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Jueria Shaik Jul 2
Bad,,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,, Good.

Bad,,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,, Bad,,,, Bad,,,,,  Good.

Sooner or later.

Just why not 'sooner' rather than 'later'?  

Maybe.... Let's not waste our time.
Just a Random Thought!
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
If you
don't succeed,
Sooner or later,
  will happen.
Salmabanu Hatim Jan 2019
I had reasons,
It was my toughest decision,
It made you feel blue
I walked away from you,
It was for the best for everyone,
When I am gone,
You will realize  it was better,
I had left sooner.
Shelly Chu Oct 2018
Lets talk about our past memories
All the stories and all the tales
Let’s talk about all our theories
And how they never seem to last
Cause we never seem to look past
All of our notes and all our facts

Let’s find ourselves alone
At 3am. Crying on our beds,
Avoiding the biggest traffic cone
Inside of our sorrowful heads.

Because we can’t escape ourselves,
What we’ve broken upon the shelves.
And we started counting in twelves,
Forgetting the one’s and the thirteen’s,
And all the rest in the in betweens.
Now we can’t find anything to be unseen.

If only we had taken our predictions,
And thrown out all our guns,
Lived like all the billions,
And stopped resting in coffins.
This is a poem I wrote to my old group of friends. It talks about how I told them our friendship wasn’t going to last, but they insisted we would all be fine. Long story short, we weren’t.
Jonathan Nouse Apr 2018
Is our time up?
Are you finished with me?
Was i not the right cup?
Was i not the right tea?

I feel like you've been through
And im holding on to thin air.
I dont know what to do
But just know ill be there

When you need me.
When your falling apart
Thats when youll need me.
And we can go back to the start..

But if you dont need me.
I ask for one more chance
If you believe me.
I just want one more dance.

With you.
The most difficult part of divorce is knowing the last thing you did with them wasnt enough
Lunar Oct 2016
what if
we were meant to be
in another lifetime
but i had known you
sooner or later
than i should have?

would loving you now
still be a valid reason
to relive the sooner
and to anticipate the later?
hello, this is a refined version of the 'predestined [20 word]' poem i did back then. i think i like it better now. enjoy! :)

9/13 of the Pocketry Series.
Lauren Leal Dec 2015
My one wish? *To have met you so much sooner.
To answer a question.

— The End —