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Anastasia Aug 1
She was made
of gold
and marble
and she stood
the water.
A boy of stone
less looked at
stood hidden
the ivy.
by most
he loved
the girl
of gold
and marble.
loved her
loved him
and they whispered
their love
in the night.
what do you think?
Azurel Mar 22
Fingernails clack on
Piano keys, yellow teeth
Sour milk on marble...
Corey Feb 6
the surface—dark, immovable
at the core—bright, unusual
but most of all
with rigidity and sturdiness—

all the while—beautiful
Oskar Erikson Dec 2018
let me rest
at your foundations.
the bedrock and granite streaking
let me trace with my fingers your
to feel safe and free
of your too cold hands.
Charlie Dog Sep 2018
Like marble
eloquently crafted.
These sturdy, and tough,
telling of a their labor.
Yet soft, and gentle touches
midst calloused skin,
Doest his hands display.
schuyler Jun 2018
old, cracked marble busts
of people lost to the folds of history.
weathered, ancient scripts of dust
about people forgotten in misery.
we steal glances at each other,
your eyes wander over the rim of your tortoise-shell glasses.
my gaze flicking back to my yellowing book,
cautious of how long it lasted.
hearts thudding in the study
cannot be heard by each other but we still worry.
I am still a marble block
Being sculpted into a beautiful bust
My creator chips away
at these rough edges
To illustrate a new and inventive "crust."
At this time, such is merely a face and half a block.
Artistic Beauty
Such as Individualism takes time
There can be no Race against a clock
Aristotle, Socrates, and Di Vinci took their gift of time
to create
as a gift
Some of them, these artists were not discovered until years after their deaths
and their works remain dusty in a supply closet
Sometimes discovery happens by accident
It is not always planned
Isn't such evident?

Not for fame..But for inventiveness and a view to finally be seen by naked eyes
A name added to those legends who changed the world.

Rays of light under darkened skies.

Society takes too much "pride" in only mingling with "equal levels"
as far as fear of being "weighed" in as lower than they demand
If they unearth a newer rookie or are seen conversing with what "appears"
to be dusty paintings, sculptures, and creations that are considered "Not yet"
When such comes to the rules of the "social books."
The Lady law is blind for a reason
The scales are run by her for a reason
If each one of us would have a chance to make sure that we end our fears of someone else taking our "rightful spot"
By defrauding the art community and success-social life balance
Then, we, ourselves, have committed treason.
mrc May 2018
kissing the cold lips of a marble statue
didn't feel too good until i remembered that
yours were always cold from the rain
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