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dessa Aug 2020
pierced into my head
the concrete unfairness
of this world

those in a better place
cringe at those
in the worse place
dessa Aug 2020
it's not the possibilities
that's stopping me;

it's me who is stopping
the possibilities.
dessa Aug 2020
caste to caste,
we are on a pyramidal paste.
less to none, the options to outclass
this is the cry of an outcast.
dessa Mar 2020
one day
he will love you
the way
you loved him

one day,
he will think of you
the way
you thought of him

one day,
he will cry for you
the way
you cried for him

one day,
he'll want you
you won't want him
dessa Mar 2020
maybe that's why i come home rarely
what's the point of being at home,
when you don't feel like it is anyway.
God knows, i love them still.

maybe that's why
every word that they spat
hurts like a million gunshot.
God knows, i still love them still.
dessa Mar 2020
you ran so fast to chase
after him;
so fast that
you left
never chase someone not worth chasing

— The End —