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Have you ever reached a crossroad in your life and with complacency or with fear of what left or right offers or entails, at high speed powered on, only to find it was actually a T junction?
Only then you realise that life has no reverse gear and that some walls are very hard?
Johnny walker Feb 26
I'm Weaving a pathway through my mind I'm
finding a way through
a vast array of memories
stored In
Wonderful times I spent with my sweetheart of
days we won't have again
all gone In what seemed like blink of
So many memories stored In my head not one do I ever regret memorable moment always cherished
for never will they fade In my head they will
Weaving a pathway through my head to where so many
memories do lie and to where they remain In my head
Bryce Feb 13
At the ending of the world
there is a great unraveling
that celestial bow, wound into heartsong
and maestrate the caring music of things--
with these passions of the mind,
God seeking to unravel himself in the ever-fleeing
moment of philosophy, a Persephonic instance
in the archetype of love, psychotic and misnamed,
strait-jacketed in sin and given nothing but sweet
momentary decay

all the powerful souls connect sexually with the cosmos--
payed off, bastardized with a cigarette between their whispered lips
we hold no wealth but the ever-shifting dollar of life.

Fat Jack, fondly Catholic with angel smiles-- holds a rock of God in his hand, rocking softly
in god's busted gut-belly
spread like butter amongst the stars, asking all the same questions of Nirvana--
The last rumble of a skin-tight drumskin wrapped within a screaming symphonic twang of remnant souls--
Walking the notochord of corporeal form
the fantastic drone of rotorcraft, taunting the angelic lads and their brigadier God, singing psalms of limerence
Charlie Parker, musical sadness
Jack-man gladness
Don't forget them in the moment of monastic incantations

High-risen pyramidicals
Euclidian pitter-patter against the gusts and rains
in familiar, repetitive shapes the droplets of ichor
elucidate the frowns of downtown humanity
the locked door at the edge of the room, the air evacuated in fear,
seeking safety in the favorite belfry of an ancient wailing abbey
the dusty oil-towns of century ago
Imbibes the modern-day Maricopa plain
folk digging for dino-rock and black gold, selling dreams to downtrodden lost boys
the mistakes of RV park families

Farmland road
in Louisiana brew
the atmosphere, keeping personal thoughts trapped
a high-pressure zone
the ever-wandering
churning winds of eventual hurricane
the sequence that tickles Fibonacci's fancies and
calls us to dream--
a great Babel of God's consistent scattering heart.

in this great combustible chamber, loud obnoxious gaseous veils
in a low sigh our precipitate souls
smog on the failed shackles of stale blood
dripping this oil on the lips
holding friendly smiles
hiding sickening grins
callous, angry, the honey-chalice sought be not by man or God

Charlie Parker, playing the world's instrumentation
a track to follow
faded as the ancient road roaming
Rome's wet snail trail
blinking and shimmering into existence
a dewlit morning
the conglomerate rock is a cradle for human discomfort
admitted and hidden
to be a better hold than the hands of the earth
in these cornmeal roads,
digging out sugars from her *****
and sipping on the liquor of life in classic fermentation

to hold the road in your hands, the world on your lips
to tell the catacombs of love you would be her hostess,
seeking answers in the bones of ancient souls and refining
in deep sighs,
loving the things we cannot be.
I'll be again the man I used to be always stood my ground no matter came my way
No longer to be walked upon I walk my own path through
make my own destiny no matter what should come my way today tomorrow or whenever I'm Boss
Making one's own destiny through life now single
again my own man
Johnny walker Dec 2018
For I'm now of the lost and the lonely since my wife passed away
I must return to the Pathway through life where  
once walked upon before I met my wife to be Helen that Is the pathway for the lost and
lonely a never-ending path
through a now darkened
World where once the
the sun did
I walked the pathway for the lost and the since my wife passed away
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Oh the path I chose
to walk In life, a path
of constant change all
those years through
Fears finally shedding
so many tears for my lady Helen who
Is sadly no longer with
me, 23rd Dec 2017 she
passed away
So now I walk a very different path through
life trying to find a
reason why I'm still
here and my wife Helen
no longer
Can'tfind a reason to justify no matter how search my conscious through the good and bad of life of all I've seen to been and done, so guess
I'll never find the truth perhaps this was the
way It was meant to
And I must continue on
my pathway of my life
just see to where It leads
maybe the answer's that
I seek, lays someway on
the way on a pathway I've
not yet walked
We all have to walk a pathway through life to find our true destiny our purpose
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Pathways through one's
life walkways to where
we walk upon
Life can be changed so
easily determined by
which pathway we
Having lived away from
home 4 years I was gone
But my pathway finally led
me home to a girl I loved
and married her name
was that of Helen
My path in life finally led me
home to girl I loved and married
by the of Helen
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
The path i tread has many unknown particulars

The good choices appear in only perpendiculars

I find at times I get trapped in the luring  circulars

I seek the butterfly but i come across confused caterpillars

The path is flooded with sad, intrusive manipulars

Some are merely spectaculars

Whilst some dare to strike your jugulars

...I wish to find spiritual teachers but I'm surrounded by lost seculars

I peer and search even using my invented binoculars

But this path i tread has very few, calm examplars
A hidden path among all paths
Isaac Jul 2018
All in this together.
All in this forever.

All have influence.
Each choice has continuance.

Every person you know:
a living domino.

Think twice about how
you unwittingly allow
their pushes to make you bow.

And think thrice about who
comes leaning on you,
for not every pathway is true.
Written 27 July 2018
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