Sha 4d
I hope you'd have a million dollar smile,
A crow's feet by your eyes,
And someone who'd photograph those laugh lines.
Put it in a special box.
And may you stumble upon it at the right time when joy is elusive.
May you be reminded
Everything shall pass.
So the tears that are falling right now will dry up and there will be unending joy coming soon.
Inspired by Rudy Francisco's poem.
Also part 1 of the Passive-Aggressive poems.
Sha 4d
I forgave you in my prayers, in my heart.
To make room for the essentials.
I kept faith.
Gave up unnecessarry baggage.
I kept love.
Let go of unlabeled emotions.
I kept forgiveness.
Finally, I forgave you.
Could this be love?
or is this just passive hatred?
Shadow Dragon Apr 26
Panic when pin-pointing.
Pathetic when trying.
Painful pleasure.
Passively flipping the page.

Packing the past.
Passed out from the last.
Painting it fast.
Put the panther back.

Probably paraphrasing this.
Preparing the premises.
Perfect in any position.
Please be consistent.
Liz Carlson Feb 11
you're too stuck on tradition to see it's killing you,
like a moth attracted to the light,
you'll never stop.

we try to help you,
but you keep going back to what you know.

you're not worth the fight if you won't change,
it hurts to say,
but this is goodbye
my friend.
Breanna Stockham Dec 2017
You'd melt me to a puddle,
And stomp through me in boots,
Then politely clean me up,
No wonder I was confused.

A small collection of water,
Weak and backless with no voice,
Stomped through, walked on,
I forgot I had a choice.

Once a passive puddle,
But now I am the rain,
Do you know what rain erases?
The flame.

No more power over me,
I'll choose when I fall,
And by fall I mean pour,
And by pour I mean stand tall.
Temporal Fugue May 2017
I'm not angry
I'm not aggressive
I'm just passively challenged
In a non-aggressive impassive type way :D mostly....
Moushmi Mehta Apr 2017
Wore the flattest shoes tonight
So I don't foolishly tumble
Adored the comfiest XL size
For if my chest begins to crumble

The white noise shot-out, let's run now
In the oversized grey tshirt, all is numb now
"Do you want? Need? Like? SAY something!"
I can fucking scream but now I barely mumble

Don't sympathise, I do that just fine for me
Hold back or let me go, either way you can't see
Shadows of the noise that I can't shake when I am still
So I run and I run, until it's a distant melody
Loose, amused by all views
Flowing, never controlling
A smooth confusion

Tangled, feeling strangled
Tight, impossible to fight
The chaos of realisation
I freeze
My smile says, you got me again but inside, your words have gutted me,
Like walking into a room full of Simon Cowells,
And losing my voice
Yes, in fact
You took my voice from me
This game we play where we both bear our fangs for alpha-female in our sick, twisted trio
But the difference is this
I do not make the haughty stabs that you inflict upon others
Flicking your tongue like a silver blade, and I, your waiting victim,
Am here, readily awaiting your torture because I don't know how to make other friends
So I let the violence continue
Maybe my ex was right about you
Maybe you're the reason why if it weren't for my hemophobia, my wrists I would slice,
But pills suffice
My smile says, you got me again.

-E (c) 2017
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