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Nigdaw Oct 2021
rain illuminates
the pathway
by virtue of street lights
in the vapour
past the drug dealers house
to the dark shadows
of conifers
whose outline hides
the shape of potential
muggers lying in wait
I watch through the arrow slit
of the bathroom transom window
of my fortress home
cleaning my teeth
while my ring doorbell's
paranoid cyclops eye
keeps vigil
xavier thomas May 2021
Met her out in public, she had accepted me
Allowing her vibes to feel the best of me
Asking me a few questions, highly interested in me
Placing her walls down, getting closer to me
Leaving extra clothes at my home, feeling comfortably  
She’ll be trying to move in, getting more use to me
xavier thomas May 2021
Wasted time and money on fake leaders  cause they got the best of me
All of my uncles help me back on my feet when they started investing in me
Gave all of the women and cousins praise for always protecting me
This black life is far worst than easy
Jump in the fire, feel these flames with me
xavier thomas May 2021
Pray today death don’t stand next to me
Don’t place that on my worst enemy
But enemy watch how you address me
I’ll disrespect you respectfully
Don’t ever try to play with my worth
Or these holy hands will replace your legacy
Put your attitude to bed restfully
Give your demeanor a new remedy
xavier thomas May 2021
Life and sins have been compromised
Depression is heavily energized
Swing my temple here side-to-side
Given will power, I can’t associate myself over this thing called suicide
On this battlefield, fighting with myself, trying to not make Jesus cry
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2021
May be simply unfair
But I punish
With no mercy
For goodness's shake

With full reliance
I stay afar from some people
I wish to meet them
In next timeframe
In next dimension
In next pathway
In next lifetime
From the START

It's like this
Genre: Experimental Abstract
Theme: So it is
Simon Aug 2020
Left is right... ...Because right is left... Except how does one or the other directional scenarios fair against the opposing opposites (that is themselves when conjoining as one "unifying whole")? Both directional options are just supposed to detour (each other) one way or the other (while seemingly going around each other again and again through countless twists and turns operable for success)! While also maximizing a different route, altogether! It's what makes paving a simulated pathway (so too speak) in order to free up space for the simulated pathway to give a better instruction manual about which way to properly (the next time around) carve my "simulated pathway"?!
PS... ("Which way"...) ...Is NO truer stated governing way!
"Which way is the truer way"... ...Is just a momentary foundation meant to give you more then one hand the actual assistance of a time (that's truly supposed to last apparently... ...Only one hand at a time...) ...Repeat, repeat, repeat... ..."Left is right"... ..."And right is left"...
Patty Baier Jun 2020
Slow Down.
Always, Always weigh the pros and losses
Cons and robbers.
Helter-skelter the hardship & scatter every single copper.
Pennies in weight is worth a million
Always, Always
It's the small things that matter.
Janice Feb 2020
A poem is a pathway
Of freedom from your mind
You put a pen to paper
And see what words you find
You end up with a story
From a different place and time
And experience a magic
Of a work you'll leave behind
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