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Nishi Shah Mar 6
"Oh how you drift so slow,
don't you know you have a long way to go,
She smiled and whispered, my beauty lies in the flow
For you see,
In the end i'll just be the sea,
But that's not the prayer unto him I make,
Behind me, therein lies my legacy,
For where she touched,
she left flowers in her wake"
This poem is a dialogue between a young girl, fresh into the world who can't wait to achieve her dreams and a gently flowing stream still miles away from reaching the sea.
tired and weary
the traveler walks this path
to an unknown end
a haiku
be-no-one Mar 5
Because I learnt that I could never forget my roots and they were found coerced in my unimaginable patience.
It is all done and you have nothing to prove but give light to your unheard self!!
amidst the expanse
of growing uncertainty
hope will find a way
a haiku
Respect or Fear
Have I to reason with hope and faith
Only to single out the obvious path to gains
Must I sell my soul
For profits to be bountiful
Or have I been dumbfounded by the time’s
Growing beyond my life
say Mar 2
you are so great to me
you are my sanctuary

lost in your arms, there is no place I'd rather be
Me:  "Hey, why don't we jump to the short queue?",
Him: "Well, because we have more items ***",
Me:  "yeah but, that queue is shorter",
Him:  "Yes, that's because they have less items, see?",
Me: "I'm gonna jump into this queue" ( changes to the short queue),
Him:  " No don't do th.....", aw ****!!",
Till operator:"Sorry ma'am, you have too many items, you need to join the other queue",
me and him: go alllllll the way to the back, of the long queue......

Patience my friends... Is a virtue, just ask my guy.....:D
While life continues without you,
I ask you please to wait,
While friends and family gather too,
I ask you please, just wait,

While isolation takes a hold,
How dare I ask you, wait,
While work seems like a ******* hole,
I dread to ask you, wait,

While I am here, and you are there,
I plea with you to wait,
While you believe that no one cares,
I boldly ask you, wait,

How dare I ask for such a thing,
Perhaps you shouldn't wait,
Expecting you to wait til spring,
No, move along, don't wait,

Your suffering and loneliness,
You really shouldn't wait,
Take back your life, go out and live,
Don't sit around and wait,

I love you, need you with me dear,
But can't ask you to wait,
You do deserve a better life,
You'll thrive if you don't wait,

Be free, be happy now I'm gone,
I've let you go..

Expecting someone to wait for us is unfair and selfish, yet I do it myself.......
(C)  2019
Blessings upon my life
To happiness and success,
Toast to the rough times that went by
For !
Feelings cannot collide in such a magnificent mind
Where gratitude is a muss.
Potentials and Possessions
Make hasty the patience from us
Assuring eminence of obscurity from hurt
Leaving only,
Blessings upon my life.
Hurricane Feb 28
Do you think it would be okay if I sat ?
If I took this opportunity to talk ,
and you to listen ,
For me to sort my thoughts ,
for you to see my cheeks redden .

Perhaps it would be alright if I stared a little longer than I should've ?
Maybe if you were staring back we'd be okay ,
for me to watch you avert your gaze,
If you could quiet the noise for a second ,
there's no end to your power ,
Silence my nerves with a look ,
appreciate movement .

If I could just accompany you for a minute ?
I'd tell you all about yourself ,
the you I believe in ,
the person I hoped you'd bring out in me .

But by all means ,
this seat is saved for someone else ,
my intentions remain pure ,
wait for her ,
I'll wait for you .
i thought this was over , that i'd grown . Turns out a short conversation can make me revert .
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