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Pasquino Sep 2021
In an ocean of ink, my iris shines
like a lantern– illuminating threads.
I tug at the grandeur of the holy vines
amazed to learn her word unlocks the webs.
Pasquino Sep 2021
Anointed eyes by loving lips
that set ablaze my trembling sight.
Under a chapel of ice-cold stars
I marry what is only fit through Antigone.
Pasquino Sep 2021
The incense of your tongue lights my eyes
that gaze above to starry lines          
and grapple with their plan divine          
that plays ripples throughout July.
Tichozpytec Jun 2021
Come forward, traveller, we have what you seek
Just ask your question and listen as we speak
Our riddles are easy for those with bright mind
The clever soon know if their stars are aligned
We offer great wisdom, all futures we see
We know all that once were and all that will be
Apollo sings us his beautiful songs
All He says happens, he's never wrong
So visit our temple, and sooth there your soul
'cause those who know answers are the ones that feel whole
Tichozpytec Apr 2021
Mystical mistress clothed in satin
Chants magic words spoken in Latin
Pleading with gods to help her see
The vision of what will the future be
She fell into a trance, the gods have spoken
Oracle entered the mysterious woman
Expression of horror engraved on her face
She saw the tragedy of the human race
And when she came back, she looked at me, mourning
Whispered of tragedy of the upcoming morning
And when she was asked about the fate of the world
Her eyes told me stories her lips left untold
And after I woke up from the night’s rest
I found her lifeless body with a knife in her chest
She sought the future to relieve her pain
She went through it once, scared of living it again
Lorena Nov 2020
in other worlds..." he corrected himself -

"The being in constant astonishment in other worlds - words, dies. Starves from too much food."

such astonishment to be unlearned in the meeting of two friends on a bench,
the opening of curtains to a blue-gold sky
the sheer pleasure of creating a world -
- and a person and a FEELING
from a black-inked nib and a white scratched page

trapped alone in astonishment, a seer
Cassandra of ordinary happenings.

look at the living that is being LIVED!
- and never believed.
Harley Hucof Aug 2020
I find myself naked
In front of a mirror
Giving my imaginative speech
To the people

Suddenly i'm in the middle of this river
And the Oracle is looking at me

"Smile child
We are here to feel
Life gets confused at times ,

It's allright
Separation is not real. "

Then why not only happy feelings ? I ask

"The duality of your emotions
generates the spinning required for the matter to manifest

Trust and accept life through your feelings "

Words Of Harfouchism
Cry in peace
Psychostasis Oct 2019
In this garden,
This beautiful creation I've blessed with my wisdom and experience,
I see in dimensions no one else can.
My third eye gleams in the sunlight, glowing and glistening like a perfectly cut jade.

In the distance, I see my goal.
It breeches the soil and reaches for the sun's warm embrace,
Escaping the mortal coil without ever leaving its vessel.

I approach.
Through the travel, the soil beneath me turns to salt and cracks.
The bees turn to wisps of a time once forgotten,
The butterflies, ghosts of a forgotten era.
The sun and Moon become a single entity forever fused in a dance older than time itself.
The sky turns dark and bleeds attempting to warn me of the horrors protecting my ambitions.
My claim to my destiny becomes shaken.

I power forward, blinded only in the physical world.
And as I approach the apple hanging gracefully from the tree
The snake will whisper its temptations,
And God will scream and tear the heavens asunder, seeking my cursed flesh and blood.
And as I pluck my ambitions and wisdom, digesting it and the truth whole,
The corners of my stone eyes will crack,
My third eye will screech,
And I will watch as both God and the serpent battle over my intentions.

I am The Prophet.
My destiny is written by me and me alone,
And all those who take claim to my soul will be cut down by my power.

I am The Prophet.
Where my gifts and talents, ambitions and goals, and curses and vices originate
Is unknown
But these are answers that do not matter.

I will tame the serpentine prince.
I will take claim to the power your God once stole from me.
I will refuse the sun its moment to set, plunging myself in eternal sunset.
I will embrace the moon as my lover,
And I will not allow you, nor anyone, nor anything power.

I am The Prophet.
I will scan the horizon with my peripheral vision
And blind myself with the sun's direct effects
To strengthen the sight of my soul.
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