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Simon Aug 3
Left is right... ...Because right is left... Except how does one or the other directional scenarios fair against the opposing opposites (that is themselves when conjoining as one "unifying whole")? Both directional options are just supposed to detour (each other) one way or the other (while seemingly going around each other again and again through countless twists and turns operable for success)! While also maximizing a different route, altogether! It's what makes paving a simulated pathway (so too speak) in order to free up space for the simulated pathway to give a better instruction manual about which way to properly (the next time around) carve my "simulated pathway"?!
PS... ("Which way"...) ...Is NO truer stated governing way!
"Which way is the truer way"... ...Is just a momentary foundation meant to give you more then one hand the actual assistance of a time (that's truly supposed to last apparently... ...Only one hand at a time...) ...Repeat, repeat, repeat... ..."Left is right"... ..."And right is left"...
Patty Baier Jun 1
Slow Down.
Always, Always weigh the pros and losses
Cons and robbers.
Helter-skelter the hardship & scatter every single copper.
Pennies in weight is worth a million
Always, Always
It's the small things that matter.
Janice Feb 21
A poem is a pathway
Of freedom from your mind
You put a pen to paper
And see what words you find
You end up with a story
From a different place and time
And experience a magic
Of a work you'll leave behind
irises Dec 2019
Remember it was never about the end
And it was always about the beginning

Never how far from the finish
But always how far you came
persevere, my dear
annh Nov 2019
My misgivings hide among the shadows,
In the tangle of long grass along the hedgerow
Between your wide open fields and my cultivated lawn.

Unspoken truths crowd out the spring bulbs,
Now snarled with weeds and thorned with blackberry,
The cobbled pathway which once linked my hope with your promise.

Will you meet me at the gate by the old sycamore tree?
If yes, then bring your dreams, untethered, and the dappled autumn sunshine,
I will bring my careful notions and the soft spring rain.

Prim roses and wild lilac; a velvet ash and sweet chestnuts,
Your gypsy summer, my redbud winter,
Our season, one garden.

‘Nothing is all bad. There are very beautiful flowers in the desert amidst the spikes and thorns. Just don't let them take over. In the garden of love there is little room for prickly things.'
- Kate McGahan
Bhill Sep 2019
When is the time right
Do you look at the future
Do you stare backward

Is it better in the now
You can't change what has happened
You can choose todays pathway
Make today's pathway
A journey that takes you THERE
To the place that fulfills all
The place that gives life meaning
We all need meaning

Brian Hill - 2019 # 240
Where will the road to there take you today?
Erian Rose Sep 2019
Fields flood high of corn stalks
As we drove along with the country roads
Leaves splattered pathways in a vibrant tint
Electrifying the crisp air around us
Pumpkins grinned softly
Nesting in beds of acorn heads

Fall couldn't be any better
Than watching out the window
And laying my eyes upon the setting sun
While apple cider and spice linger in the ether
Protected in your sweater
B D Caissie Aug 2019
Time and again my words have wings.
Inspired by all the joy you bring.

Time and again you take my hand.
A pathway to your promised land.

Time and again you ease my pain within.
Saving me from the burden of my own sin.

Time and again it seems my soul will roam.
Until it’s your time to take me home.

Bhill Jul 2019
The intentions were
To guide you through life's pathway
Where did it lead you

Did it guide you well
The pathway seemed to be bright
You brought love to all

Brian Hill - 2019 # 182
Who is your guide?
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