Caitlyn Moore Nov 2016

Poetry is us
It is broken
Contradictions and silly feelings
It won’t always fit
Into perfect sentences
And rhyming couplets
Because we aren’t perfect
Our thoughts chaotic
Our minds faster than our pens
And we will never truly tell
If we are telling everything
If the bottle’s empty
But we will wait until next time
Next time when she shouts at us
When he punches us
When we see him
When we touch her
And our heart will pump words to our brain
That our hands can only hope to translate.

N H Nabass Nov 2016

An abduction
of vowels and syllables that I am holding
hostage on this page, not because I am
hungry, but rather the cynical satisfaction from
butchering the English language
in any damn way I please.

This barely steady flow of consciousness that
is absolute nonsense is truly a waste of
ink, yet here I am and here
I present to you my unadulterated
art, an insanity cultivated in the
darkest parts of my bones:

a different kind of animal.

K Balachandran Jul 2013

An artful liar, his words beautifully cheat all,
speaks nonsense any one can believe
with  consummate flair, sees the essence without effort,
it fits well in metaphors and imageries galore,
he has wings to fly anywhere with ease, see things up close.
The  wind of imagination he blows makes waves,
he is taken to  ecstatic heights riding on  its crest,
yet he doesn't accept, when they call him a poet,
"Just at those moments I am inspired" he says"call me a poet,
not all the time I am one, being a poet is not a profession
but an attribute others bestow on one, out of appreciation"

Sofia Kioroglou Apr 2016

I know I am not much of a poet myself
I just love to describe what I see
what touches my heart, what leaps to mind.

When the words do not come out quite right
and the rhythm is a bit off-key
I don' t get my knickers in the twixt

Poetry is not about the best masterpiece
but about letting my words flow like a river
allowing the pen to scribble all over a blank page

Terra Marie Oct 2014

Here’s where poems come to die

A child sits alone,
But isn’t really alone,

His mind fires colors and shapes
Into all empty, black spaces
He hears the voice of his best friend, Henry,
They’ve known each other for two minutes

The child knows his story,
How he came from the same place
that the fairytales do.

The child’s heart is open.
The child’s innocence creates
And Henry smiles, his red
hair a strange color with no name.

And they laugh,
The child watches a small horse
Graze in the tall grasses of the prairie
Henry laughs because he’s always been ticklish
Right under his arms.

They whisper about their adventures
How Henry saved the child from
From the job of constantly pitting peaches

From the centipede as it marched
To a war beat that only Henry and
The child can hear.

Years later, the boy doesn’t know
And he doesn’t know he ever did.
That was beat out of him
After he stole his first pack of chewing gum.
And looked at his first Playboy.
This is where poems come to die.

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