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Ormond Jul 2018

Owl, silhouette of lilting sun,
Sentinel on branch, ******* out
Death, the sky, bleeding darkness rung
On the skeleton of ancient trees,
Your eyes are apparition, eternal flame,
Oracle of palliative, divining moon,
Which doles out fettered wisdom, misery
Cloaked in smokes, deep darkening dusk
Loud as silence in wide plains open,
That flay as creeping deserts do unravel,
O how wanton moon shouts like feather death;
Merest whisper as pale wanes on a bough,
Like some wraith, in whirls, conjures mercy,
Only to rail like gust in cupped tempest.
if a bitter wind blows

if a liar arrives

on my patio
hard heart
with the

pressed on the razor's edge
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

when what was once the worst
(grinning ear to ear as if I wanted it)

returns to a placid place

a new threat may
They can tell their little girl's doing it again
Floating on her raft bed,
Drifting in the open water
Navigating harsh turns

******* the water as she's swallowed into darkness
An extension of the yearning
She holds underneath her rib cage
Her parents say they understand

Build her self expression between bars
Hoping in a corner for someone to come explain
Leave her in the moonlight tell her
She can't *******

She may wonder why most of her adult life
She can never see the stars that others see
With bitten lip behind their eyes

It's too late
But is it too late
to learn
about the space you take?
It's too late
But is it too late
to kiss
yourself til you get love?

even if it has to be pulled through sheets to your toes
even if you have to scream a summoning call
and wriggle through the tingles crawling
up your bed legs
The battery mostly empty sends less power through
the act. The art of you. The heart of you.
I've heard the drums since I was a child.
Music sent from my futures unseen,
to touch me young with destiny.
Lowest now I've ever been in the pit,
the place to which ashes descend,
I know the movie must play to the end,
but I'll send back honesty and a meager providence
sealed with well wishes and love hidden in the frames.
Best believe in watching me I know your names.
Cyber ink is always bleeding through the screen,
writing me a list of beautiful, infinite minds.
Reading it back aloud recharges my mystic energies.
I take a deep breath before my return to form
then open my lungs for the dive.
If I drown in you, let it come.
I'll stretch it out though,
as I want to cherish the heights of
beauty lacking in me that I see for the future in you.
When the moment comes I'll show the tribunal
the heart of rebellion as I learned it through
the audience in their seats.
The spider shall rest for the weaving
as the suspicious oracle returns.
Tipping over laughing on the edge of the matress
Giggling into cackles as you tackle me, *****
I didn't have to ask you to seek me out here
In the baptismal shallows of deviant desire
In which you ***** and dunk me backward
Throw me open like I'm your own casket
Reach in with hope to save your spoiling soul
Voluntary love took long enough to find me
Across a life on tides of disgust and pity *****
The years have passed
I thought they mattered
In sleeping so long
I come disappointed
Hip leading foot
Perpetually faster

The fads have passed
I thought they would end

in sleeping so long
I come disappointed
Kicking up trash
Plastered in faces
Pretty in package
Marketable mouths
Dripping lips

Told what to say before
they understand a thing.

The years have passed
I thought they mattered
In sleeping so long
I come disappointed
Hip leading foot
Perpetually faster

Your best friend sells sugar for pennies
and you say it's dirt cheap when you
know full well that you can find
sweetness herself in leaves.

In the near distance fires light
the violent sky, violet-black
in the orange-red we see
when we shut our
open eyes.

We always saw this coming
as our masters asked it
from us, but the
master never
was there

Take my money take my soul
give me level ups lest I
cry again.

.number crunch.
.number cruncher.
.number crunch.

The new human condition
took weakness as a sign.

We are marked better dead
than alive

The World Above
whispers come out
of control
of the mouth
of the
selfish thinker

select know
while in air
their spare
venom lingers

cruelty whips the paranoid
not anxious for no reason
get in line good girls and boys
be one or zero
curve to the confines
of the basic language

the hermit sits
scooping sand
with her
hand and fingers

given that she has
felt the breadth
of human hate
from some the
closest to her

she will still
sit cross legged in pain
every new day
as each day past
spinning the comic
and the tragic

into verse
unique to her
as the voice
in her mind
convinces her

it could keep
others alive

so she sings
she screams
songs of hope
and victory

where they ought
to be

with the liars
for time enough
in futures
never said
inspired by and
for emnabee

as well as
for all the
Arachne Duana Fortuna

thank you for your secret words
they save and summon
keep on
keep on
Came from
someone once
addicted to attention

I sit in cellars now with hooked
replacement hands from when
I tried to reach

toward the same
end as my creator

It sure is lonely here.

I reach to wipe my eyes
of tears I thought beyond me
to tear the crystals out
with talon pressed and pointed

Came from
someone once
addicted to delusion

In fact she kept
her throne of chaos intact
Until the day
she died malignant
with her virulence she sat

And so my throat
spits the voice of dissent
else I repeat the same

How do I
raise the volume though
so rebels travel my way?

Enough of us
dumb enough
to forfeit
the little we hold
for the objective good
the mass is
scared to death to
once again acknowledge
Runa Duana Fortuna
Words are unstoppable
Words may be spoken
Words may be written
Words may be thought

Night falls over the day
Night falls over the block
Night falls over the hood
Night falls over us

First as the dusk
Then as the stars

We can see nothing
Street corners light
Streetlight too bright
We can see nothing

Too bright but never enough.

We can see nothing of hope in the cosmos
We carry our blinded eyes in our hands

Buy me a knife.
Buy me a gun.
Find me behind the barrel,
I'd rather be first in line,
I will secure first place.

Buy me a knife.
Buy me a gun.
Find me shaking the iron sights,
I'd rather be running away from the system,
I will do what I must.

Take our education, expect us to grow.
Take our nutrition, expect we maintain.
The gatekeeper looks less like St. Peter
Than it looks like a bank.

Make it for money,
Expect we be happy
For the physical.

Make it vanity,
Expect our diminished state
Be aspiration and dream enough.

Words are unstoppable,
I know this to be true.
Where are the words
We need the most?

We cry for each other in night,
Each broken compatriot
Each potential confidant

Convinced we're abandoned
Convinced we're at war with the poor
Then at war with ourselves

Expending bullets for the clout on the shelf.
I am in here just as you so put that down.

I am in you, and I need your words to tell,
To touch, to show,

Those with nothing know what more there is than this.



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