything that is true
Before my very eyes
Waves of emotion
The world dissolves
Into a temporary state
of nothingness
A blissful existence
Wandering between
And a dream
A newfound awareness
Of subtle beauty
A world of peace
Johnnie Woods Aug 2018
There lies a secret, unseen, unfolded and powerful
paralell dimension, burrowed in our brain.
An entirely different path of thinking,
which can be explored by applying cerain measures.
Different paths, infinity, infinity. Gates.
Johnnie Woods Aug 2018
A release of tension, allowing thoughts
to wander freely in all the realms,
like straying dogs and night cats,
and all the animals.
Knit Personality Oct 2018
The people-eating monster
    Eats people for the kicks:
He eats a stomachful of people,
    Then all his fingers licks.

And then he waits with expectations
    High; and then he detects
Initial signs and growing symptoms
    Of psychoactive effects.

Derrick Jones Sep 2018
I love life in all its forms
I break free of social norms
Back in the day of the dorms
I lived with my head in my phone
Nobody was home
Blind to reality
Stuck in virtuality
A ***** to impulses that came from without
Trapped in a cave during famine and drought
I’d look at the sky and I’d scream and I’d shout
Asking why, never understanding
That the silence was the answer
I am but a tiny dancer
In the ballet of the stars
The great atomic shuffle
The cosmic rainbow truffle
Showed me how little we are
Showed my how to fly to mars
How to view life from afar
But closer than ever
Showed me that I am my own Mount Everest
I could strive to be the most Whateverest
The most sarcastic, the cleverest
But instead I decided to care
To give death my best death stare
Flew into the depths of the death star
Found there was nothing to find
So I reclaimed the dark parts of my mind
I set it free
Open for you and me
Allowed it to simply be
My mind is like a liquid
It will take any shape that it fits in
I no longer force it
I let it course, let it flow
Let it go where it wants to go
Some answers we may never know
So we might as well enjoy the show
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hazael-fae Feb 2017
the impact of this magic is making me mellow, loving, and strong, my mind is a puzzle and im finally putting it together, piece by piece, im finally connecting these things and becoming who i am, this magic is helping me put myself together and form the best version of me. who i am, and who i hid from. this spell im under is helping me through my journey
Morrison Leary Jan 2017
Upon every arrival of every celestial birth,
There is only one common normality.
A susceptibility to an infinitesimal design,
A kink in the chain, the war of our mind.
This psychosomatic condition is no stranger,
A rendition of life’s existence.
Confinement exacerbated by poor health in the gut line,
Hormonal imbalances manipulated by addictive influences.
Paradigms shifting in front of awakening eyes,
Psychedelic truths hidden within the tides of time,
Confusion and conflict preventing expansion of evolutionary consciousness,
A cyclic pattern, the sadness in all our lives.
This idea is immortal and internal in the human genome,
The greatest subterfuge,
Psychedelics are a key to a doorway that opens up endless possibilities.
L Seagull Jan 2017
In between the Milky Way and the black holes
Of the universe inside of this ever expanding mind
Growing only to see itself ever smaller
Humbled truth feels the most
The fragile perfection of sparkles inside the morning dew
And the mind flows in all directions and thoughts
So random but in this infinite state
Logic is only a string you use to control the
Beads of experience and sometimes it helps
And in other times you get a glimpse
Of something unfathomably familiar
And you know that no matter how much Blessings you gathered in life
Without a contact it left an empty space
Or was it there since before the beginning
What DO I know in fact that cancels the
Clarity of the feeling that through a sideways
Glimpse I captured a snapshot of home
In the strangest of places
All this rumbiling cacophony of worlds
Yet again fails to explain
The absence of logic in something
That is beyond logic for it is
The meaning
And despite it all
Life goes on
You play your part
The way you must
The way you feel
And you still know so little
Feeling the truth on the periphery
Knit Personality Jan 2017
A lifelong student and campus man,
   The entire world my college,
I wander through the halls of Life
   High on the fruits of knowledge.

tabitha Mar 2016
i am dripping in blankets and warm light
laying here, with you
in this puddle of humans
regurgitated by the Earth herself
i am happy to be here, with you
        happily decomposing
        rapidly recomposing
my ways
        rearranging the staves
        no rest
here, in the dirt
with you
giggling and twiddling
the stars have been swimming
above your sweet face, which is hidden
and i am tripping
on mushrooms
for my mushroom desert princess
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